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Only way I consider this is if Patches is extended, and at something reasonable in term and rate. Anisimov is worth a 2nd rounder, and you are adding in another 2nd and a first. Rental Patches is not worth 2 2nd's and a 1st. I personally would not do that trade even for an extended Patches. I would save the cap space and assets and let DCat, Hayden, and Sikura play more prominent roles (then they will with Patches here) and would not be surprised to see one or even two out produce Patches.

The Hawks are more then a Patches away from being a legit Cup contender (as in the whole enchilada). With or without Patches, I don't see the Hawks as more then playoff team that maybe wins a series (and that is with a lot of things working out ideally...Crawford is right, Toews/Saad bounce back, Keith/Seabs find the fountain of youth, lots of luck with health, etc). The Hawks need a kid if not two of their young D to breakout and be impactful at the NHL level and I see this year as a growing pains/developmental year where hopefully a couple are ready next year after taking some lumps this. If you have the cap space in hand, you can plug holes next off season when guys like not only Patches, but Stone, Duchene, Sequin, Panarin, Skinner, Eberle, Pavelski, Skinner, Hayes, Brassard, Wheeler, Nyquist, Zuccarello, Nelson, Simmonds, Silfverberg, & Lee are all currently in route to be UFA forward options (and I know many will not make it to market...but I bet several will and not cost a 1st and 2 2nds). Not even getting into Toronto, Winnipeg, & Tampa would seem to maybe need to shed a useful forward each to make the cap work. Even further, the Hawks best utilization of cap space maybe on D if none of the kid blossom as expected/hoped or if Crawford does not bounce back.
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Hard pass from this Hawks fan. Benn is a dime a dozen bottom pairing D. Patches is coming off his worst year and about to be the wrong side of 30 and will want 7+ million per AND term next Summer. Even retained, Duby is 32 and owed 3 more years coming off a stellar 16 point campaign. Columbus could retain half on him and I want him no where near the Hawks. Wrong side of 30, overpaid (or about to be in Patches case), slow, and showing varying degrees of decline in their game are all giant no thanks for what we are giving up. Lindgren is no more a sure thing then Forsberg after a pretty big regression last year from the prior.

Schmaltz and Sikura combined will easily out score Patches this season for half his salary. I would not be surprised to see one or even both of them outscore him individually for a quarter of his salary. Schmaltz put up 52 point to Patches 37 last season. Schmaltz has just as much capacity to take a step in his development at age 22 to turn into a mid 60's point guy as Patches does to return to his norm. When you move 2 legit NHL centers in Schmaltz and Anisimov and a decent center prospect in Sikura (short term he is likely only a wing....but he certainly is an option long term at center) and bring only Duby back as a center, that has us beyond putrid down the middle. Duby and Kruger as your #2 & #3 is lottery pick for sure. At this point, whether those 2 are even 4th line guys is a legit question. Neither Murphy or Anisimov are favorites of mine, but I'm not tossing them away as add ons when they are a decent middle 6 center and middle pairing RHD which are premium position to fill.
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