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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>Billy316</b></div><div>Where did KK play again last year ?
Just saying they're both 4th liner's
Only 1 earned his current pay on a SCF run
They other did too but only because he was on a ELC
You cant tell me KK's 4th line role was worth 6.1m

Imagine if you added a real playoff player to the mix
CAR coulda been in a ECF if not a SCF as thats a lot of cap for a 4th line player with 2 playoff points and multiple games under 10 minutes ice time lol
I get you have to pretend given what you gave up but dont smack talk Armia while pretending KK who he literally played beside KK entire career are vastly different in contributions to date.
KK's entire worth is on what he might one day do</div></div>

<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>Billy316</b></div><div>6.1m for 2 pts and multiple playoff games under 10m
You want to revist that statement about "detracting from the rosters construction " ?
Even at his lower cap now which is still over paid
You guys went ahead and chose not to use that 6.1m on a playoff player adding a healthy Finals Scratch and overpaying him to do it lol</div></div>

What’s up tough guy. Sorry about “smack talking” you’re beloved Armia.

6.1 was an overpay for a season of KK. You don’t have to put words in my mouth or tell me what I should or shouldn’t feel. Last year that money could’ve been used better. It was also a long term strategy to get the player that the team likes and believes in, evidenced by the long term deal they gave him.

He played 4C last year bc we were loaded at C. Team knew it was likely 2C would open up next year and he’d get his shot then. When he had to slot up to replace Troch due to injuries or Covid he replaced him without skipping a beat. Small sample size but he was good during it. He also has been a really well liked teammate and has done everything the team has asked him to do as evidenced by players and staff when talking about him. No evidence of poutiness or bad attitude even tho he was forced to play down in the lineup bc of the logjam at C. Maybe there was more to how he was handled as a teenager and young player in MTL by the FO and staff? Narratives can be shaped however you want to so I find your takes on that situation from earlier in the thread pretty funny.

Jury is still out on KK. If he’s surrounded by high end talent, there’s a good shot he’ll succeed at 2C. Worst case his floor is 3C in a year when Staal leaves. His AAV is a bit high for 3C right now but as the cap rises it’ll be a pretty normal cap hit for that position and it’s less than we’re paying for Staal now.

I’d rather take a risk and potentially overpay on a young player who has shown stretches of what he can be and has the type of pedigree than overpay for a career fourth liner because he had a good playoffs as he’s peaking. Wonder how the next few years of that contract plays out for Armia - even if he plays well it’s very likely he’ll be overpaid since you can find players that do what he does for 1.5-2M.

I get it that - you’re a Habs fan so you have to peddle the narrative instead of using facts and logic. KK might not pan out and he’s had an up and down career so far. Some of the blame lies squarely on his shoulders, and at least an equal amount comes from the team that mismanaged him for the first few years - funny enough all of those guys are gone too which probably shows that they weren’t the best suited for their jobs.
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