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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>vmach</b></div><div>I feel like Duchene is CBJ's best bet. He has been with 3 teams last year and he probably needs to settle down. Plus CBJ's GM will probably push him hard, including but not limited to offering him an over-payment, to justify all the sacrifices made during TDL. (its always easier to justify overpayment then losing all rentals).

Dzignle also has a good chance of staying, but if Chicago gives him something similar in value to Columbus, he is gone. I for one will not be surprised to see Dzingle in Chicago next year, I'll actually be more surprised if Hawks go for Panarin. I'd feel like Panarin Toews Kane line will be an overkill. (especially as Debrincat quietly developed into a 40 goal scorer on 2nd line).</div></div>

I really think all signs point to Bob and Bread being in Florida next year. Thats where they expressed interest in going, and they have all the leverage as UFAs to make it happen. I can see them even giving Florida a slight contract discount to get their wish. Bread is friends with Dadanov down there and I think mentally is sort of “been there, done that” with regard to Chicago. Chicago would have 3 players eating almost half their entire roster salary if Panarin signed there. A reunion seems unrealistic. Hard to blame a Russian for dreaming about warm weather and sandy beaches. While nothing is for certain, I do think a high probability to resign Duchene and/or Dzingel was in Jarmo’s calculation. I can only guess there were some private talks about “gentlemen’s agreements” for future contracts