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At 6-foot-2 and 206 pounds, Poulin is already pro size. His coach, Stephane Julien, is also impressed with his puck control, shot, and physical domination. Off the ice, he practices professional habits. “Sam, he’s a professional already. He works hard, eats well, and sleeps well,” said Julien (from ‘Beyond The Bloodlines’, – The Hockey News – 5/6/2019).

Poulin is projected to be a late first-round pick by NHL Draft ranking services. His size, combined with above average puck handling, shooting, and play-making skills makes him an attractive ‘power forward’ NHL prospect. He still needs some work on his foot speed, otherwise, he would be a top 10 pick. The intangible characteristic that scouts will need to consider is his leadership qualities; something that was clearly evident during both the regular season and the playoffs.

Samuel Poulin is a junior player in an adult body. He is physically strong, plays a mature game and has a good work ethic. He is a goal-scoring winger with an excellent shot. There are several aspects of Poulin’s game that stand out, namely his shot and ability to get open for clean looks at the net. He can finish in a variety of ways on both his forehand and backhand and his one-timer from the circles is devastatingly accurate — a shoot-first winger who knows how to find the back of the net. Sniping winger with a lethal shot, he is a high-volume shooter who does a lot of damage off the rush. Can score at will, but his playmaking is highly underrated.” – Benoit Belanger/mckeenshockey.com

Size and Physical Play
Shooting and Puck Control
Offensive Skills
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