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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>Hedman77</b></div><div>Hmm.. probably someone who can skate fast and play well defensively.</div></div>

Here's a list you can sort by individual corsi (shots for minus shots against while the player is on the ice) at even strength this season
<a href="https://www.naturalstattrick.com/playerteams.php?fromseason=20182019&amp;thruseason=20182019&amp;stype=2&amp;sit=ev&amp;score=all&amp;stdoi=std&amp;rate=y&amp;team=ALL&amp;pos=D&amp;loc=B&amp;toi=200&amp;gpfilt=gpteam&amp;fd=&amp;td=&amp;tgp=100&amp;lines=single" rel="nofollow noreferrer noopener" target="_blank">https://www.naturalstattrick.com/playerteams.php?fromseason=20182019&amp;thruseason=20182019&amp;stype=2&amp;sit=ev&amp;score=all&amp;stdoi=std&amp;rate=y&amp;team=ALL&amp;pos=D&amp;loc=B&amp;toi=200&amp;gpfilt=gpteam&amp;fd=&amp;td=&amp;tgp=100&amp;lines=single</a>
That will highlight general defensive ability, and to find a good player on a bad team look to IPP (% chance that they get a point if their line scores)

#46 Scott Mayfield of NYI is 26 y/o RHD, but NYI are leading their division
#49 Erik Johnson of COL is 30 y/o RHD, solid stay-at-home but $6 for 4 more seasons and is a key part of a rising team currently on the playoff bubble
Pietrangelo STL, Klingberg DAL, Seeler MIN ... aren't going to sell while they have a chance at the playoffs
#57 Shattenkirk is 30 y/o RHD, $6.65 for 2 more seasons

PIT got #122 Petterson for Sprong in Dec, both picked in 2nd round a year apart and not in the NHL yet
Consider the top #124 to be top 4 D for their team. At that rank you could find a good balance of quality with a decent salary and term.

But there are outliers if you like risk. At #4, between Erik Karlsson and Morgan Rielly, there is Alex Biega 30 y/o with 16 GP doing 14:34 TOI at even strength this season. $825k for one more season.
#7 Radko Gudas 52 GP for 15:16 TOI at even strength. 28 y/o and $3.35 million for one more season

TBL for reference
#18 Hedman 39.91% IPP
#53 Coburn 36.36% IPP
#61 Sergachev 37.84% IPP
#79 Cernak 23.53% IPP
#125 McDonagh 42.37% IPP
#183 Stralman 32.35% IPP
#184 Girardi 28.21% IPP