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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>HOCKEYBOY448</b></div><div>Personally don’t think this team is very good. They’re awful against good teams and really good against bad teams. As of now I think they’d get bounced in 4 games against anyone in a 1st round matchup. Might be a decent learning experience to get some playoff experience, but I really can’t see them making a trade to drastically improve their odds.</div></div>

Eh, I mean with Shesterkin at full health, Lindgren in the lineup, and a solid RW to play with Strome and Panarin we'd be pretty good. Plus Lafreniere hasn't even broken out yet.

I mean if you watched the game against Florida, we were very competitive. If you think about it, if Shesterkin was at full strength I doubt he'd have let in that Verhaeghe goal, and if it was Lindgren playing with Fox, I think he'd have dealt with the Weegar goal too. That's not even talking about the amount of insane chances that Zibanejad had, or the amount of posts that were hit by the likes of Strome. I'm not trying to say we deserved to win that game, and I'm not meaning to excuse the Rangers, there's a lot that needs to be worked on, but we weren't exactly outplayed. Nor would I say we were outplayed by Vegas 2 weeks ago, or by the Preds before that. We got embarrassed by the Avs twice but we don't need to talk about that. All I'm saying is that was a home game against Florida, who were at (basically) full strength, with Bobrovsky playing very well, and it could've gone either way, I don't think it's fair to say this team "isn't very good", or that we'd get swept in the playoffs against any playoff team. I'm not saying we're cup contenders, but there's definitely something here.
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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>redw1n9s</b></div><div>So since you don't see him getting traded you make a BS offer for him? I don't see the connection...

As I said, not only was your trade absurd, so is your analysis. The Wings aren't two steps away from competing for a cup.</div></div>

i made what i think would be the cheapest possible option to start a conversation about what a trade for someone like him would look like for the red wings. maybe you noticed there were some other who gave genuine opinions of how the trade could be improved, and that was the point.

also, the red wings are definitely close to competing. obviously they arent just two steps, they're gonna need to wait for some prospects to develop, and for players like zadina to fully break out, but that goes without saying. what i wrote were what i think the two main steps are, what needs to be added to the core of the team. vrana coming back, and a trade for someone like pettersson would complete the top 6. a top 6 of vrana - pettersson - raymond, and bertuzzi - larkin - zadina would be one of the best top 6's in the league, especially if zadina breaks out. the bottom 6 is already pretty solid, and we have quite a few top defensive prospects that would make a big difference to the team. maybe we would need to add a more defensively minded defenseman, but given edvinsson and johansson are as good as they should be, our defense wouldnt be a problem at all. the goalie situation is great, neddy looks amazing, and greiss is really solid too. plus cossa looks like a steal at 15th overall, so we're pretty set for the future in the goalie department.
now, i probably shouldve been clearer in saying that i dont think if we added pettersson we would be competitive this year, but if we were to add pettersson, we would have everything we needed to be competitive as soon as next season. the lack of a 1c is really the only hole in our lineup, and the only hole that wont eventually be filled by one of our prospects.
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