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I like to hockey
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Apr 17, 2019
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New Jersey Devils
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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>Smitty426</b></div><div>tgasp-You are right, but if the things noted, mom is a nurse, he have covid bad, would all lead to avoiding that at all costs. I know, stop he's got immunity etc. He does until he doesn't, and each person is different. If his antibodies are weaker or non existent, he runs the risk of getting the delta variant again. At least with being vaxxed it lessens the severity and in most case keeps you out of hospital or off a vent. Ask Alex Stalock
CMcAvoy-It shouldn't be, but it many cases it is. And honestly, if it walks like a duck! MackBlack does follow a lot of people who are anti this whole thing
Lastly the comments about its only 8 games. Remember how Boston fans got on Tukka Rask for opting out of the bubble (when his kid had health issues I believe). That would ever be good especially if this team gets on a tear only to have him not be able to play and Benier does not rise to the challenge.
Lots of what if's and good on Devs for not throwing someone under the bus, but info wont be private much longer.</div></div>

One point that was brought up somewhere was the possible heart condition that has shown up in younger people that have gotten the vaccine after a bout with covid. You’d have to think that had come into play with his decision after how bad he had it last year. I’m sure he has a ton of high profile people in his ears for both sides and isn’t making this a political move like everyone tries to make it seem.
This is his choice to make for his health as well as his career and NJ has the right to react accordingly, but trading him just because of this for pennies on the dollar is not the right move as this post has shown