Arbitration Calculator

  • Salary arbitration is a contract negotiation method that uses a third party arbitrator to determine a fair contract term and length for an expiring RFA player. Arbitration can be requested if a player meets the following conditions (CBA Reference 12.1 (b)):
    • The player qualifies as a Restricted Free Agent (RFA)
    • The player has not signed an offer sheet
    • The player has met the required professional years of experience, as shown in the list below
  • Eligibility for salary arbitration is dependent on first contract signing age, and professional experience (CBA Reference 12.1 (a)):
    • 18-20: 4 years professional experience.
    • 21: 3 years professional experience.
    • 22-23: 2 years professional experience.
    • 24 and older: 1 year professional experience.
    Signing age is the age the player is on September 15 of the year they signed their first contract, unless they turn 20 from September 16-December 31, in which case they are considered 20.
    A player is considered to have completed a year of professional experience if:
    1. The player is aged 18 or 19 and has played 10 or more NHL games in the respective season
    2. The player is aged 20 or older and has played 10 games in a professional league, while under an NHL SPC
    Due to the 2019-20 season being shortened by COVID, a pro-rating for the professional games requirement was applied as follows:
    1. If the player is aged 18 or 19, and is considered a Covid Roster Freeze Player, the 10 games requirement was pro-rated to 9 games (pro-rating of 70/82)
    2. If the player is aged 20 or older, the 10 games requirement was pro-rated to 9 games (pro-rating of 70/82)
    Due to the 2020-21 season being shortened, the professional games requirement was pro-rated to 7 games (56/82)

2026 Restricted Free Agents (192)

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Games played data powered by Elite Prospects
Akhtiamov, ArturLogo of the Toronto Maple LeafsTOR-2131
Allan, NolanLogo of the Chicago BlackhawksCHI-1841
Åman, NilsLogo of the Vancouver CanucksVAN-222Required years completed in 2023-24
Andrae, EmilLogo of the Philadelphia FlyersPHI-2131
Annunen, JustusLogo of the Colorado AvalancheCOL-204Required years completed in 2023-24
Arcuri, FrancescoLogo of the Dallas StarsDAL-1941
Avon, Jon-RandallLogo of the Philadelphia FlyersPHI-1841
Bankier, CaedanLogo of the Minnesota WildMIN-2041
Bedard, ConnorLogo of the Chicago BlackhawksCHI-1841
Bell, ParkerLogo of the Calgary FlamesCGY-2040
Belliveau, IsaacLogo of the Pittsburgh PenguinsPIT-2041
Benson, ZachLogo of the Buffalo SabresBUF-1841
Berard, BrettLogo of the New York RangersNYR-2131
Biakabutuka, JérémieLogo of the St. Louis BluesSTL-2131
Black, CooperLogo of the Florida PanthersFLA-2320
Blake, JacksonLogo of the Carolina HurricanesCAR-2130
Blomqvist, JoelLogo of the Pittsburgh PenguinsPIT-2131
Bloom, JoshLogo of the Vancouver CanucksVAN-1941
Bolduc, ZacharyLogo of the St. Louis BluesSTL-1841
Boucher, TylerLogo of the Ottawa SenatorsOTT-1841
Bowers, ShaneLogo of the New Jersey DevilsNJD-204Required years completed in 2022-23
Brabenec, JakubLogo of the Vegas Golden KnightsVGK-1941
Brennan, TylerLogo of the New Jersey DevilsNJD-2041
Brindley, GavinLogo of the Columbus Blue JacketsCBJ-2040
Brunet, FrédéricLogo of the Boston BruinsBOS-2041
Buteyets, VyacheslavLogo of the Anaheim DucksANA-2220
Butler, CameronLogo of the Columbus Blue JacketsCBJ-2131
Cardwell, EthanLogo of the San Jose SharksSJS-2131
Carlile, DeclanLogo of the Tampa Bay LightningTBL-222Required years completed in 2023-24
Carlsson, LeoLogo of the Anaheim DucksANA-1841
Ceulemans, CorsonLogo of the Columbus Blue JacketsCBJ-2041
Chayka, DaniilLogo of the Vegas Golden KnightsVGK-1841
Chiasson, JakeLogo of the Edmonton OilersEDM-2041
Chibrikov, NikitaLogo of the Winnipeg JetsWPG-2041
Ciona, LucasLogo of the Calgary FlamesCGY-1941
Clarke, BrandtLogo of the Los Angeles KingsLAK-1841
Commesso, DrewLogo of the Chicago BlackhawksCHI-2131
Cooley, LoganLogo of the Utah Hockey ClubUTA-1941
Cossa, SebastianLogo of the Detroit Red WingsDET-1841
Cotter, PaulLogo of the Vegas Golden KnightsVGK-184Required years completed in 2023-24
Dach, ColtonLogo of the Chicago BlackhawksCHI-1841
Dach, KirbyLogo of the Montreal CanadiensMTL-184Required years completed in 2022-23
Davidson, JaredLogo of the Montreal CanadiensMTL-2220
Dean, ZachLogo of the St. Louis BluesSTL-1841
Del Mastro, EthanLogo of the Chicago BlackhawksCHI-1941
Demek, JakubLogo of the Vegas Golden KnightsVGK-2041
Doan, JoshLogo of the Utah Hockey ClubUTA-2131
Doucet, AlexandreLogo of the Detroit Red WingsDET-2131
Drysdale, JamieLogo of the Philadelphia FlyersPHI-1843
Duran, RileyLogo of the Boston BruinsBOS-2220
Edvinsson, SimonLogo of the Detroit Red WingsDET-1941
Eklund, WilliamLogo of the San Jose SharksSJS-1841
Ersson, SamuelLogo of the Philadelphia FlyersPHI-2132
Fantilli, AdamLogo of the Columbus Blue JacketsCBJ-1841
Fehérváry, MartinLogo of the Washington CapitalsWSH-184Required years completed in 2023-24
Fleming, JoeLogo of the Vegas Golden KnightsVGK-1941
Gauthier, CutterLogo of the Anaheim DucksANA-2040
Gendron, AlexisLogo of the Philadelphia FlyersPHI-2041
Ginning, AdamLogo of the Philadelphia FlyersPHI-222Required years completed in 2023-24
Graf, CollinLogo of the San Jose SharksSJS-2130
Grebyonkin, NikitaLogo of the Toronto Maple LeafsTOR-2130
Groshev, MaximLogo of the Tampa Bay LightningTBL-2131
Grubbe, JaydenLogo of the Edmonton OilersEDM-2041
Gruden, JonathanLogo of the Pittsburgh PenguinsPIT-194Required years completed in 2023-24
Grushnikov, ArtemLogo of the Calgary FlamesCGY-1841
Guryev, ArtemLogo of the San Jose SharksSJS-2041
Gylander, CarterLogo of the Detroit Red WingsDET-2320
Halliday, StephenLogo of the Ottawa SenatorsOTT-2220
Harrison, BrettLogo of the Boston BruinsBOS-1941
Heimosalmi, AleksiLogo of the Carolina HurricanesCAR-1841
Helenius, SamuelLogo of the Los Angeles KingsLAK-1841
Hinds, TysonLogo of the Anaheim DucksANA-1941
Hlavaj, SamuelLogo of the Minnesota WildMIN-2320
Hofer, RyanLogo of the Washington CapitalsWSH-2131
Hovorka, MikulášLogo of the Florida PanthersFLA-2320
Hryckowian, JustinLogo of the Dallas StarsDAL-2320
Hutson, LaneLogo of the Montreal CanadiensMTL-2040
Hyry, ArttuLogo of the Dallas StarsDAL-2320
Iorio, VincentLogo of the Washington CapitalsWSH-1841
Ivan, IvanLogo of the Colorado AvalancheCOL-2220
Jämsen, AatuLogo of the Los Angeles KingsLAK-2220
Jefferies, AlexLogo of the New York IslandersNYI-2220
Jiricek, DavidLogo of the Columbus Blue JacketsCBJ-1841
Johannesson, SamuelLogo of the St. Louis BluesSTL-2320
Jurmo, JoniLogo of the Calgary FlamesCGY-2220
Kessel, MatthewLogo of the St. Louis BluesSTL-222Required years completed in 2023-24
Kidney, RileyLogo of the Montreal CanadiensMTL-1941
Klimovich, DanilaLogo of the Vancouver CanucksVAN-1841
Knight, SpencerLogo of the Florida PanthersFLA-2043
Koivunen, VilleLogo of the Pittsburgh PenguinsPIT-1841
Kolosov, AlekseiLogo of the Philadelphia FlyersPHI-2131
Korchinski, KevinLogo of the Chicago BlackhawksCHI-1841
Kressler, BraedenLogo of the Toronto Maple LeafsTOR-1840
Krys, LukeLogo of the Dallas StarsDAL-2320
Kuefler, DaylanLogo of the New York IslandersNYI-2131
Kuzmin, DmitriLogo of the Winnipeg JetsWPG-1841
Kyrou, ChristianLogo of the Dallas StarsDAL-2041
L'Heureux, ZacharyLogo of the Nashville PredatorsNSH-1841
Lambos, CarsonLogo of the Minnesota WildMIN-1841
Laroque, GannonLogo of the San Jose SharksSJS-1941
Lennox, TristanLogo of the New York IslandersNYI-2041
Lindbom, CarlLogo of the Vegas Golden KnightsVGK-2041
Liukas, EetuLogo of the New York IslandersNYI-2041
Lombardi, AmadeusLogo of the Detroit Red WingsDET-1941
Lööf, LeoLogo of the St. Louis BluesSTL-2131
Lucius, ChazLogo of the Winnipeg JetsWPG-1941
Lysell, FabianLogo of the Boston BruinsBOS-1841
Maccelli, MatiasLogo of the Utah Hockey ClubUTA-204Required years completed in 2023-24
Maggio, MatthewLogo of the New York IslandersNYI-2041
Mailloux, LoganLogo of the Montreal CanadiensMTL-1941
Malatesta, JamesLogo of the Columbus Blue JacketsCBJ-1941
Málek, JakubLogo of the New Jersey DevilsNJD-2220
Mancini, VittorioLogo of the New York RangersNYR-2220
Mast, RyanLogo of the Boston BruinsBOS-1941
Masters, KyleLogo of the Minnesota WildMIN-2041
Matier, JackLogo of the Nashville PredatorsNSH-1841
Mazur, CarterLogo of the Detroit Red WingsDET-2131
McAllister, RyanLogo of the Florida PanthersFLA-2131
McDonald, HunterLogo of the Philadelphia FlyersPHI-2220
McDonald, KyleLogo of the Dallas StarsDAL-2131
Melanson, JacobLogo of the Seattle KrakenSEA-1941
Mintyukov, PavelLogo of the Anaheim DucksANA-1841
Miroshnichenko, IvanLogo of the Washington CapitalsWSH-1941
Morrison, LoganLogo of the Seattle KrakenSEA-2131
Morrow, ScottLogo of the Carolina HurricanesCAR-2130
Nadeau, OlivierLogo of the Buffalo SabresBUF-1941
Nause, EvanLogo of the Florida PanthersFLA-1941
Nazar, FrankLogo of the Chicago BlackhawksCHI-2040
Nemec, SimonLogo of the New Jersey DevilsNJD-1841
Neuchev, ViktorLogo of the Buffalo SabresBUF-2041
Novikov, NikitaLogo of the Buffalo SabresBUF-2041
Nyström, JoelLogo of the Carolina HurricanesCAR-2220
Olausson, OskarLogo of the Colorado AvalancheCOL-1841
Ollas, HugoLogo of the New York RangersNYR-2220
Ostapchuk, ZackLogo of the Ottawa SenatorsOTT-1841
Östman, VictorLogo of the Seattle KrakenSEA-2320
Othmann, BrennanLogo of the New York RangersNYR-1841
Ottavainen, VilleLogo of the Seattle KrakenSEA-2131
Pastujov, SashaLogo of the Anaheim DucksANA-1841
Peksa, VyacheslavLogo of the Toronto Maple LeafsTOR-2131
Peterson, DylanLogo of the St. Louis BluesSTL-2220
Petrov, MatveiLogo of the Edmonton OilersEDM-1841
Pinelli, FrancescoLogo of the Los Angeles KingsLAK-1941
Podkolzin, VasilyLogo of the Vancouver CanucksVAN-2043
Poitras, MatthewLogo of the Boston BruinsBOS-1941
Pospisil, MartinLogo of the Calgary FlamesCGY-204Required years completed in 2022-23
Poulin, SamuelLogo of the Pittsburgh PenguinsPIT-1843
Quillan, JacobLogo of the Toronto Maple LeafsTOR-2220
Reichel, LukasLogo of the Chicago BlackhawksCHI-1943
Rizzo, MassimoLogo of the Philadelphia FlyersPHI-2320
Robertson, Jason
Pro-Seasons (GP sum of all leagues)
  1. 2019-20: 63 GP
  2. 2020-21: 51 GP
  3. 2021-22: 81 GP
  4. 2022-23: 101 GP
  5. 2023-24: 101 GP
Logo of the Dallas StarsDAL-194Required years completed in 2022-23
Robertson, TuckerLogo of the Seattle KrakenSEA-2041
Robidas, JustinLogo of the Carolina HurricanesCAR-2041
Roed, LleytonLogo of the Seattle KrakenSEA-2220
Rolston, RyderLogo of the Chicago BlackhawksCHI-2131
Rosén, IsakLogo of the Buffalo SabresBUF-1941
Roy, JoshuaLogo of the Montreal CanadiensMTL-1941
Rychlovský, JakubLogo of the Detroit Red WingsDET-2320
Samson, EthanLogo of the Philadelphia FlyersPHI-1941
Schmidt, RomanLogo of the Tampa Bay LightningTBL-1840
Sedoff, ChristofferLogo of the Vegas Golden KnightsVGK-2131
Seminoff, MatthewLogo of the Dallas StarsDAL-2041
Spacek, DavidLogo of the Minnesota WildMIN-2041
Stankoven, LoganLogo of the Dallas StarsDAL-1841
Steeves, BenLogo of the Florida PanthersFLA-2220
Stillman, ChaseLogo of the New Jersey DevilsNJD-1841
Strömgren, WilliamLogo of the Calgary FlamesCGY-2041
Svechkov, FedorLogo of the Nashville PredatorsNSH-2041
Svozil, StanislavLogo of the Columbus Blue JacketsCBJ-1841
Szuber, MaksymilianLogo of the Utah Hockey ClubUTA-2131
Thiesing, CamLogo of the New York IslandersNYI-2320
Thomas, AkilLogo of the Los Angeles KingsLAK-194Required years completed in 2023-24
Thornton, AnsonLogo of the Utah Hockey ClubUTA-1841
Tikkanen, HenrikLogo of the New York IslandersNYI-2320
Touré, DjibrilLogo of the Ottawa SenatorsOTT-2040
Tuch, LukeLogo of the Montreal CanadiensMTL-2220
Tuomaala, SamuLogo of the Philadelphia FlyersPHI-1841
Tverberg, RyanLogo of the Toronto Maple LeafsTOR-2131
Ungar, ConnorLogo of the Edmonton OilersEDM-2220
Vikman, JesperLogo of the Vegas Golden KnightsVGK-2131
Vilén, TopiasLogo of the New Jersey DevilsNJD-1941
Voit, TyLogo of the Toronto Maple LeafsTOR-1840
Wallinder, WilliamLogo of the Detroit Red WingsDET-2131
Wanner, MaximusLogo of the Edmonton OilersEDM-1941
Warren, MarshallLogo of the New York IslandersNYI-2320
Wendt, DylanLogo of the New Jersey DevilsNJD-2320
Wheatcroft, ChaseLogo of the Dallas StarsDAL-2131
White, GavinLogo of the Dallas StarsDAL-2041
Wiebe, JaxsenLogo of the Anaheim DucksANA-2131
Winterton, RyanLogo of the Seattle KrakenSEA-1941
Zegras, TrevorLogo of the Anaheim DucksANA-194Required years completed in 2023-24
Zellweger, OlenLogo of the Anaheim DucksANA-1841