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Mar 19, 2017
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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>Smitty426</b></div><div>Going to need a RHD once we move PK. Pkg them for someone on the right.</div></div>

<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>NHLfan10506</b></div><div>Smith -&gt; RD
Bahl and/or Mukhamadullin -&gt; LD</div></div>

I maybe a Leafs fan, bit I absolutely love this Jersey team. I have said to friends I think they hang around the playoff hint THIS year longer than people think.

A long term top 6 that, if all goes to plan, just maybe one of the best in the NHL in 2 years. Hughes and Hirscher as a 1A-1B option enter the same conversations as Petterson and Horvat, Mc Jesus and Draistl (ok, they are on a different level), Scheifle and Dubois. The depth on wings is insane, as is the C depth (noting Zacha can slide back if need be).

Fitz's work on the blueline has been fabulous. Although they will need a RD after PK exits, it is a 3rd pairing RD - which are very easy to find right now. (Smith and Graves balance out the LD sooooooo well).
Depending on how Smith's game grows this year, the 3rd pairing very well be put together internally, but a savy vet signing could move the needle again. For that matter moving Johnsson for a similar contract works too. Fitz has options.

Blackwood for remains the biggest question mark. I say this knowing he has the game, but with a much improved blueline and forward unit, improved numbers should also follow suit. If Blackwood remains Blackwood of 20-21, I think this may become the biggest offseason need. If we see Blackwood 19-20, well, look out.

People spend a lot of time talking about the Rangers rebuild (and it's been impressive) but this Devils rebuild has been 100% on point over the last few years.
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