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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>cmuggym</b></div><div>We are seeing with Colorado how no matter how great one of your lines are if you don't have depth you lose. No i'll admit the core of players that will be eating the majority of the Leafs salary are all great players but if they are filling the rest of those spots with borderline NHLers their depth is going to be a huge weakness and get exposed big time against better teams. Not to mention injuries they are basicaly banking on no one getting hurt and we've seen with Matthews already he is prone to injuries. I'm genuinely curious to see how it all plays out</div></div>

Well, at least they have Frederik Andersen, Morgan Rielly and Nazem Kadri for a lot of years. And Nylander is tradable, his cap hit goes down next year. Marleau can go back to San Jose, i'm sure he would love to. But they have to trade someone. Plus, eight year contracts can become disasters, especially with older players. Matthews didn't sign that kind of contract. He wants to have leverage early on in his carrer, which is great for not only the Leafs, but if he ever decides to sign with another team, it would also be great. Exibit A: John Tavares. Tavares signing in Toronto was great for the Maples Leafs because they now have two number one centers, but it was also great for the New York Islanders, because they found their identity after Tavares left. If Matthews leaves, it would not be that bad for the Maple Leafs because they would have space to work with. Tavares will set a standard in the NHL.
As for Marner, they have a ton of options.
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