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Thread: Laine to NY
<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>Hockeygoalie53</b></div><div>Wilde had a down year the year in 17-18 (before he was drafted), which is why he slipped to the 2nd round, when most had him going in the Top 15 of the 1st round. He had an excellent year last year in the OHL (70pts) in 62 games in his first year of professional hockey. He's considered, by many, to be the biggest steal of the 2018 draft... so not sure where you are getting that he had a "mediocre" year last year??

As for Laine, I get what you're saying, but Laine has shown NO inclination to learn the D side of his game. Trotz was able to get Ovie to become a more defensive player, so I would argue he can do the same with Laine... IF Laine is willing. You just don't trade a blue chip prospect or a #1 D for someone who, as you put it "if he develops (this) or (that)...".

I want Laine on the Isles and I think he's a piece that could put them over the top, but I'm not sacrificing our D to get him. Pulock became out #1 D-man last year and is on his way to becoming Trouba-esque, I'm not trading him for Laine under any circumstances. Dobson has a real chance to make the Isles this coming season, just a year after being drafted and could be better than Pulock in the long run... Him being on an ELC is something the Isles are going to need as they wait for contracts like Ladd/Boychuk/Etc to expire... again, not trading that for Laine.

The package of Leddy (Top 4 Dman), Wahlstrom and Wilde (2 TOP Prospects) and a 1st is enough. In fact, if I'm being honest, it's almost too much to give up. Leddy, one of Wahlstrom/Wilde, a lesser prospect and a 2020 1st should be enough, imo.</div></div>

As the OP I totally agree with this take hence why I made the trade what I did (2 top prospects, top 4 Dman, 1st rd pick). Also without shedding Leddy’s salary and subbing in a lesser prospect, the isles would probably be over the cap ceiling after extending Laine unless maybe Beauvillier would be included instead. That being said, I would actually trade Pulock for Laine, but only if it was straight up. Otherwise not worth it isles are better off keeping Pulock and making a deal elsewhere.
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