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Thread: Money Moves
<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>ErikJohannsen</b></div><div>Carey Price has had one poor season and you're going to argue that he's a mediocre goalie? For the last how many years Price has been getting Montreal into the playoffs. You see it every season, when Carey is healthy, they win, when he's not healthy, they lose.</div></div>
Price and Montreal have been able to make the playoffs recently because the East is extremely weak, not taking anything away from Price's performance but it's much easier to make the East than grind it out in the West. Also - Price healthy = Win. Price not healthy = Lose. I'll keep tabs on this when Price is 34+ and so I can explain to Habs fans why their team continues to lose after giving out a 10mil contract to a goalie.

<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>ErikJohannsen</b></div><div>no this trade could not be for "Vasilevskiy, Hellebuyck, Rinne, Bobrovsky, Rask etc.".</div></div>
Your best goaltender in the world Price has similar career stats to that of Jake Allen.
Price: (Vezina 14-15) GAA: 2.44, PCT: 0.919
Allen: GAA: 2.44, PCT: 0.914
Vasilevskiy: GAA: 2.50, PCT: .920
Hellebuyck: GAA: 2.56, PCT: .915
Rinne: GAA: 2.38, PCT: .918
Bobrovsky: GAA: 2.45, PCT: .920
Rask: GAA: 2.23, PCT: .923

If I had to take anyone off that list, it certainly would not be Price. His best years (statistically) are behind him already, he's never won a stanley cup and again, will start to make 10.5 mil from now until 2023-24. Rask and Price are both 30 years old, Rask has a better GAA and PCT as well as Cups under his belt. Rask also only makes 7mil until 20-21. I'd also rather risk starting Shaky Jakey at his mere 4.35mil (at 27 years old) before he settles into his prime. Price may be a fine goalie but he is the product of what is put around him. If he has a great team like the past, he shines. If his team sucks, he looks like a fish out of water. If Montreal can't move him for pennies on the dollar then they need to support him as the face of the rebuild or face the fact that he will be their crutch in 6+ years when he's shuffling out to the crease after being over worked all these years.

"just look at the Nashville Preadtors. a couple seasons ago they were completely off the grid and now they're at the top. You know know what they did? They made power trades for pivotal pieces like Johansen, Subban and now Turris."

The Preds weren't off the grid as you claim, they were building a very deep team in the process. They weren't just born over night. As a Blues fan, I know this, I see them play the Preds more than I'd like and they've been brewing for years before Nashville started to follow hockey the last 2-3 seasons. What Nashville is doing now is COMPLETELY different from what St. Louis is doing and should not be compared. Nashville is clearly in a WIN NOW mentality as their window is closing. Rinne is 37 and the core of the Preds will eventually break up, which is why they went after Turris and are in heavy pursuit of Rick Nash, E. Kane and others. The Blues however are not in win now mode. They see their prime window being 2-3 years from now. The Blues will not make a giant trade just for the sake of making one, it's not how the ownership or GM plan for the future.
Forum: Armchair-GMFeb 19, 2018 at 5:12
Thread: Money Moves
<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>ErikJohannsen</b></div><div>If you look at the long term outlook Price's full contract is there. Price is arguably the best goalie in the world and Pacioretty is a good top six scorer. If you think you don't have to give up a lot of good promising talent for two players that could win you a stanley cup your dumb. Yes, what I am offering is a lot but if you want the best goalie in the world you're going to have to give up a lot. I think you strongly need to reasses your trade value knowledge as star calibre players don't just grow on trees. Carey Price is arguably the Connor Mcdavid of goalies, you would most likely have to give up a team of prospects for Mcdavid and since St.Louis is missing a first they would have to add more prospects.</div></div>

You seem to have a very biased assessment toward your own trade proposal. You could substitute Price with Vasilevskiy, Hellebuyck, Rinne, Bobrovsky, Rask etc. and all of those claiming to have the "best goaltender in the world" would have an arguable case. This works for you because it fits the agenda that you are trying to push. While Price may be a good goalie now, you have to look at his contract toward the end, how will he fare when he is 36? 37? 38? etc? If Price was the best goalie in the world, he'd be able to save Montreal from having this much of a disappointing season. Best goalies in the world don't have mediocre seasons and shut down after they cash in at the bank. After locking a goalie up for that term and cost, you had better hope he is the McDavid of something - unfortunately he won't be able to score for you. You'd rather wish he was the Brodeur or Roy of goalies but to each their own, I guess I am the one that needs to reassess my player knowledge.

Whatever STL decides to do with their money and talent, I'm all for. It could be this exact trade - I wouldn't agree with it but I would watch it close just to tell you I told you so. I don't think adding Price or Patches would get the Blues where they need to be for a Cup - not even close. There are several steps in the middle that need to be addressed before. Montreal needs a hard reset, and unfortunately, I feel like they will have a hard time finding teams to be dance partners to take on large contracts AND hand out a kings ransom of prospects. Desperate teams don't win/win in situations like this. Look at history...
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Thread: Money Moves
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