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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>KingofRnR</b></div><div>Pretty Good Overall Assessment and Projections

Huberdeau is fine on the 2nd line just like he was when he had his career year in FLA. He plays best with a Left Shot Centre and an Offensively Gifted Left Shot RW, so maybe Kadri, Mang, Ruzicka, Dube can fill that role OR the better Kylington Trade might be for Duclair (although I am intrigued by Bemström who could break out yet, simply with a change of scenery, but we do already have Coronato &amp; Duehr who are both NHL Ready and may do just as well, if not better under Sutter)

Re-signing Lindholm &amp; Hanifin should definitely be the priorities, but if Hanifin won’t re-sign long-term for similar to what Weegar got (for whatever reason), we could Trade him for a haul of Picks/Prospects and pursue Free Agent Ryan Graves or maybe even Carson Soucy to replace him

I agree and am 100% okay to move on from Kylington = ??? who played great with Tanev, but who knows how much longer Tanev will last/play, plus we don’t know how good or reliable Kylington will be moving forward and fortunately, we have Poirier developing nicely, who is even more offensively talented and might be NHL ready next season as well

Perhaps pursuing &amp; signing Connor Clifton as Tanev’s long-term replacement is a good idea!? He’s much better than Stecher, no!?

Zadorov &amp; Stecher wasn’t a Great Pairing (maybe Stecher would be better with Hanifin!?), so I’d prefer Tanev be matched with Zadorov OR we pursue Luke Schenn, Justin Holl or better yet, Trade for Jani Hakanpaa for the 3RD spot. If we do sign Clifton, Stecher or maybe even Dumba or Shattenkirk, we could move Tanev to 3RD for sheltered minutes next season. I do think Stecher is more of a 7th/Insurance D-Man, but he did play well and seemed like a very good fit for the locker room

I think any of the below are possible:

Pelletier/Mang/Toffoli - Lindholm - Toffoli/Kadri/Mang
Huberdeau - DOMI/Dube/Coronato - Kadri/Mang/DUCLAIR
Dube/Pelletier/Ruzicka - Backlund - Mang/Toffoli/Coronato
Coleman/ASTON-REESE - ACCIARI/Coleman/Lewis - Duehr

Weegar - Andersson
Hanifin/GRAVES - CLIFTON/Tanev/Stecher/DUMBA
Zadorov/Kylington - Tanev/HAKANPAA/HOLL/SCHENN
xSTANLEY/Gilbert/Poirier - Stecher/Stone

Markstrom - JONAS JOHANSSON/D.Wolf

I do like the Vladar for Stanley idea, although I don’t think WPG Fans will. If we could secure a guy like Stanley or Bahl, we should probably move on from Zadorov and use his Cap Savings elsewhere

We have good Left Shot Depth: Ruzicka, Pelletier, Zary, Ben Jones, MEP, etc. so as much as I love Dube, if we can sign a Better 2C, like Domi, we could move on from Dube

I like Ruzicka too, but if we could pick up a more Physical Guy (like Dellandrea or Veleno) or perhaps an under-performing Early Draft Pick like Drury, R.Suzuki, Turcotte, Krebs, or even a guy like Bemstrom, etc. (somebody with a potentially higher ceiling), I wouldn’t be opposed to moving him either, since I don’t think Sutter particularly likes him or he’s the best fit, especially on our 4th line either. Similar to Vladar, when Ruzicka’s Hot, he’s HOT, but when he’s not, he’s not = COLD</div></div>

I thought I had both you and Wrangler on the ignore list but I think the update somehow let you guys back through the cracks or something. I’ll throw you back on ignore to get rid of the Kadri to the wing nonsense. Enjoy the off season. If you somehow see my posts just ignore them please and thanks
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Thread: Autopsy Time
<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>Ledge_And_Dairy</b></div><div>I think Calgary really missed Kylington's offense this year. Personally I think we should be trying to move Weegar back over to the right side long term as we need to prepare for Post Tanev Era. I think him and Kylington could make an excellent pairing in the top 4 too. Again though, don't get me wrong with Stecher, I really like him and wanted to sign him even last offseason.

I'm confident in Ruzicka as a long term center. I think he has all the tools to succeed when he's not playing with offensive black holes like Lucic and Lewis (not a shot at Lewis' defensive game which will be missed). He's got the height, speed, face-off ability, and strength to be a solid career 3/4C in the NHL. I think we could acquire Bemstrom or similar in a Vladar trade.

I think next year Calgary will start to look like this years Dallas Stars. A lot more young guys making the starting roster and way less vets being signed</div></div>

If Kylington were to come back in a similar capacity to his most recent year I think you are bang on that him and Weegar could be a really good pairing. My concern is mostly based on uncertainty as opposed to not liking the player.

I could see him as an NHL winger but I think he's too irresponsible to play in the bottom 6 at C. 4th line C going back a handful of years has been Stajan, Ryan, Lewis all rather similar in terms of defensive responsibility, I don't think Ruzicka has that aspect of his game and I really dislike his transition game. Straight line from the red line in to the offensive zone, he's a good player, backchecking coverage, defensive responsibility and breaking out the puck leaves a lot to be desired.

That's a good blue print going forward... they also canned Sutter 2.0 in Rick Bowness so we can only hope right!?