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Mar 19, 2017
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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>pharrow</b></div><div>none of this is even remotely true.
Laine is a snipper. He's not a playmaker, he's not a center able to control play etc... He's a snipper. He needs other people on the ice to help him get there.
But CBJ doesn't have anyone capable of doing that. They don't have 1 legit 1 or 2 C on the whole team right now. Those are just facts.

That in the end is what drives the rebuild. Has nothing to do with Laine. Even if Laine Scored 40 goals, they would still have the same problems and still not be a good team.
You don't build teams off the wing. Everyone knows this. It's why C is where the best players in the league are. It's why teams that are playoff bound tend to be strong at C.
PIT - Crosby and Malkin
NYI - Barzal
BOS Bergeron
WSH Backstrom
TOR Mathews - JT
EDM McDavid, Drai
FL Barkov
TB Point
CAR - Svechnikov
COL MacKinnon

I mean really you got one team in VGK who is a legit contender that isn't really particularly strong down the middle.
Everyone else that has any shot of winning anything is.
So this idea that CBJs problems are caused from Laine, or that his bad play is the issue holding the team back is just pure BS.

Truth is, CBJ got the exact same Laine that WPG had. Good shot, not a playmaker, doesn't play strong defense.
That's been him since day one.

If you want to see Laine be a 40 goal scorer again, he needs help to get there. CBJ doesn't have the help to give him.
So the rebuild has to take place as they don't have the pieces needed to be competitive. Honestly, I hope they do trade Laine at some point here for a killing. Because they need that going forward.
But it's not some older player, it's 1st round picks and good prospects.</div></div>

Not disagreeing here, but Roslovic seems to have found his mojo as a Jacket, and Monahan would give a very good secondary option..... when we speak about centres.

Still, if Laine come in and scores 30 (shortened season), Jackets win more games and remain in the hunt.

If anyone is arguing that trading Dubois ushered in a rebuild, I might laugh. Maybe it exposed a real issue in Columbus, but moving a 22 year old should never mean rebuild.

So yes. Laine is a bust as a Jacket. They need to move him, and recoup (all they will do here) the loss. Or, they male a bold move for another centre in hopes of balancing offense.

It a crossroads.
Forum: Armchair-GMApr 18 at 5:09
<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>ItWasIn</b></div><div>I think one of Gaudreau and Monahan will be moved in the summer, maybe both.

I don't think the returns for either would be very impressive, I think Gaudreau would have more interest than Monahan though.

For Gaudreau, I think it would be something like the Hall from NJ to ARI deal. 1st and 3rd as well as a pair of decent prospects. Lots of Flames fans would be disappointed, but I think that is about what we can expect.
With Monahan I'd kind of look at the Duchene from OTT to CBJ deal. 1st and a pair of decent prospects.

It doesn't make the Flames necessarily any better, but at LW they can go Tkachuk and Mangiapane in their top 6 and at C they can go Lindholm and Backlund down the middle, while stocking up on some futures. I think it would be a mistake for the Flames to look for "hockey deals", because they aren't getting an equal talent to Gaudreau and you're just holding off the inevitable, which is stockpiling picks because I do think the Flames are very close to being a team that needs a rebuild.</div></div>

You could very well be right.

The Devils are deep down the middle which may allow them to make a deal as proposed, but, the same deal.could be made for a 1st, Merkley and Boquist idea.

For me moving foward, Tkachuk and Lindholm have been great. Dube as all sorts of potential. In the system.... Emilio Petterson could turn out to be a steal, while guys like Prosipil and Ruzsika look to form a decent 4th line (maybe 3rd). The 2nd line has misfired for 3 years. Clear some space. Fill some gaps..... but the system in Calgary is not great overall. Lacks D depth and tending.

Moving Monahan, I had that idea. Now, as it's been pointed out, my ask was mybe lofty, but still, a 1st with a solid prospect (circle back to Bemström or Loudy) certainly fits the bill.

Backlund as a 2nd line centre is solid enough if the RW is filled out with a short term solution allowing sheltered minutes down the line.

Something as to give. This team on paper is good. On the ice - the chemistry is terrible.
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