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Seattle Space NeedlesDec 15, 2018 at 12:57
Forum: NHL
Quoting: palhal
This is bad. Two young NHL regulars who will be "under control" as when their contracts are up they are still RFAs for an upcoming UFA, a NHLer who shouldn't be, and a AHLer.
Please don't push Pouliot's trade value off as "an AHLer". Pouliot is a young, ELC defensemen with the potential to become an elite offensive defensemen in this league. He is by far the most valuable piece being offered by the Pens in this trade.
Forum: NHL
Quoting: Watty1
Hey Palhal, his name is GARRETT Sparks. And I agree. I think Subban is a bust.

Watty, thanks for the Garrett. Don't know if Subban is a bust, but no way the Leafs are going to trade a top pick...maybe one of the two Finn wingers. Think Sparks will be Leaf next year, and Bibeau a heavy workload next with the Marlies and hopefully he takes over from UFA Bernier in September 2017. Sparks and Bibeau for awhile.....Like Resch and Billy Smith....Fuhr and Moog.