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Forum: NHL TradesMon at 3:26 pm
<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>exo2769</b></div><div>Kahun played for Germany at worlds and Kubliak Czech. However, they did play together in Sudbury. I get what you're saing. I am indeed curious about how the European players would view CHI. Panarin is clearly an outlier, but he's not mad at all. Even bought Kane a Rolex because Bowman played him in the 82nd second game of the year (which he didn't have to). Yes it took the very last game for Panarin to make his max bonus. Kempny also got a big extension and Rutta's made Millions. I actually think they view CHI quite favorably still. no?</div></div>

Kahun, has German citizenship, but he is CZ.
Yes, Panarin did buy Kaner a Rolex, but this is because Kaner went out of his way to help him get his bonus, so did the coach, not sure about GM thou. (Kane and Bread are friends and had chemistry and that is not small thing). He never hid his dislike about being traded to CBJ, he is a professional and he wants to succeed and he knows business is business, but if you read between the lines, its obvious. Given the right circumstances would he come back? Probably. But we are not even talking about him, we are talking about others that are looking to come in.
Yes all players you mentioned, did make money one way or another, but there are some kids that want to come here to play on the team they like, not just to play in the NHL. No everyone is out for the money, otherwise Mikheyev would have never picked cap strapped TOR. (most good Suiss and KHL players make more than ELC anyways).
Just saying it will be hard to get new talent to sign, if CHI gets this sign-and-flip reputation, cause they have many options on the table, thats all.
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Forum: Armchair-GMJun 8 at 8:26
<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>jregs23</b></div><div>Seabrook: Yes he has stated he wants to stay here but looking at the future of the defense there is no room for him on it and he might realize this. What is it going to cost to move him? Who knows but he will ultimately get traded. If he cares about the organization and the future it is heading, then he should waive his NTC.

I just don't think Gus is worth a 1st round pick, especially since he will be commanding a lot more than 1.2 million after the season and he is really only known for his offensive ability and only 1 season where he had 60 points, what if he only has 30 points next season? Is he still worth a 1st? We have a log jam at D and I ultimately think Gus isn't in the hawks future plans. Might as well sell him when his value is at its highest.

The real question with Marleau is would he waive to potentially win a cup or waive to for family reasons? Keep in mind he's in the last year of his deal and if bought out it wouldn't affect the hawks cap. They would still have to carry his full cap hit since its a 35+ contract. So why buy him out when you can use him on the third line?</div></div>

Well, yes, that is the thing if Seabs is not good enough to be 7th D on CHI, he is not likely be good enough to be on any other team and at $7m hit, it will cost CHI a ton of assets to give up. That is if he waives.

CHI will buy out Marleau because it will be part of the deal, since he doesn't want to play here. CHI will be pass thru team, CHI will eat $6m and buy him out so he can sign with LA or SJ at min salary. And that is why CHI will have to demand huge return for this service, since they will not be using Marleau at all.
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Thread: Byram to VAN
<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>Foppa21</b></div><div>They're doing their due diligence, as well they should. Top-5 picks don't happen every year for a team...unless of course, you're the Oilers. But I guarantee they'd rather be at 3 and have their choice than be at 10. Same is true for the Avs. As for not getting Turcotte, the Avs made it to the western conference finals this year. A top-5 pick is just the cherry on top. I'll be more than happy with Byram or Dach</div></div>

Yes, they are doing a due diligence, and you know why, because they want to know if those players want to play for them or not. Last thing you want is to draft a player in top 10 and then lose him after 4 years of college to UFA. It happens sometimes. The reason this trade could work with COL, is simple fact that if COL rejects, CHI could make a trade their #10 with LAK#5 (and give all those goodies you were going to get to LAK). Now knowing that CHI is at #5, Turcotte can easily tell COL, don't bother picking me at #4, I have no intention playing for COL and you will have to pretty much draft Duch at #4, which is a way too high for him, the consensus he will go 8-10. So, that is exactly the reason why sometimes you see the draft and wonder, why didn't Team X got Player Y at #Z and that is exactly why, players also have a say and ignoring it is not smart. (not saying that this is what happening, but Turcotte is a CHI boy, grew up cheering for Toews and Kane and attended Cup parades, etc, its his dream to be a Blackhawk).
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Thread: Byram to VAN
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Thread: Byram to VAN
<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>Foppa21</b></div><div>Take a look at what Ottawa did with the first that they traded us, they kept the 2018 1st because it was a known quantity. A 2020 1st, while potentially decent value, is unknown. You have no idea what value you're getting. Might get you a UFA at the deadline, but we also have our own pick for that. Furthermore, after Kakko and Hughes, Byram and Turcotte are tier 2, with the other players you listed at tier 2.5 if not 3. So if I'm Joe, I'm taking the known value and holding onto pick #4.

That's great that you like Perlini, but again, he's not a need for the Avs. He's an average middle-six winger who gets offensive zone starts for the most part and generally can't control the puck. Just look at his <a href="https://www.hockey-reference.com/players/p/perlibr01.html" rel="nofollow noreferrer noopener" target="_blank">stats</a>. The Avs need a strong two-way centerman or an offense creating winger. Perlini solves neither of those needs.

So to sum it up, we're getting an arguably less promising draft prospect at #12, an unknown quantity in the 2020 1st (not saying it's not valuable), a lower tier prospect, and a defensive liability in Perlini for what could be a top-2 defenseman in Byram or a top 2C in Turcotte. So yeah, that's a no for me.</div></div>

Its #10 not 12. and secondly you make it sound like there is such thing as too many 1st round drafts. 10th gets one of of Duch, Coufield, Krebs, Boldy all are good and similar to Turcotte value. The only reason I want him because he is local boy, that is all. #4 thru #10 is not huge difference this year, and def worth 2nd Wing and Mid 1st rounder in 2020. The agrument is if you really need that exlosive 1D than yes, Byram is your guy at 3, but 4-10 its all good, and either can be a bust, even Turcotte, he already had a serious injury at the age 17, so you know.