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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>krzyk0</b></div><div>Allison's value is really hard to determine right now. Before he tore his acl in his sophomore season, he was making a legitimate case for the hobby baker and seemed like a surefire middle sixer in the NHL. Unfortunately, he hasn't ever fully returned to his pre-acl form these past two years. At dev camp last summer, he said was about 85% recovered and that was already a year post surgery. He was finally starting heat up again scoring 19 points in his last 15 games before the season was cancelled. In terms of his future with Flyers, it also hard to determine given the situations with Nolan Patrick and Oskar Lindblom. If Lindblom isn't able to play hockey again (praying that isn't the case), that opens up an extra wing spot on the team for him to take. If Lindy and Patrick both come back, the depth chart gets a bit tight and he may become expendable in year or two. Given the Flyers just signed him, I'd imagine they'll want to hold for now, and see what he's got in the AHL next year. I think there is definitely some excitement from us Flyer fans to see what he's got although it's a bit tampered. He seems like he has a great personality too, and he's ginger which immediately makes him a fan-favorite here in Philly.</div></div>

He’ll fit in perfectly with gritty, giroux, couts, voracek and many others.

I think if he can return to form (imo he can) he could easily be a middle six guy. He’s got real good talent, he’s a workhorse and has good vision. Man I wish he didn’t have that ACL injury, super unfortunate, looked like he was well on his way to the NHL. I went and watched all the games he played at UND in his 1st two years in the NCAA. He’s a great guy too.
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Thread: Trouba
Forum: Armchair-GMMar 16 at 1:52
<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>MisstheWhalers</b></div><div>I see, I've just seen about 10 or so Niku to Pittsburgh for DeSmith trades in some form on here I was wondering what the fascination was with that idea.. Lol
Yeah I've lost interest in Niku too just see him as hopefully a better trade chip then for a backup goalie or just as a good depth piece to have around though if they don't use him or move him he's either gone to the KHL or claimed on waivers so should probably move him if they can.

I honestly think Tampa will figure something out to keep Cirelli, he would be a great addition though and that seems like a good offer or a solid start at least.
I see Domi as a more realistic possibility which is why I think he should be the target. If Domi isn't being moved by Montreal maybe signing Haula is an option?
There isn't much for options in free agency, Haula is about the only free agent center I'd have any interest in signing, might be a cheaper short term option till either Roslovic can solidify himself in the role or something else can be figured out. Even if Little comes back I think there needs to be another option as a 2C fill in, really need some depth for when injuries inevitably happen, Copp just isn't productive enough.

No I don't think T.Johnson is an option, don't think he even plays much center anymore, he's barely on pace for half a point a game this season and hasn't done all that much better then that in his last few seasons. He's turning 30 this year and has 4 more seasons at $5M, no thanks, not interested in that plus he has a NMC, no matter how you look at it T.Johnson just isn't a match for Winnipeg nor should they pursue him, his best days are behind him, lots of Tampa fans complain about him too, I wouldn't want him on the Jets.</div></div>

Thank you for the feedback!

I definitely agree that they need to move Niku if they don’t plan on using him.

I think Domi is more realistic than Cirelli, I just wanted to see what a package for him would look like. It would take more than this most likely but at that point I’d rather just offer this package for Domi signed long term.

As for TJ I was pretty sure that he wasn’t a fit and wasnt all that great anymore. I just didn’t know 100%.
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