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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>BlastnyFromThePastny</b></div><div>I love that you're pretty in tune with the actual salary VS cap hit. Any trade with Ottawa, at this point, I feel like this is vital. This 3 way works well. I would've wanted to see Kovalchuk's name in the actual trade but that could just be my OCD. First, I feel like you don't need that 2nd rounder in the Hamilton trade. Kadri and AJ are plenty. I have a hard time seeing Marner sign for less than 10.5-11.5. I don't see Edmonton parting ways with Puljujarvi unless it's for something you'd rather not pay. The ask, I believe, is still high for him. I mainly see Benning being the return for Brown on a lot of ACGMs. He's a solid, young, bottom 6 RHD. Under Babs he'd be quite effective I think. The Zaitsev trade needs a sweetener. FLA is taking on more salary but the trade makes a lot of sense (FLA is signing Pan and Bob this summer I think so that Russian community is likely growing). The Miller trade I wonder, while that really does buff up the defense, is Bracco a good enough prospect to warrant a solid Top 4 Dman? If so, it's probably better to keep him and have him up in the bottom 6 instead of Rieder. Dermott plays right side (I am pretty sure that's the case) so he can round out your top 4 or he can stay where he is and Pysyk and Benning will be your other top 6RHD. With LA, I'd trade to include Sparks and a sweetener and bring back Campbell, better G at a cheaper price.</div></div>

Fair points, although I do feel like values are hard to gauge on a lot of the players (Reider, Puljujarvi, Zaitsev, Miller) since they all seem to have fallen out of favor with their respective teams to some extent. Reider was thrown under the bus at the end of the year, Puljujarvi is starting to be seen as damaged goods with questions about NHL-level ability, Miller was healthy scratched (and Vegas is currently over the cap with 13th forward, 6th &amp; 7th D and backup goalie positions yet to be filled) and Zaitsev has been the media's whipping boy but did show improvement in the Playoffs paired with Muzzin.
If the return in the EDM trade is Benning instead of Puljujarvi, cool, then they can skip the VGK trade.
Bracco has offensive value but it's largely as a playmaker and there isn't proof yet that his abilities translate to the NHL. Vegas needs to carve out space not just to get under the cap but to re-sign Karlsson.
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