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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>IcemanJoe</b></div><div>That’s what people say when they don’t like the answer given, if they said something you agreed with, it’d be the best source ever lol. Discrediting a Podcast won’t work with me, those two have connections and I’ll trust them over you. Russo is damn good at his job, I’ll trust his reporting over you as well. Lou Nanne hated Fenton too, is Nanne to be trusted? Fenton was hated by everyone. That doesn’t change the fact you’re making stuff up and have no sources claiming Kessel will not come here.

Um the Wild had its best regular season in franchise history, got career years out of tons of players lol. I’d say the path is pretty good. You’re letting the postseason performance eliminate the entire regular season.</div></div>

Have you really looked at their season? Beating up on bad teams and getting spanked by the teams that matter was the Wild's season. They had 2 total regulation wins and 9 regulation losses against the Playoff teams from the Central. One of those wins was a throw away game for COL where they sat everyone they could. Even if you throw in the gimmick 3v3/SO their record was still a 2:1 loss ratio. This was with the team having career years by everyone, and unlikely to all do the same next season.

Nanne is literally on the Wild's payroll, so there is no objectivity from him. Russo, when he actually does in-depth articles (rarely now), is still a very good reporter. Anything he doesn't put in print is hogwash. The podcasts are junk. There is no accountability for things that are wrong so they can say whatever they want as long as it keep people tuning in. They all play nice because if they don't they'll possible lose favor with the team and not get the interviews or play spots that they need for their ratings.

I rarely site anything that isn't stats related and don't take any of the talking heads at face value. I form my own opinions about things.
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