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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>drewjenks</b></div><div><strong>Since 2016-17:</strong>

47G = Tavares
40G = Matthews
32G = Kadri
26G = Marner
22G = Nylander
21G = Hyman
20G = Johnsson
20G = Kapanen
20G = Brown
20G = Rielly

<strong>Ten 20+ goal scorers is top heavy to you? </strong>

There are teams with 1-2 over that span my dude.</div></div>

My dude, you, like most TOR fans have no idea what it takes to win a Cup, understandably so.

Scoring goals in regular season doesn't mean sh*t. Speed is important, but are you using that speed to score goals? or you using this speed to Forecheck and Backcheck?
Penguins were relentless in D, plus their forwards were relentless all 4 lines, forechecking and backchecking. Plus you have leadership and respect on that team. TOR has no such thing, you got bunch of individuals who worry about their contracts. You have hardheaded egomaniac behind the bench and you got an idiot for a GM.

How do you not sign your future, your two superstars at the same time, for the same term and with same salary? (ala Toews and Kane). How do you let Nylander situation get out of hand, either pay him or trade him. How do you bring Tavares when you have to sign your young superstars? Why bring Marleau, how many cups did he win? Why Marner isn't signed before AM? and why he is not a Captain? CHI gave Toews his C when he was like 19 years old and he grew into it? Tavares came and got an A, why? I think if Marner has any brain he will leave TOR, not to punish them, but rather to save them.
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