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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>drewjenks</b></div><div><strong>HONEST OPINION</strong>

<strong>Yes </strong>- This is contract is good value for 3 years.
<strong>Yes </strong>- Domi's contract is good value for 2 years.
<strong>Yes</strong> - Armia's contract is good value for this year.
<strong>Yes</strong> - Gallagher's contract is good value for 3 more years.

But do you know what Montreal will definitely not be worrying about for the next 3 years? Cap Space.

They're in the middle of a "re-tool" and if everything works out perfectly, they'll be a cup contender again in about....3 Years.

And if things do go perfectly....Danault, Domi, Armia and Gallagher will all be huge contributors to that success.

Which means the best case scenario has all 4 of them receiving massive raises in near future....because they took short-term CapFriendy deals while we had plenty of cap space.

So we can look forward to those pay raises in 3 years....but at the same time:

<strong>Weber </strong>- will be a geriatric care patient making $7,900,000 for another 5 years.
<strong>Price </strong>- may or may not look like Carey Price, but will still be making $10,500,000 for another 5 years.
<strong>Alzner</strong> - will have completed his transformation into a traffic cone, but still making $4,625,000 per year.
<strong>Shaw </strong> - will be the leagues wealthiest 4th line grinder, and still making $3,900,000 per year.
<strong>Mete, Poehling, Kotkaniemi, Juulsen, etc.</strong> will be finished or finishing their ELC's and looking for cash.

So ya....based on the Montreal's current situation....I think Bergy should've tried to get these guys on long-term deals....even if they were more expensive (and he definitely should have locked up the guys with consistent NHL track records....some of them were ripe for long-term discounts).

But if I'm being honest....I don't believe he thought about any of this before negotiating....because they all got signed pretty quick.

And I don't think he has a plan to get rid of the albatross (and future albatross) contracts on the roster....which will only get harder to move with time.

<strong>So now I'm worried that any glimmer of a bright future will eventually force Bergevin to purge that future away.

And I can only guess how those trades will turn out with Bergy at the helm. </strong></div></div>

So, I don't think he will move Weber, Price and Shaw, because they are part of his core, and he is proud to have all three of them, which is kinda perplexing in the case of Shaw when he could've had Samuel Girard or Alex DeBrincat instead. But Alzner can be moved if Bergevin accepts to retain salary and if he includes a good player in the deal, which Winnipeg did with Zach Bogosian and Evander Kane. It turned out to be one of the best deals that Kevin cheveldayoff did. He still can be a servicable 5th or 6th defensman. I think he regrets the signing of Alzner. No wonder why he didn't sign a free agent to a hefty contract this summer.
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