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Forum: NHL SigningsOct. 10, 2022 at 3:52 p.m.
<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>budgeteam</b></div><div>LTIR increases the cap ceiling for the team by the amount they are over by when they place the player on LTIR.

Meaning, the Lightning want to get as close to 6.875M (Seabrook's cap hit) over the cap before they place him on LTIR.

If they do not get a full 6.875M over the cap, they effectively lose that space.

Sending down Myers and signing this contract were both paper transactions to get Tampa 6.875M over the cap on day one of the season. Once their roster is set, they will send down Labrie, and recall Myers. Once LTIR is set, their new cap ceiling remains in place even if the move non-LTIR players. That's why you sometimes see teams when setting their opening roster send players who made their team down and recall players who didn't. This is a more extreme version of that.

That is why Labrie was signed to such a specific AAV. The performance bonus is not counted toward his AAV for LTIR purposes, and he is probably not in the plans to play in the NHL. In the unlikely chance be hits the bonus, the 500k cap can be deferred to next season.

If someone wants to inflict maximum chaos on Tampa, they could claim Myers. It would throw off Tampa's LTIR ceiling structure. Additionally, it looks like Ian Cole may not play anytime soon, and possible may not play ever again if the grooming allegations are proven true. It seems like the Cole stuff happened after Myers was waived. Tampa likely expected that no one would claim Myers because of his inflated real money salary this season. Maybe the Cole stuff will change that if a team with cap space sees an opportunity to extort Tampa for a pick by claiming Myers.</div></div>

Just wanted to add one thing to this excellent summary: The performance bonuses are there to give Tampa a PB "cushion" for the year. That 500k PB becomes their season opening PB amount, meaning that if they recall a player on an ELC with PBs less than that amount, it doesn't count against the cap. Without that cushion, a team has to add a player's PB to their cap hit when recalling a player under LTIR.
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