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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>Nights_King93</b></div><div>I just don't see it that way. JJ has been an extremely solid NHL player this year. I just don't trust him with the speed of the east in the playoffs. I think he could fit better in the muck it up west, honestly. I always hated the idea of JJ for Rask. I think Rask turned into a borderline NHL player being paid like a 2nd or 3rd liner. I know Rask has missed some games, but he and Johnson have the same offensive numbers.. Not good. JJ is plus 7 this year but that might be a bit off because he is playing with Letang quite a bit. That pairing also shares a lot of time with the top lines. But he hasn't been a liability. He has value and I certainly don't think the Pens have to package a pick with him to get him out. I'd keep him as a 7th D before I'd ever attach a pick to trade him.

Like I said. Maybe you add a first round pick on or add Poulin, but I could see a deal that is very similar to the one above (at least as a starting point) get done if the Pens make a big splash.</div></div>

There you go. How you see Rask is how other fanbases see JJ. Seriously Suter, Brodin, and Soucy are all better LD than JJ. Pateryn = JJ, JJ &gt; Seeler, but the cap hits make it closer in value. Hunt is the opposite of JJ and fits better with Seeler or Pateryn on the 3rd pair. Menell and/or Belpedio are on their ELCs and can fill in the 3rd pair if needed.

In a cap world when Suter/Spurgeon will cost $15m combined for the next forever, and Dumba makes another $6m/yr, a $4m/yr bottom pair/7th d-man is awful use of the cap.

JJ at $2m a year would be okay and most teams could make that cap work, but the extra $2m with the term makes him a big cap dump, NHL player or not.
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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>BLIvingston33</b></div><div>Gotta move out wingers at some point, Hartman can be sacrificed for a guy that can play in the AHL if needed.
Greenway is the same situation and seems to really need a change of scenery since he can't move up the Wild lineup with the amount of wingers. I'll take the guy with the higher potential in Puljujarvi.
Taking Bjugstad gets a bit more back from the Pens in a Zucker deal, just buyout Rask. He's a stopgap until the next season anyway, you can give him a shot with no risk.
Disagree with Bokk, he's already playing pro now.
Rossi is just a name, could be Byfield if we get lucky, could be Stutzle, could be Perfetti. If the guy we draft isn't NHL ready then move up Ek and give Sturm a shot. I don't buy Sturm as an NHL centre either.
In the end, you gotta make moves and can't just sit on the current roster with Kaprizov and think anything changes.</div></div>

The thing is you're just reshuffling the deck with the wings, not really moving any out.
Hartman is the ideal 4th liner. You don't trade that for an AHL player that isn't needed.
Buying out Rask is a bad move. He's fine as a bottom-6 center, just overpayed. But a buyout and then filling the position elsewhere is a cap neutral move at best.
At worst Greenway is Foligno's replacement in the future. A guy that can chip in 10g/10a year, while being a pain to play against. Poolparty is an "all the tools and no tool box guy".
Bokk is playing in the SHL and not really lighting it on fire. The AHL is a step up from the SHL and it will give him time to get used to the smaller ice. Let him tear up the AHL for a season and use him as a callup.

Smart moves need to be made, not moves to make moves. I'm fine with selling off Donato, Zucker, Hunt/Pateryn, Brodin/Dumba, and Foligno but it needs to be fore something they need: top wing, top-6 center, and a goalie.

This is the core to build around for the next 5 years:
Boldy/JEE/Kunin (one of Greenway, Donato, Zucker is a placeholder for Boldy until he's ready)
Parise/???/Zucc (because we're stuck with them)

Suter/Spurgeon (because we're suck with them)
Brodin/Dumba (keep 1/trade 1)

goalie (we have a couple decent ones in the system, but most goalies are either boom or bust).