Arbitration Calculator

  • Salary arbitration is a contract negotiation method that uses a third party arbitrator to determine a fair contract term and length for an expiring RFA player. Arbitration can be requested if a player meets the following conditions (CBA Reference 12.1 (b)):
    • The player qualifies as a Restricted Free Agent (RFA)
    • The player has not signed an offer sheet
    • The player has met the required professional years of experience, as shown in the list below
  • Eligibility for salary arbitration is dependent on first contract signing age, and professional experience (CBA Reference 12.1 (a)):
    • 18-20: 4 years professional experience.
    • 21: 3 years professional experience.
    • 22-23: 2 years professional experience.
    • 24 and older: 1 year professional experience.
    Signing age is the age the player is on September 15 of the year they signed their first contract, unless they turn 20 from September 16-December 31, in which case they are considered 20.
    A player is considered to have completed a year of professional experience if:
    1. The player is aged 18 or 19 and has played 10 or more NHL games in the respective season
    2. The player is aged 20 or older and has played 10 games in a professional league, while under an NHL SPC
    Due to the 2019-20 season being shortened by COVID, a pro-rating for the professional games requirement was applied as follows:
    1. If the player is aged 18 or 19, and is considered a Covid Roster Freeze Player, the 10 games requirement was pro-rated to 9 games (pro-rating of 70/82)
    2. If the player is aged 20 or older, the 10 games requirement was pro-rated to 9 games (pro-rating of 70/82)
    Due to the 2020-21 season being shortened, the professional games requirement was pro-rated to 7 games (56/82)

2025 Restricted Free Agents (236)

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Games played data powered by Elite Prospects
Abruzzese, NickLogo of the Toronto Maple LeafsTOR-232Required years completed in 2023-24
Alexander, GageLogo of the Anaheim DucksANA-2042
Alexeyev, AlexanderLogo of the Washington CapitalsWSH-184Required years completed in 2023-24
Ansons, RaivisLogo of the Pittsburgh PenguinsPIT-2042
Askarov, YaroslavLogo of the Nashville PredatorsNSH-2042
Attard, RonnieLogo of the Philadelphia FlyersPHI-232Required years completed in 2022-23
Bahl, KevinLogo of the New Jersey DevilsNJD-194Required years completed in 2023-24
Bains, ArshdeepLogo of the Vancouver CanucksVAN-2132
Barron, MorganLogo of the Winnipeg JetsWPG-213Required years completed in 2022-23
Bauer, TyrelLogo of the Winnipeg JetsWPG-2042
Bavaro, DrewLogo of the Boston BruinsBOS-2410
Beecher, JohnLogo of the Boston BruinsBOS-2132
Benning, MichaelLogo of the Florida PanthersFLA-2131
Berglund, CarlLogo of the Edmonton OilersEDM-2321
Bernard-Docker, JacobLogo of the Ottawa SenatorsOTT-213Required years completed in 2023-24
Bjorklund, GarinLogo of the Washington CapitalsWSH-2041
Björnfot, TobiasLogo of the Florida PanthersFLA-184Required years completed in 2023-24
Bjørgvik Holm, Ole JulianLogo of the Columbus Blue JacketsCBJ-1942
Bolduc, SamuelLogo of the New York IslandersNYI-204Required years completed in 2023-24
Boqvist, AdamLogo of the Columbus Blue JacketsCBJ-184Required years completed in 2022-23
Bouchard, EvanLogo of the Edmonton OilersEDM-184Required years completed in 2023-24
Bourgault, XavierLogo of the Edmonton OilersEDM-2042
Bourque, MavrikLogo of the Dallas StarsDAL-1942
Boyko, TalynLogo of the New York RangersNYR-2041
Brisson, BrendanLogo of the Vegas Golden KnightsVGK-2042
Burke, NolanLogo of the Nashville PredatorsNSH-2041
Byram, BowenLogo of the Buffalo SabresBUF-184Required years completed in 2023-24
Cates, NoahLogo of the Philadelphia FlyersPHI-232Required years completed in 2022-23
Caulfield, JuddLogo of the Anaheim DucksANA-2221
Chromiak, MartinLogo of the Los Angeles KingsLAK-1942
Chrona, MagnusLogo of the San Jose SharksSJS-2321
Clang, CalleLogo of the Anaheim DucksANA-2042
Colangelo, SamLogo of the Anaheim DucksANA-2220
Cormier, LukasLogo of the Vegas Golden KnightsVGK-1842
Coronato, MatthewLogo of the Calgary FlamesCGY-2041
Cranley, WillLogo of the St. Louis BluesSTL-2041
Crozier, MaxwellLogo of the Tampa Bay LightningTBL-2321
Cuylle, WillLogo of the New York RangersNYR-1942
Daoust, PhilippeLogo of the Ottawa SenatorsOTT-2040
Denisenko, GrigoriLogo of the Vegas Golden KnightsVGK-204Required years completed in 2023-24
Desnoyers, ElliotLogo of the Philadelphia FlyersPHI-1942
Dickinson, TannerLogo of the St. Louis BluesSTL-1941
DiPietro, MichaelLogo of the Boston BruinsBOS-194Required years completed in 2023-24
Dobes, JakubLogo of the Montreal CanadiensMTL-2221
Dobson, NoahLogo of the New York IslandersNYI-184Required years completed in 2022-23
Dostal, LukasLogo of the Anaheim DucksANA-194Required years completed in 2023-24
Dubé, PierrickLogo of the Washington CapitalsWSH-2221
Dufour, WilliamLogo of the New York IslandersNYI-2042
Dureau, JaydonLogo of the Tampa Bay LightningTBL-2132
Edmonds, LucasLogo of the Tampa Bay LightningTBL-2132
Edström, AdamLogo of the New York RangersNYR-2132
Eklind, OscarLogo of the Philadelphia FlyersPHI-2610
Evangelista, LukeLogo of the Nashville PredatorsNSH-1842
Evans, RykerLogo of the Seattle KrakenSEA-2042
Faber, BrockLogo of the Minnesota WildMIN-2131
Farinacci, JohnLogo of the Boston BruinsBOS-2221
Farrell, SeanLogo of the Montreal CanadiensMTL-2131
Felton, ChristianLogo of the Vancouver CanucksVAN-2410
Fensore, DomenickLogo of the Carolina HurricanesCAR-2221
Finley, JackLogo of the Tampa Bay LightningTBL-1842
Firstov, VladislavLogo of the Minnesota WildMIN-2132
Fix-Wolansky, TreyLogo of the Columbus Blue JacketsCBJ-204Required years completed in 2022-23
Fleury, CaleLogo of the Seattle KrakenSEA-204Required years completed in 2021-22
Foerster, TysonLogo of the Philadelphia FlyersPHI-1842
Ford, ParkerLogo of the Winnipeg JetsWPG-2321
Foudy, Jean-LucLogo of the Colorado AvalancheCOL-1942
Frasca, JordanLogo of the Pittsburgh PenguinsPIT-2132
Frost, MorganLogo of the Philadelphia FlyersPHI-184Required years completed in 2023-24
Fulp, AidanLogo of the New York IslandersNYI-2321
Garand, DylanLogo of the New York RangersNYR-1942
Gauthier, TaylorLogo of the Pittsburgh PenguinsPIT-2132
Geekie, MorganLogo of the Boston BruinsBOS-204Required years completed in 2021-22
Glass, CodyLogo of the Nashville PredatorsNSH-184Required years completed in 2022-23
Glover, TyLogo of the Vancouver CanucksVAN-2132
Grans, HelgeLogo of the Philadelphia FlyersPHI-1942
Greig, RidlyLogo of the Ottawa SenatorsOTT-1842
Guenther, DylanLogo of the Arizona CoyotesARI-1842
Guhle, KaidenLogo of the Montreal CanadiensMTL-1842
Gunler, NoelLogo of the Carolina HurricanesCAR-2042
Gushchin, DaniilLogo of the San Jose SharksSJS-1942
Hague, NicolasLogo of the Vegas Golden KnightsVGK-184Required years completed in 2022-23
Hanas, CrossLogo of the Detroit Red WingsDET-2042
Harris, JordanLogo of the Montreal CanadiensMTL-222Required years completed in 2022-23
Harvey-Pinard, RafaëlLogo of the Montreal CanadiensMTL-222Required years completed in 2022-23
Heineman, EmilLogo of the Montreal CanadiensMTL-2042
Helleson, DrewLogo of the Anaheim DucksANA-2132
Hildeby, DennisLogo of the Toronto Maple LeafsTOR-2132
Hirose, AkitoLogo of the Vancouver CanucksVAN-241Required years completed in 2023-24
Hirvonen, RoniLogo of the Toronto Maple LeafsTOR-2042
Hofer, JoelLogo of the St. Louis BluesSTL-194Required years completed in 2023-24
Höglander, NilsLogo of the Vancouver CanucksVAN-204Required years completed in 2023-24
Holmberg, PontusLogo of the Toronto Maple LeafsTOR-222Required years completed in 2022-23
Holtz, AlexanderLogo of the New Jersey DevilsNJD-1942
Honka, AnttoniLogo of the Carolina HurricanesCAR-2132
Hughes, LukeLogo of the New Jersey DevilsNJD-2041
Hunt, DaemonLogo of the Minnesota WildMIN-1942
Ignatjew, WaltteriLogo of the Calgary FlamesCGY-2410
Järventie, RobyLogo of the Ottawa SenatorsOTT-1942
Johnson, RyanLogo of the Buffalo SabresBUF-2221
Johnston, WyattLogo of the Dallas StarsDAL-1842
Jones, ZacharyLogo of the New York RangersNYR-204Required years completed in 2023-24
Kaiser, WyattLogo of the Chicago BlackhawksCHI-2131
Kartye, TyeLogo of the Seattle KrakenSEA-2132
Kastelic, Mark
Pro-Seasons (GP sum of all leagues)
  1. 2020-21: 31 GP
  2. 2021-22: 82 GP
  3. 2022-23: 72 GP
  4. 2023-24: 63 GP
Logo of the Ottawa SenatorsOTT-213Required years completed in 2022-23
Kemp, PhilipLogo of the Edmonton OilersEDM-213Required years completed in 2022-23
Kerins, RoryLogo of the Calgary FlamesCGY-2042
Khusnutdinov, MaratLogo of the Minnesota WildMIN-2221
Kisakov, AlexanderLogo of the Buffalo SabresBUF-2042
Kleven, TylerLogo of the Ottawa SenatorsOTT-2131
Knazko, SamuelLogo of the Columbus Blue JacketsCBJ-1942
Knies, MatthewLogo of the Toronto Maple LeafsTOR-2042
Kokkonen, MikkoLogo of the Toronto Maple LeafsTOR-2132
Korczak, RyderLogo of the New York RangersNYR-2041
Kostin, KlimLogo of the San Jose SharksSJS-184Required years completed in 2022-23
Kovalenko, NikolaiLogo of the Colorado AvalancheCOL-2321
Kozak, TysonLogo of the Buffalo SabresBUF-2042
Kraws, BenjaminLogo of the Dallas StarsDAL-2410
Krygier, ColeLogo of the Los Angeles KingsLAK-2321
Kuntar, TrevorLogo of the Boston BruinsBOS-2221
Kupari, RasmusLogo of the Winnipeg JetsWPG-184Required years completed in 2023-24
Kurashev, PhilippLogo of the Chicago BlackhawksCHI-204Required years completed in 2022-23
Laferriere, AlexLogo of the Los Angeles KingsLAK-2131
Lafrenière, AlexisLogo of the New York RangersNYR-184Required years completed in 2023-24
Lapierre, HendrixLogo of the Washington CapitalsWSH-1842
Lauko, JakubLogo of the Boston BruinsBOS-184Required years completed in 2023-24
Leschyshyn, JakeLogo of the New York RangersNYR-194Required years completed in 2022-23
Levi, DevonLogo of the Buffalo SabresBUF-2131
Lilleberg, Emil MartinsenLogo of the Tampa Bay LightningTBL-2221
Livingstone, JakeLogo of the Nashville PredatorsNSH-241Required years completed in 2023-24
Lohrei, MasonLogo of the Boston BruinsBOS-2221
Lopina, JoshuaLogo of the Anaheim DucksANA-2132
Ludvig, JohnLogo of the Pittsburgh PenguinsPIT-2043
Luypen, JalenLogo of the Chicago BlackhawksCHI-2041
Lycksell, OlleLogo of the Philadelphia FlyersPHI-222Required years completed in 2022-23
MacArthur, BennettLogo of the Tampa Bay LightningTBL-2132
Malinski, SamLogo of the Colorado AvalancheCOL-251Required years completed in 2023-24
Malmström, AntonLogo of the St. Louis BluesSTL-2321
McBain, JackLogo of the Arizona CoyotesARI-222Required years completed in 2022-23
McKown, HunterLogo of the Columbus Blue JacketsCBJ-2132
McLeod, RyanLogo of the Edmonton OilersEDM-204Required years completed in 2022-23
McTavish, MasonLogo of the Anaheim DucksANA-1842
Meriläinen, LeeviLogo of the Ottawa SenatorsOTT-1942
Merkulov, GeorgiLogo of the Boston BruinsBOS-2132
Miller, K'AndreLogo of the New York RangersNYR-204Required years completed in 2023-24
Milne, MichaelLogo of the Minnesota WildMIN-2042
Misyul, DaniilLogo of the New Jersey DevilsNJD-2221
Mitchell, TravisLogo of the New York IslandersNYI-2321
Morton, SamLogo of the Calgary FlamesCGY-2510
Mukhamadullin, ShakirLogo of the San Jose SharksSJS-1942
Mutter, NavrinLogo of the Nashville PredatorsNSH-2132
Mysak, JanLogo of the Anaheim DucksANA-1942
Neighbours, JakeLogo of the St. Louis BluesSTL-1842
Nelson, JaxonLogo of the Boston BruinsBOS-2410
Nielsen, TristenLogo of the Vancouver CanucksVAN-2321
Niemelä, TopiLogo of the Toronto Maple LeafsTOR-2042
Nikkanen, HenriLogo of the Winnipeg JetsWPG-2132
Nikolayev, IlyaLogo of the Calgary FlamesCGY-2132
Nousiainen, KimLogo of the Los Angeles KingsLAK-2132
Novak, PavelLogo of the Minnesota WildMIN-2041
O'Rourke, RyanLogo of the Minnesota WildMIN-1942
Oettinger, JakeLogo of the Dallas StarsDAL-204Required years completed in 2022-23
Okuliar, OliverLogo of the Florida PanthersFLA-2410
Onyebuchi, MontanaLogo of the Arizona CoyotesARI-2321
Pachal, BraydenLogo of the Calgary FlamesCGY-204Required years completed in 2022-23
Pashin, AlexanderLogo of the Carolina HurricanesCAR-2042
Pavel, OndrejLogo of the Colorado AvalancheCOL-2321
Perets, YanivLogo of the Carolina HurricanesCAR-2321
Perreault, JacobLogo of the Montreal CanadiensMTL-1842
Peterka, John-JasonLogo of the Buffalo SabresBUF-1942
Poirier, JérémieLogo of the Calgary FlamesCGY-1942
Poirier, RémiLogo of the Dallas StarsDAL-2042
Ponomarev, VasiliLogo of the Pittsburgh PenguinsPIT-1842
Poulter, IsaacLogo of the New Jersey DevilsNJD-2321
Primeau, CaydenLogo of the Montreal CanadiensMTL-204Required years completed in 2022-23
Prokop, LukeLogo of the Nashville PredatorsNSH-1841
Pulli, ValtteriLogo of the San Jose SharksSJS-2221
Pyyhtiä, MikaelLogo of the Columbus Blue JacketsCBJ-2042
Quinn, JackLogo of the Buffalo SabresBUF-1842
Räty, AkuLogo of the Arizona CoyotesARI-2221
Räty, AatuLogo of the Vancouver CanucksVAN-1842
Rempe, MattLogo of the New York RangersNYR-1942
Robins, TristenLogo of the San Jose SharksSJS-1842
Rodrigue, OlivierLogo of the Edmonton OilersEDM-194Required years completed in 2023-24
Romanov, AlexanderLogo of the New York IslandersNYI-204Required years completed in 2022-23
Romanov, GeorgiLogo of the San Jose SharksSJS-2321
Rossi, MarcoLogo of the Minnesota WildMIN-1842
Rousek, LukasLogo of the Buffalo SabresBUF-222Required years completed in 2022-23
Røndbjerg, JonasLogo of the Vegas Golden KnightsVGK-204Required years completed in 2023-24
Russell, MitchellLogo of the San Jose SharksSJS-2131
Rybinski, HenryLogo of the Washington CapitalsWSH-2132
Saarela, AnttiLogo of the Chicago BlackhawksCHI-2221
Samberg, DylanLogo of the Winnipeg JetsWPG-213Required years completed in 2022-23
Samoskevich, MackieLogo of the Florida PanthersFLA-2041
Sasson, MaxLogo of the Vancouver CanucksVAN-2321
Sebrango, DonovanLogo of the Ottawa SenatorsOTT-1942
Seeley, RonanLogo of the Carolina HurricanesCAR-1942
Simoneau, XavierLogo of the Montreal CanadiensMTL-2221
Skarek, JakubLogo of the New York IslandersNYI-184Required years completed in 2023-24
Skoog, WilmerLogo of the Florida PanthersFLA-2510
Slafkovsky, JurajLogo of the Montreal CanadiensMTL-1842
Slaggert, LandonLogo of the Chicago BlackhawksCHI-2221
Söderblom, ElmerLogo of the Detroit Red WingsDET-2132
Söderblom, ArvidLogo of the Chicago BlackhawksCHI-222Required years completed in 2022-23
Sourdif, JustinLogo of the Florida PanthersFLA-1942
Staios, NathanLogo of the Florida PanthersFLA-2132
Stienburg, MatthewLogo of the Colorado AvalancheCOL-2221
Stranges, AntonioLogo of the Dallas StarsDAL-2042
Struble, JaydenLogo of the Montreal CanadiensMTL-2221
Svejkovsky, LukasLogo of the Pittsburgh PenguinsPIT-2042
Tarasov, DaniilLogo of the Columbus Blue JacketsCBJ-204Required years completed in 2022-23
Thompson, JackLogo of the San Jose SharksSJS-1942
Timmins, ConorLogo of the Toronto Maple LeafsTOR-204Required years completed in 2023-24
Tolopilo, NikitaLogo of the Vancouver CanucksVAN-2321
Toporowski, LukeLogo of the Minnesota WildMIN-2221
Torgersson, DanielLogo of the Winnipeg JetsWPG-2042
Toropchenko, AlexeyLogo of the St. Louis BluesSTL-194Required years completed in 2022-23
Trineyev, BogdanLogo of the Washington CapitalsWSH-2042
Trudeau, WilliamLogo of the Montreal CanadiensMTL-2042
Tucker, TylerLogo of the St. Louis BluesSTL-204Required years completed in 2023-24
Tullio, TylerLogo of the Edmonton OilersEDM-1942
Tuomisto, AnttiLogo of the Detroit Red WingsDET-2221
Uens, ZachLogo of the Florida PanthersFLA-2132
Usau, IlyaLogo of the Tampa Bay LightningTBL-2132
Vilardi, GabrielLogo of the Winnipeg JetsWPG-194Required years completed in 2022-23
Villeneuve, WilliamLogo of the Toronto Maple LeafsTOR-1942
Viro, EemilLogo of the Detroit Red WingsDET-1942
Voronkov, DmitriLogo of the Columbus Blue JacketsCBJ-2321
Wallstedt, JesperLogo of the Minnesota WildMIN-2042
Webber, CadeLogo of the Toronto Maple LeafsTOR-2320
Wiesblatt, OzzyLogo of the San Jose SharksSJS-1842
Wisdom, ZaydeLogo of the Philadelphia FlyersPHI-1842
Woll, JosephLogo of the Toronto Maple LeafsTOR-213Required years completed in 2021-22
York, CamLogo of the Philadelphia FlyersPHI-204Required years completed in 2023-24
Zary, ConnorLogo of the Calgary FlamesCGY-1842
Zetterlund, FabianLogo of the San Jose SharksSJS-204Required years completed in 2022-23
Zherenko, VadimLogo of the St. Louis BluesSTL-2132