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Jun 11, 2018
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Forum: Armchair-GMWed at 9:29 pm
<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>tryger</b></div><div>That might have been the case before they selected Byfield (I believe that was when they asked about Eichel), but since then Eichel put up 2 goals in 20 games, both Skinner and Hall looked awful with him, and to top it off he had the season-ending injury. The Sabres would not be trading Eichel from a position of strength, and a partner like the Kings hold all the cards as they are: not desperate at the position, know Buffalo is on a timeline to get it done, and know they are one of the few teams to have the assets and cap space to get it done. He's staying in Buffalo, and that's a good thing, the Sabres would be fleeced if they moved him after this season.</div></div>

Personally if the return is right I hope he gets traded...Sabres are a long ways off and I hate to see his talent wasted year after year. Let the guy enjoy the prime years of his career. Eichel put up 2 goals bc he came into training camp injured and played injured to the point he couldn't play that way (last year he had 36 in 68 gams). You could see he wasn't skating hard. Skinner hasn't seen Eichel much once Krueger took over. Hall looked awful all season no matter who he played with. He took the 8 mil and ran.
As for Eichel staying that remains to be seen, where there is smoke there's fire...just been to much trade talk not to think it isn't a good possibility. If Adams does another off season like last Eichel won't want to be part of it and who could blame him...it's hard as a fan let alone a player.
Forum: Armchair-GMMon at 8:24 pm
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