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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>dannibalcorpse</b></div><div>-If the Blues stay out of the playoff picture, this value is probably fair. They might ask for a different body than Gaudette, but I can't see them getting much more than a mid-rounder for Acciari.

-Isles pass on this. Bolduc has finally shown the offensive spark that made him a 2nd round pick, and still is only just turning 22. I feel like his development this year puts him in a position where they Islanders are only trading him as part of a package for a top-6 winger.

-I think the value is there - Winnipeg has been playing well and adding Kerfoot would upgrade their middle-6. I might flip the pick swap to being more advantageous to the Jets, but I can see a potential deal here.

-Kulikov deal is probably the most slam-dunk of a deal here. Anaheim got him for free and if they can get him to waive and get back an asset, it's a huge win for them. I do wonder if the fact that he's finally figured out how to contribute offensively inflates his value at the deadline, but even if you have to bump that pick to a 2nd, I think he's worth it.</div></div>

I had a very hard time assessing Bolduc. Why, if you read my reasoning, I brought it up. He looks great in Bridgeport, no doubt. But, it has been a few years to get here - injuries noted.

My thought process simply lies that if the deal is right. Pelech and Romanov I don't think are going anywhere, and Bolduc does have top 4 potential. He could be buried on the Island, in the sense of ice time hindering what he can really do.
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