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Forum: Armchair-GMJun 6 at 6:04
<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>keep_ups12</b></div><div>YUP Totally overvaluing the most underrated player in the league. You can call every other player in the nhl overrated. Even Matthews. But your not calling Lindholm overrated.
Gaudreau and Monahan had **** years and Lindholm still was producing more. I don't know what your saying by Tkachuk Monahan and Gaudreau are better because Lindholm is better on both ends of the ice.
Lindholm has so much to his game. He plays strong on the pp and pk. He plays with quick hands. And could play centre or wing
Comparing him to a guy like Malkin. Malkin plays a lot with Rust and Guentzal. Lindholm plays with Tkachuk and Mangiapane. If Lindholm had good teammates he would put 100 points and 40 goals.</div></div>

i said you overrated him by saying he is top 15 in the nhl.
Matthew Tkachuk 61 points
Johnny Gaudreau 58
Elias Lindholm 54
sean Monahan 48
Andrew Mangiapane 32

so wrong on him out producing both very close despite #### years,

face off percentage Monahan 52.6 lidholm 49.3 5th on team vs 1st Lidholm does kill penalties more

the 3 are top 3 in pp minutes separated by only a bit his linemates were most often tkachuk and mangiapane the leading an 6th leading scorers on team no bad.

malkin played a handful of games with rust and g before he was injured, mostly rust and a revolving door on other wing. i would take tkachuk over rust all day every day. so lidholm is not top 15 in the league he does have good line mates
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