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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>Claesson4Norris</b></div><div>I'd expect Logan Brown will start the season in the AHL. He's definitely NHL ready, but he's not suited to being a 4th liner or a winger, and the Sens already have White-Anisimov-Tierney-Pageau down the middle. I think there's more of a spot for him post JGP trade. Or maybe if they decide that Artem Anisimov would be a better fit on the left wing, then Brown could come up in a middle six C Role.

I would also expect 5th round pick Mark Kastelic to likely be on this team. He's an overager, so he can't go back to Junior, and he's not going to go play in Europe.

Otherwise it looks pretty good! I expect this team to be in the playoff hunt this season, at least until NHL trades start happening and players get called up. If they decide to slow play it and leave their guys in the AHL, this team could have a chance at winning the Calder Cup.</div></div>

I think Brown opens on a line with White and Brady. I think White played great at centre but think White playing RW balances the lineup better. My guess is that all lines play close to the same 5 on 5 time like CBJ last year as all lines will be 2nd/3rd lines. Brown needs a legitimate shot in the NHL this year so the Sens know what they have in the guy so they can commit to him or move on from him

Forgot about Kastelic as still needs to be signed.

I think guys coming up and down from the AHL and NHL as they will give anyone who deserves a shot a go with the big club and anyone who struggles back in the AHL. This AHL team is going to be monsters