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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>Affectionate_Side_64</b></div><div>The fact it wasn't a coherent sentence was the confusing part. The cap is completely manageable with the Wild having young talent who they can slot in for cheap (Faber, Wallstedt, Rossi). This doesn't have to be the only trade they make all year my guy....</div></div>

You mean the same Rossi and Faber who are already on the NHL team? Wallstedt does what exactly to help MN's cap, MAF has a full NMC (and doesn't want to waive it) and Gus was just re-signed for 3 years. MN has some decent FWD prospects but 2 are untouchable in the KHL, a couple are in college, and a couple more aren't ready yet. Walker is the only FD prospect that has looked close to ready to be more than an injury callup.

MN needs centers, not wings; Hartman is MN's 1C because they have nobody else (JEE carries the other top-6 line) to play center. Trading away the only somewhat viable center on the team to play with Kap is just shooting themselves in the foot. If MN's season goes sideways Hartman will be traded for futures.

To make cap room MN has 1 player with a sizable contract that is somewhat tradeable in Zucc and even he has a 10 team NTC. Kaprizov, Boldy, Gus, and JEE are the contract MN has that are over $1.2m (besides the 3 already in this trade) that don't have at least a NTC of some sort. Zucc (10 team NTC) is the only sizeable contract that MN might be able to move, but it's not really worth it for MN to do.

And just FYI. Middleton is a 3rd pair d-man "playing up" on MN's 2nd pair with Sprugeon due to MN's lack of better options. Brodin is MN's 1LD and the lost their 1RD (Dumba) to free agency.
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