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Thread: ok boomer
<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>F50marco</b></div><div>Could you copy/paste here what exactly Lebrun said in his piece? I'm curious to see how he displayed it. (I'm to cheap to get the Athletic :p )

I kind of feel he wouldn't have wrote it as "I personally think Krieder is worth a 1st and a Kyrou and that's what Armstrong has to give up" but people are kind of interpreting it as that. If he did say like that, I think he's pretty much just using Gorton's initial offer to Armstrong as the expectation but that is just a feeler offer and Lebrun is just going on that as if he were to start saying "Yeah Gorton is out of his mind if he thinks he's getting Kyrou" he'd be pissing on some ppl's shoes.

Guys like Lebrun have those special privileged insider jobs because GM's allow it, otherwise they are just regular reporters. Any type of info that a guy like Lebrun will say as his own is being fed to him from somewhere. Armstrong can't be upset with Lebrun by stating something he already knows Gorton told him in their talks. Gorton can't be mad at Lebrun for stating the price to get Kreider from his perspective either.

If some beat writer says trade Pietrangelo for a 1st and a cap dump, who cares? He has no relationship to the situation other than his reporter privileges. If Lebrun starts yapping negatively all of a sudden he's not an insider anymore is he? Believe me, he as well as the other insiders tend to use their words ever so carefully because their livelihood depends on it.</div></div>

I am too cheap to get the athletic as well... when they posted the article on twitter I just read the comments and that how's how I found out what he said.