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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>PuckLuck_77</b></div><div>Like csick said above, the three you mentioned play the opposite side.

There's no doubt Chychrun would help LA's team right now. And if the Kings came out of the trade without giving up one of Vilardi or Turcotte, I'd say that's a win. I'd take this deal if I was LA. Pinelli might be good, but he's likely never going to compete for 2C. And the Kings have plenty of 3C. The only two pieces I'd really miss here are Spence (who's easily replaceable since Clarke, Durzi and Grans are all part of LA's system) and the 1st round pick, because like everyone else I'm very high on this year's draft. Walker is the odd-man out, but helps both the LA salary position, as well as giving the Coyotes an NHL-caliber play to ice while they go through their rebuild... It's nice to tank and all, but there are still 82 games that need to be played.

At the current price, though, I doubt Arizona accepts this.</div></div>

Remember Roy played time on the left-side just fine. We are just seeing the beginning of what Clarke, Durzi, and Spence can provide at budget contracts, we need time to see these players and really identify who has the best ceiling. Roy, Walker, and Doughty have each played their offside and we still have Bjornfot, Moverare, and Nousiainen coming.

My question is would you be ok moving Spence after he as a first year pro exploded on the scene for 3-2.5 years of Chychrun who could continue to decline offensively? I think we have to hold on to Clarke, Durzi, and Spence. We have the ability to wait and this team was still solid defensively playing these young guys.

Also didn't Chychrun have 2 surgeries in the offseason?
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