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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>exo2769</b></div><div>The literal...every team has busts...ok yeah I hear you there for sure, but there are definitely teams that draft and develop better than others. Just look at the Arizona Coyotes history. I actually like the coyotes too, but when were talking Martin Hanzel, Mikkel Boedker, and Kyle Turris as 50% of your top 6 draft picks in the past 20+ years. (Blake Wheeler, Ek, and Yandle the other 3) AZ has a problem. We could make an argument that Max Domi or Dylan Strome should be in that list, but AZ messed them up. They needed to go elsewhere to actually find success.

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Honestly, I think Arizona has been worse then Dallas in prospect development the past few years. Especially because while Nichushkin and Honka are either not in the NHL or barely hanging on, Max Domi is becoming a star in Montreal and Dylan Strome is a bona fide second-line center in Chicago (likely to become first line C if Toews retires soon). Not to mention Duclair is solid in Ottawa and Anthony DeAngelo in NY. And as for players they haven't traded away (yet), Keller is good but arguably hasn't lived up to expectations yet; Chychrun, while he has battled injuries, was supposed to be a no. 1 defender; Lawson Crouse was all the rage in his draft year and I often forget he even exists now; and I honestly couldn't even tell you whether junior standout Nick Merkley is in the NHL right now without looking at his EP page. Not to mention that they go after aging players - Hjalmarsson, Goligoski, Stepan, Kessel - in place of these young guys they trade away. Jury is still out on Dvorak, Hayton and Dineen, but everything else has just been a disappointment in Arizona under Chayka.