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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>Dmh1055</b></div><div>What would be fair in your mind for Quick then? Gostisbehere cleared waivers due to cap constraints and term remaining. I do believe teams will trade for him but they will want to send a salary they no longer want back. In this deal, the Kings save $1.3 million in cap space for the next 2 seasons. The trade could also be made after Gostisbehere's signing bonus is paid on July 1st, essentially making Gostisbehere's salary only $1 million for 21-22 season and $3.25 million for 22-23. The Kings owner would appreciate the $1.25 million in cash savings in the deal as well.

All that being said Gostisbehere's offensive game is jumping up. Currently he has 6 goals and 6 assists in 28 games. His projected points for an 82 game season is 17 goals and 17 assists for 34 points. He is hardly trash. Any team would find a defenseman who produces 15-20 goals as a valuable asset in the right system and proper partners. The Flyers have to open room on the LD for Cam York and Gostisbehere has become a surplus player. The Flyers lack a suitable RD defense partner for him and with Carter Hart struggling could use a veteran goaltender like Quick to help carry the load.</div></div>

Cal Petersen is paid $858K for this season and the next. It is pretty clear that they can roll Quick and Petersen as a 1A / 1B situation with a collective cap hit of $6.6M for this year and next for goaltetending. The Kings need a top left defender with scoring prowess who can play with Doughty, Ghost can provide scoring, but more importantly he is also a defenseman who can't defend. The Kings have tried bargin shopping with Maata, now they need to send their good prospects to get a young talented defenseman back. Please also remember the Kings are not a small market team and don't care about paying out real cash, they want to maximize their cap space for futures. Ghost isn't it, Sanheim however might be. Kings would be interested in what it would take to get him.