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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>Treize131</b></div><div>Going to have to respectfully disagree.

Other GMs know that we're in this situation so Tre does not have much to bargain with at this time. A deal like this is what we can expect and it's also what we might end up needing depending on how long it takes for Valimaki to get back up to speed. Recovery is one thing but players that miss large chunks of time from the season often don't really get back to 100% until the following season. Reilly is a serviceable defenseman with a low cap hit that can perhaps push Kylington and whoever else they bring on via PTO.</div></div>

Good take. A lot of individuals right now don't seem to notice how heavy of a cap crunch there is around the league. Once we get closer to training camps &amp; all of the RFAs are signed &amp; some of the remaining UFAs get signed to low deals, you'll have maybe 4-6 teams with 4-7M in cap space, and then there will be 10+ teams looking at offloading players like Frolik to get all of their guys in.

In a vacuum, Frolik is usually worth more. But under this context this is a very fair deal. CLG drops two rounds in the draft, and in exchange they get a guy that's younger, can play a few games in the top 4, and that's under contract for an extra year. (Which in this case, could be burried in full.)

Montreal does this because that's buying early on a TDL guy, and gives them an option to move him later in the season at retained salary for a team looking to make a push or to keep him as their own rental.
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