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I've said this in other threads (today even) but as much as NHL GMs do like big, power forwards, there are enough red flags here that I can't see anyone paying a ton of money to assume the last 4 years of that contract. Getting into the Josh Anderson business through his 33rd birthday is a recipe for disaster - in the 6 seasons he's been an NHL regular, he's missed 10+ games in 3 of those (including last year), and big, physical guys tend usually don't tend to get *more* durable as they age.

I really think a cautionary tale to look at for Anderson is Milan Lucic - similar archetypes as big power forwards with a stronger offensive game than your typical bruisers (Lucic more so than Anderson, obviously.) Lucic also had a longer track record of durability - hell, to date, the 2009-10 season remains the only year he's missed more than 10 games. Lucic's age-28 season looked more or less like what you'd expected out of him to that point: 23-27-50 in 82 GP.

The next 4 years for Lucic? 34, 23, 20, & 21 - these are his point totals in full seasons after he turned 29. Not saying that this guarantees Anderson's production will slow down, just saying his player type doesn't age gracefully. Even the all time best power forward types usually fall off after turning 30 - Kevin Stevens, John LeClair, Clark Gillies all saw huge drop offs and mounting injury concerns as they entered their 30s. That combined with the fact that Anderson has basically peaked as a 45-50 point type doesn't bode incredibly well for the back half of his deal.
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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>KingofRnR</b></div><div>I was joking obviously 🙄

Yeah, you’re pretty traditional and predictable that way, but I’m all for spreading the depth and talent, matching skill sets and getting away from the old “checking line” and using the 4th as a High Energy Short Burst Scoring line with Young Players

The Guys I have in the Top-6 are the ones most deserving to be up there, so IOW the players playing the best right now are the Top 2 lines. You could debate Backlund vs Coleman, but Backlund would be needed to Centre the Rookies or Weaker Playing Wingers = Dube &amp; Mang

Dube &amp; Mang are in a rut, so motivate them by demoting and having them work back up, but beyond that’s it’s finding effective pairings and matching skill sets.

Could split the 3rd &amp; 4th lines too:


But since Phillips &amp; Pelletier are already used to playing opposite one another, I say maintain familiarity; Notice that I also have them on the PP as they are very effective together there too.

If you want more physicality, simply swap Lewis out for Ritchie

Ruzicka’s our best scoring forward this season, it would be an absolute sin to demote him to the 4th line</div></div>

I don't have an issue with rolling 4 lines but I don't think your lines are correct at all. Vegas has proven that rolling 4 lines is very effective.

You are way overestimating Ruzicka. He has flaws in his game and they became very apparent when he was playing with Lindholm. Did he produce there? Yes, but most of his points were from just going hard to the net and not actually skill. He is much more suited for a depth role and I think playing with Backlund like they have him right now could help him improve his 2-way game.

As for the Kadri - Mangiapane - Dube line, they are actually out chancing their opponent just not outscoring. To me Sutter probably sees this and that's why he's keeping them together (I personally would still like to see Mangiapane eith Backs and Pickles).

Backlund and Coleman have way too much synergy to ever consider separating them.

You know Calgary's top line in the AHL last year was Pelletier - Ruzicka - Phillips. If you want an energy line why not do that? If you are only bringing up 1 of them I can understand putting that player in the top 9 but not if both are brought up
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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>yycofred</b></div><div>Yes and no, they took on Ladd, Little, Kassian plus the guys from Vancouver last season. Insured contracts and low salary/high cap hit contracts. If they wanted to stockpile picks from teams that want cap space to compete, there are contracts out there that paid their bonus last July and are due almost no money. If they are moving their best asset you would think they’d aim for a pick that won’t be in the last 10 spots of the draft.

Tough spot for Edmonton cause they’ll have to find a money in, money out deal and the money they’d be willing to move out just doesn’t have a ton of trade value.

It will be steep, that’s a lot. Will be a really interesting story to follow. I feel like it will be a draft day trade when more teams have an idea if they’ll compete next season and they can get a read on Chychurn’s health throughout this season</div></div>

Yes, but how many of those contracts are bad contracts without trade protection? They already stock piled a ton of picks from taking on such contracts over the years, but at the same time moving out guys with value. They need to stay above the cap floor of course, so whenever they get the opportunity to take on bad contracts like those they do. Notice though how they have a ton of 2nds and 3rds and not a ton of firsts? So, the main way is going to be by moving guys with value on their team.

Will they be willing to take Barrie maybe, but perhaps not, there's more upside for them to take a guy like Puljujarvi. It's high time for Arizona to move Chychrun, so he's probably gone after he plays like 9 games or so.

I think they rather trade with Ottawa though, and take Zaitsev for extra payment. Similar cap hit to Chychrun like Barrie but he' s owed less by 0.5 mil.
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