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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>gretzkyghosts</b></div><div>First, it is not a GawdAwful team, just really bad chemistry and bad luck.
Second, pay no attention to "LITTLE" he rarely has anything of value to offer.
Third, I think you are giving up on Tage too soon. He had a great playoff in 2019, looked really good in the prospect challenge and while he played in Rochester.
Fourth, I think the Sabres will try to resign Girgensons and maybe Larsson. I am pretty sure they will at least try to sign Zee.
Fifth, I do not think we will see Johansson at center again. I would try Sam at center (I love RHC) and move Jeff to RW to play with Jack.
Your salary guesses are as good as any these are mine:
Montour, Brandon 3 $5,150,000
Reinhart, Sam 8 $7,000,000
Olofsson, Victor 2 $4,000,000
Mittelstadt, Casey 1 $1,000,000
Kahun, Dominik 2 $2,000,000
Lazar, Curtis 2 $700,000
Ullmark, Linus 3 $4,500,000
Gilmour, John 2 $800,000
We will see what the future brings. Kruger as the coach looked really good early, but I never really liked his line-up. Playing Sobotka while sitting Rodrigues and not playing Jeff with Jack made no sense to me at all.
While I loved the value Jason got getting Miller, Jokiharju and Montour he really butchered the Scandella trade.
Finally, overall nice effort.</div></div>

Your numbers are probably closer, especially for reinhart, olofsson, and montour. I'm not sure I understand why ullmark gets this much, and I don't see paying greiss that much. The major holes on the team were 1) second line center, 2) second line rw, and 3) any kind of depth scoring from bottom 6. Ullmark was fine in goal and the d performed much better under krueger. Marcus Johansson as a second line center is usually cited as the major reason Jeff Skinner was awful this year, Connor sheary as the most common 2nd line rw was also in the running. A vet center that can handle some d zone starts on the middle 6 would be probably the most realistic upgrade, assuming that acquiring a true #2 center would cost too much.

Edit- I thought Kahun was already over 3m, he wouldn't make less, and he might even get a look at a middle 6 center spot, he could be a major factor on this team if he plays well.
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