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Forum: NHL TradesYesterday at 5:00 p.m.
<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>RationalHockeyFan</b></div><div>It means teams don't want him on their NHL roster yes. However, he would stay in the AHL if he's traded after clearing waivers. While there probably aren't many teams who have space (roster slot or cap) to keep him on their NHL roster, Bogo is exactly the kind of veteran Dman call-up teams dream to have in the playoffs.

I think Bogosian having cleared waivers in the AHL probably has more value at the deadline than if the receiving team has to keep him on the roster. Even if the increase in value is just from more teams being able to fit an AHLer into their organization.</div></div>

1. If a player is to have value on the NHL trade market, then he needs to be wanted by another NHL team.

Bogosian wasn't wanted by another NHL team when he cleared waivers and so, he should have no trade value.

2. Minnesota has lost 7 in a row and are currently in the bottom 5 of the standings.

At this rate, they are not making the playoffs, so that sort of defeats the purpose of having Bogosian as a veteran depth presence.

3. Draft picks are a form of currency on the NHL trade market.

Even 7th round picks.

Like money, draft picks have a store of value on the NHL trade market.

Because they have a store value, they are wanted and are easily tradable up until the pick needs to be used to select a player at the draft.

I'd also add that there is no limit as to how many draft picks a team can acquire.

4. I respect your opinion.
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