COVID Roster Freeze Players

There are many NHL player status designations that are calculated as a function of games played. Examples include entry-level slide eligibility, waivers requirements, accrued seasons, free agency status, qualifying offer tiers, and salary arbitration eligiblity.

The NHL has introduced a pro-rating of 70/82 games played for the 2019-20 season, for players who are specifically identified as Roster Freeze Players. Roster Freeze Players are players who meet the following requirements:
  1. Players in the NHL as of 5:00pm ET on March 16, 2020
  2. Players with at least 1 game played in the NHL in the 2019-20 season

Below is a list of players who have been identified as Roster Freeze Players
Agozzino, AndrewAnaheim Ducks ANAC, LW22NHL
Backes, DavidAnaheim Ducks ANAC, RW22NHL
Del Zotto, MichaelAnaheim Ducks ANALD49NHL
Deslauriers, NicolasAnaheim Ducks ANARW, LW59NHL
Djoos, ChristianAnaheim Ducks ANALD11NHL
Fowler, CamAnaheim Ducks ANALD59NHL
Getzlaf, RyanAnaheim Ducks ANAC69NHL
Gibson, JohnAnaheim Ducks ANAG51NHL
Gudbranson, ErikAnaheim Ducks ANARD51Injured Reserve
Heinen, DantonAnaheim Ducks ANALW, RW67NHL
Henrique, AdamAnaheim Ducks ANAC, LW71NHL
Irwin, MattAnaheim Ducks ANALD/RD36NHL
Jones, MaxAnaheim Ducks ANALW, RW59NHL
Larsson, JacobAnaheim Ducks ANALD60NHL
Lindholm, HampusAnaheim Ducks ANALD55NHL
Manson, JoshAnaheim Ducks ANARD50NHL
Milano, SonnyAnaheim Ducks ANALW55NHL
Miller, RyanAnaheim Ducks ANAG23NHL
Rakell, RickardAnaheim Ducks ANARW, LW65NHL
Rowney, CarterAnaheim Ducks ANAC, RW71NHL
Silfverberg, JakobAnaheim Ducks ANARW, LW66NHL
Steel, SamAnaheim Ducks ANAC, LW65NHL
Chychrun, JakobArizona Coyotes ARILD63Injured Reserve
Crouse, LawsonArizona Coyotes ARILW66NHL
Demers, JasonArizona Coyotes ARIRD50NHL
Dvorak, ChristianArizona Coyotes ARIC, LW70NHL
Ekman-Larsson, OliverArizona Coyotes ARILD66NHL
Fischer, ChristianArizona Coyotes ARIRW, LW56NHL
Garland, ConorArizona Coyotes ARILW, RW68NHL
Goligoski, AlexArizona Coyotes ARILD/RD70NHL
Grabner, MichaelArizona Coyotes ARILW, RW46NHL
Hall, TaylorArizona Coyotes ARILW65NHL
Hayton, BarrettArizona Coyotes ARIC, LW20NHL
Hinostroza, VinnieArizona Coyotes ARIRW, LW68NHL
Hjalmarsson, NiklasArizona Coyotes ARILD/RD27NHL
Keller, ClaytonArizona Coyotes ARIRW, LW70NHL
Kessel, PhilArizona Coyotes ARIRW70NHL
Kuemper, DarcyArizona Coyotes ARIG29NHL
Lyubushkin, IlyaArizona Coyotes ARIRD51NHL
Oesterle, JordanArizona Coyotes ARILD/RD58NHL
Raanta, AnttiArizona Coyotes ARIG33NHL
Richardson, BradArizona Coyotes ARIC59NHL
Schmaltz, NickArizona Coyotes ARIC70NHL
Söderberg, CarlArizona Coyotes ARIC, LW70NHL
Stepan, DerekArizona Coyotes ARIC70NHL
Bergeron, PatriceBoston Bruins BOSC61NHL
Bjork, AndersBoston Bruins BOSLW, RW58NHL
Blidh, AntonBoston Bruins BOSLW7NHL
Carlo, BrandonBoston Bruins BOSRD67NHL
Chara, ZdenoBoston Bruins BOSLD68NHL
Clifton, ConnorBoston Bruins BOSLD/RD31NHL
Coyle, CharlieBoston Bruins BOSC, RW70NHL
DeBrusk, JakeBoston Bruins BOSLW65NHL
Grzelcyk, MattBoston Bruins BOSLD68NHL
Halák, JaroslavBoston Bruins BOSG31NHL
Kase, OndrejBoston Bruins BOSRW55NHL
Krejci, DavidBoston Bruins BOSC61NHL
Krug, ToreyBoston Bruins BOSLD61NHL
Kuraly, SeanBoston Bruins BOSC, LW69NHL
Lauzon, JérémyBoston Bruins BOSLD/RD19NHL
Lindholm, PärBoston Bruins BOSLW, C40NHL
Marchand, BradBoston Bruins BOSLW70NHL
McAvoy, CharlieBoston Bruins BOSRD67NHL
Moore, JohnBoston Bruins BOSLD24NHL
Nordström, JoakimBoston Bruins BOSLW, RW48NHL
Pastrnak, DavidBoston Bruins BOSRW70NHL
Rask, TuukkaBoston Bruins BOSG41NHL
Ritchie, NickBoston Bruins BOSLW48NHL
Wagner, ChrisBoston Bruins BOSRW, C67NHL
Dahlin, RasmusBuffalo Sabres BUFLD59NHL
Eichel, JackBuffalo Sabres BUFC68NHL
Frolík, MichaelBuffalo Sabres BUFLW, RW57NHL
Girgensons, ZemgusBuffalo Sabres BUFC, LW69NHL
Hutton, CarterBuffalo Sabres BUFG31NHL
Johansson, MarcusBuffalo Sabres BUFC, LW, RW60NHL
Jokiharju, HenriBuffalo Sabres BUFRD69NHL
Kahun, DominikBuffalo Sabres BUFLW, RW, C56NHL
Larsson, JohanBuffalo Sabres BUFC, LW62NHL
Lazar, CurtisBuffalo Sabres BUFC, RW38NHL
McCabe, JakeBuffalo Sabres BUFLD66NHL
Miller, ColinBuffalo Sabres BUFRD51NHL
Montour, BrandonBuffalo Sabres BUFLD/RD54NHL
Okposo, KyleBuffalo Sabres BUFRW52NHL
Olofsson, VictorBuffalo Sabres BUFLW, RW54NHL
Pilut, LawrenceBuffalo Sabres BUFLD13NHL
Reinhart, SamBuffalo Sabres BUFC, RW69NHL
Ristolainen, RasmusBuffalo Sabres BUFRD69NHL
Simmonds, WayneBuffalo Sabres BUFRW, LW68NHL
Skinner, JeffBuffalo Sabres BUFLW, RW59NHL
Sobotka, VladimírBuffalo Sabres BUFLW, C16Long-Term Injured Reserve
Thompson, TageBuffalo Sabres BUFC, RW1Long-Term Injured Reserve
Ullmark, LinusBuffalo Sabres BUFG34NHL
Vesey, JimmyBuffalo Sabres BUFLW, RW64NHL
Andersson, RasmusCalgary Flames CGYRD70NHL
Backlund, MikaelCalgary Flames CGYC70NHL
Bennett, SamCalgary Flames CGYC, LW, RW52NHL
Brodie, TJCalgary Flames CGYRD64NHL
Dubé, DillonCalgary Flames CGYRW, LW45NHL
Forbort, DerekCalgary Flames CGYLD20NHL
Gaudreau, JohnnyCalgary Flames CGYLW70NHL
Giordano, MarkCalgary Flames CGYLD60NHL
Gustafsson, ErikCalgary Flames CGYLD/RD66NHL
Hamonic, TravisCalgary Flames CGYRD50NHL
Hanifin, NoahCalgary Flames CGYLD70NHL
Jankowski, MarkCalgary Flames CGYLW, C56NHL
Kylington, OliverCalgary Flames CGYLD48NHL
Lindholm, EliasCalgary Flames CGYC, RW70NHL
Lucic, MilanCalgary Flames CGYLW68NHL
Mangiapane, AndrewCalgary Flames CGYLW, RW68NHL
Monahan, SeanCalgary Flames CGYC70NHL
Rieder, TobiasCalgary Flames CGYRW, LW55NHL
Rinaldo, ZacCalgary Flames CGYLW19NHL
Rittich, DavidCalgary Flames CGYG48NHL
Ryan, DerekCalgary Flames CGYC, RW68NHL
Stone, MichaelCalgary Flames CGYRD33NHL
Talbot, CamCalgary Flames CGYG26NHL
Tkachuk, MatthewCalgary Flames CGYLW, RW69NHL
Aho, SebastianCarolina Hurricanes CARC, LW68NHL
Dzingel, RyanCarolina Hurricanes CARLW, RW, C64NHL
Edmundson, JoelCarolina Hurricanes CARLD68NHL
Fleury, HaydnCarolina Hurricanes CARLD/RD45NHL
Foegele, WarrenCarolina Hurricanes CARLW, RW68NHL
Gardiner, JakeCarolina Hurricanes CARLD68NHL
Hamilton, DougieCarolina Hurricanes CARRD47Long-Term Injured Reserve
Martinook, JordanCarolina Hurricanes CARC, LW, RW45NHL
McGinn, BrockCarolina Hurricanes CARLW, RW68NHL
Mrázek, PetrCarolina Hurricanes CARG40NHL
Necas, MartinCarolina Hurricanes CARRW, C64NHL
Niederreiter, NinoCarolina Hurricanes CARLW, RW67NHL
Pesce, BrettCarolina Hurricanes CARRD61Long-Term Injured Reserve
Reimer, JamesCarolina Hurricanes CARG25NHL
Skjei, BradyCarolina Hurricanes CARLD67NHL
Slavin, JaccobCarolina Hurricanes CARLD68NHL
Staal, JordanCarolina Hurricanes CARC, LW68NHL
Svechnikov, AndreiCarolina Hurricanes CARLW, RW68NHL
Teräväinen, TeuvoCarolina Hurricanes CARRW, LW68NHL
Trocheck, VincentCarolina Hurricanes CARC, RW62NHL
van Riemsdyk, TrevorCarolina Hurricanes CARLD/RD49NHL
Vatanen, SamiCarolina Hurricanes CARLD/RD47Injured Reserve
Williams, JustinCarolina Hurricanes CARRW20NHL
Beaudin, NicolasChicago Blackhawks CHILD1NHL
Boqvist, AdamChicago Blackhawks CHIRD41NHL
Caggiula, DrakeChicago Blackhawks CHILW, RW40NHL
Carlsson, LucasChicago Blackhawks CHILD6NHL
Carpenter, RyanChicago Blackhawks CHIRW, C69NHL
Crawford, CoreyChicago Blackhawks CHIG40NHL
Dach, KirbyChicago Blackhawks CHIC, RW64NHL
De Haan, CalvinChicago Blackhawks CHILD/RD29Long-Term Injured Reserve
DeBrincat, AlexChicago Blackhawks CHILW, RW70NHL
Hagel, BrandonChicago Blackhawks CHILW1Emergency Loan
Highmore, MatthewChicago Blackhawks CHILW, RW36NHL
Kämpf, DavidChicago Blackhawks CHIC, RW70NHL
Kane, PatrickChicago Blackhawks CHIRW70NHL
Keith, DuncanChicago Blackhawks CHILD61NHL
Koekkoek, SlaterChicago Blackhawks CHILD/RD42NHL
Kubalik, DominikChicago Blackhawks CHILW, RW68NHL
Määttä, OlliChicago Blackhawks CHILD65NHL
Murphy, ConnorChicago Blackhawks CHIRD58NHL
Nylander, AlexanderChicago Blackhawks CHIRW, LW65NHL
Saad, BrandonChicago Blackhawks CHIRW, LW58NHL
Seabrook, BrentChicago Blackhawks CHIRD32Long-Term Injured Reserve
Seeler, NickChicago Blackhawks CHILD12NHL
Shaw, AndrewChicago Blackhawks CHIC, RW26Long-Term Injured Reserve
Smith, ZackChicago Blackhawks CHILW, C50NHL
Strome, DylanChicago Blackhawks CHIC, LW58NHL
Subban, MalcolmChicago Blackhawks CHIG21NHL
Toews, JonathanChicago Blackhawks CHIC70NHL
Barberio, MarkColorado Avalanche COLLD21NHL
Bellemare, Pierre-ÉdouardColorado Avalanche COLC, LW69NHL
Burakovsky, AndréColorado Avalanche COLLW, RW58NHL
Calvert, MattColorado Avalanche COLLW, RW50Injured Reserve
Cole, IanColorado Avalanche COLLD/RD65NHL
Compher, J.T.Colorado Avalanche COLRW, C67NHL
Connauton, KevinColorado Avalanche COLLD4NHL
Donskoi, JoonasColorado Avalanche COLRW65NHL
Francouz, PavelColorado Avalanche COLG34NHL
Girard, SamuelColorado Avalanche COLLD/RD70NHL
Graves, RyanColorado Avalanche COLLD69NHL
Grubauer, PhilippColorado Avalanche COLG36Injured Reserve
Hutchinson, MichaelColorado Avalanche COLG16NHL
Johnson, ErikColorado Avalanche COLRD59NHL
Jost, TysonColorado Avalanche COLC, LW, RW67NHL
Kadri, NazemColorado Avalanche COLC51Injured Reserve
Kamenev, VladislavColorado Avalanche COLC38NHL
Landeskog, GabrielColorado Avalanche COLLW, C54NHL
MacKinnon, NathanColorado Avalanche COLC, RW69NHL
Makar, CaleColorado Avalanche COLRD57NHL
Namestnikov, VladislavColorado Avalanche COLRW, LW, C65NHL
Nichushkin, ValeriColorado Avalanche COLLW, RW65NHL
Nieto, MattColorado Avalanche COLLW, RW70NHL
Rantanen, MikkoColorado Avalanche COLRW, C42Injured Reserve
Wilson, ColinColorado Avalanche COLC, LW9Injured Reserve
Zadorov, NikitaColorado Avalanche COLLD/RD64NHL
Anderson, JoshColumbus Blue Jackets CBJRW26Injured Reserve
Atkinson, CamColumbus Blue Jackets CBJRW, LW44NHL
Bemström, EmilColumbus Blue Jackets CBJC, RW56NHL
Bjorkstrand, OliverColumbus Blue Jackets CBJRW, LW49NHL
Carlsson, GabrielColumbus Blue Jackets CBJLD6NHL
Dubois, Pierre-LucColumbus Blue Jackets CBJC70NHL
Foligno, NickColumbus Blue Jackets CBJLW, C, RW67NHL
Gavrikov, VladislavColumbus Blue Jackets CBJLD69NHL
Gerbe, NathanColumbus Blue Jackets CBJLW, RW30NHL
Harrington, ScottColumbus Blue Jackets CBJLD39NHL
Jenner, BooneColumbus Blue Jackets CBJC, LW70NHL
Jones, SethColumbus Blue Jackets CBJRD56Injured Reserve
Korpisalo, JoonasColumbus Blue Jackets CBJG37NHL
Kukan, DeanColumbus Blue Jackets CBJRD33Injured Reserve
Lilja, JakobColumbus Blue Jackets CBJLW37NHL
MacInnis, RyanColumbus Blue Jackets CBJC10NHL
Matteau, StefanColumbus Blue Jackets CBJLW9NHL
Merzlikins, ElvisColumbus Blue Jackets CBJG33NHL
Murray, RyanColumbus Blue Jackets CBJLD27NHL
Nash, RileyColumbus Blue Jackets CBJC, RW64NHL
Nutivaara, MarkusColumbus Blue Jackets CBJRD37NHL
Nyquist, GustavColumbus Blue Jackets CBJRW, LW70NHL
Peeke, AndrewColumbus Blue Jackets CBJRD22NHL
Robinson, EricColumbus Blue Jackets CBJLW50NHL
Savard, DavidColumbus Blue Jackets CBJRD68NHL
Shore, DevinColumbus Blue Jackets CBJLW, C, RW45NHL
Stenlund, KevinColumbus Blue Jackets CBJRW, C32NHL
Texier, AlexandreColumbus Blue Jackets CBJLW, C, RW36Injured Reserve
Wennberg, AlexanderColumbus Blue Jackets CBJC57NHL
Werenski, ZacharyColumbus Blue Jackets CBJLD63NHL
Benn, JamieDallas Stars DALLW, C69NHL
Bishop, BenDallas Stars DALG44NHL
Cogliano, AndrewDallas Stars DALLW68NHL
Comeau, BlakeDallas Stars DALLW, RW55NHL
Dickinson, JasonDallas Stars DALC, LW65NHL
Dowling, JustinDallas Stars DALC, LW29NHL
Faksa, RadekDallas Stars DALC66NHL
Fedun, TaylorDallas Stars DALRD27NHL
Gurianov, DenisDallas Stars DALRW, LW64NHL
Heiskanen, MiroDallas Stars DALLD/RD68NHL
Hintz, RoopeDallas Stars DALC, LW60NHL
Janmark, MattiasDallas Stars DALLW, C62NHL
Johns, StephenDallas Stars DALRD17NHL
Khudobin, AntonDallas Stars DALG30NHL
Klingberg, JohnDallas Stars DALRD58NHL
Lindell, EsaDallas Stars DALLD69NHL
Oleksiak, JamieDallas Stars DALLD/RD69NHL
Pavelski, JoeDallas Stars DALRW, C67NHL
Perry, CoreyDallas Stars DALRW57NHL
Polák, RomanDallas Stars DALRD41NHL
Radulov, AlexanderDallas Stars DALRW60NHL
Seguin, TylerDallas Stars DALC, RW69NHL
Sekera, AndrejDallas Stars DALLD/RD57NHL
Abdelkader, JustinDetroit Red Wings DETLW, RW49NHL
Bernier, JonathanDetroit Red Wings DETG46NHL
Bertuzzi, TylerDetroit Red Wings DETLW, RW71NHL
Biega, AlexDetroit Red Wings DETRD49NHL
Bowey, MadisonDetroit Red Wings DETRD53NHL
Daley, TrevorDetroit Red Wings DETRD43NHL
DeKeyser, DannyDetroit Red Wings DETLD8Injured Reserve
Ehn, ChristofferDetroit Red Wings DETC, LW54NHL
Ericsson, JonathanDetroit Red Wings DETLD18NHL
Erne, AdamDetroit Red Wings DETLW, RW56NHL
Fabbri, RobbyDetroit Red Wings DETLW, C61NHL
Filppula, ValtteriDetroit Red Wings DETC, LW70NHL
Gagner, SamDetroit Red Wings DETC, RW42NHL
Glendening, LukeDetroit Red Wings DETC, RW, LW60NHL
Goloubef, CodyDetroit Red Wings DETRD26NHL
Helm, DarrenDetroit Red Wings DETC, LW, RW68NHL
Howard, JimmyDetroit Red Wings DETG27NHL
Hronek, FilipDetroit Red Wings DETRD65NHL
Larkin, DylanDetroit Red Wings DETC, LW71NHL
Lindström, GustavDetroit Red Wings DETRD16Emergency Loan
Mantha, AnthonyDetroit Red Wings DETRW, LW43NHL
Nemeth, PatrikDetroit Red Wings DETLD64NHL
Nielsen, FransDetroit Red Wings DETC, LW60NHL
Perlini, BrendanDetroit Red Wings DETRW, LW40NHL
Timashov, DmytroDetroit Red Wings DETLW44NHL
Zadina, FilipDetroit Red Wings DETRW, LW28Injured Reserve
Archibald, JoshEdmonton Oilers EDMRW, LW62NHL
Athanasiou, AndreasEdmonton Oilers EDMLW, RW55NHL
Bear, EthanEdmonton Oilers EDMRD71NHL
Benning, MatthewEdmonton Oilers EDMRD43NHL
Chiasson, AlexEdmonton Oilers EDMRW65NHL
Draisaitl, LeonEdmonton Oilers EDMC, LW71NHL
Ennis, TylerEdmonton Oilers EDMC, LW, RW70NHL
Green, MikeEdmonton Oilers EDMRD50NHL
Haas, GaëtanEdmonton Oilers EDMC58NHL
Jones, CalebEdmonton Oilers EDMLD43NHL
Kassian, ZackEdmonton Oilers EDMRW59NHL
Khaira, JujharEdmonton Oilers EDMC, LW64NHL
Klefbom, OscarEdmonton Oilers EDMLD62NHL
Koskinen, MikkoEdmonton Oilers EDMG38NHL
Larsson, AdamEdmonton Oilers EDMRD49NHL
McDavid, ConnorEdmonton Oilers EDMC64NHL
Neal, JamesEdmonton Oilers EDMRW, LW55NHL
Nugent-Hopkins, RyanEdmonton Oilers EDMLW, C65NHL
Nurse, DarnellEdmonton Oilers EDMLD71NHL
Nygård, JoakimEdmonton Oilers EDMLW33Long-Term Injured Reserve
Russell, KrisEdmonton Oilers EDMLD/RD55NHL
Russell, PatrickEdmonton Oilers EDMRW45NHL
Sheahan, RileyEdmonton Oilers EDMLW, C66NHL
Smith, MikeEdmonton Oilers EDMG39NHL
Yamamoto, KailerEdmonton Oilers EDMRW, C27NHL
Acciari, NoelFlorida Panthers FLAC, RW66NHL
Barkov, AleksanderFlorida Panthers FLAC66NHL
Bobrovsky, SergeiFlorida Panthers FLAG50NHL
Boyle, BrianFlorida Panthers FLALW, C39NHL
Brown, JoshuaFlorida Panthers FLARD56NHL
Connolly, BrettFlorida Panthers FLARW, LW69NHL
Dadonov, EvgeniFlorida Panthers FLARW, LW69NHL
Driedger, ChrisFlorida Panthers FLAG12NHL
Ekblad, AaronFlorida Panthers FLARD67NHL
Haula, ErikFlorida Panthers FLAC, LW48NHL
Hoffman, MikeFlorida Panthers FLARW, LW69NHL
Huberdeau, JonathanFlorida Panthers FLALW69NHL
Hunt, DrydenFlorida Panthers FLALW, RW21Injured Reserve
Matheson, MichaelFlorida Panthers FLALD59NHL
Pysyk, MarkFlorida Panthers FLARD, RW58NHL
Saarela, AleksiFlorida Panthers FLAC, LW9NHL
Sceviour, ColtonFlorida Panthers FLARW, C69NHL
Stillman, RileyFlorida Panthers FLALD34NHL
Strålman, AntonFlorida Panthers FLARD69NHL
Toninato, DominicFlorida Panthers FLALW, C46NHL
Vatrano, FrankFlorida Panthers FLARW, LW69NHL
Wallmark, LucasFlorida Panthers FLAC67NHL
Weegar, MacKenzieFlorida Panthers FLALD/RD45NHL
Yandle, KeithFlorida Panthers FLALD69NHL
Amadio, MichaelLos Angeles Kings LAKC, RW68NHL
Anderson, MichaelLos Angeles Kings LAKLD6NHL
Brown, DustinLos Angeles Kings LAKRW, LW66NHL
Carter, JeffLos Angeles Kings LAKC, RW60NHL
Doughty, DrewLos Angeles Kings LAKRD67NHL
Frk, MartinLos Angeles Kings LAKRW17NHL
Hutton, BenLos Angeles Kings LAKLD65NHL
Iafallo, AlexLos Angeles Kings LAKLW, C70NHL
Kempe, AdrianLos Angeles Kings LAKLW, RW69NHL
Kopitar, AnzeLos Angeles Kings LAKC70NHL
Lewis, TrevorLos Angeles Kings LAKRW56NHL
Lizotte, BlakeLos Angeles Kings LAKC65NHL
MacDermid, KurtisLos Angeles Kings LAKLD/RD45NHL
Moore, TrevorLos Angeles Kings LAKRW, LW42NHL
Petersen, CalLos Angeles Kings LAKG8NHL
Prokhorkin, NikolaiLos Angeles Kings LAKC, LW43NHL
Quick, JonathanLos Angeles Kings LAKG42NHL
Roy, MattLos Angeles Kings LAKRD70NHL
Ryan, JoakimLos Angeles Kings LAKLD35NHL
Vilardi, GabrielLos Angeles Kings LAKC10NHL
Wagner, AustinLos Angeles Kings LAKRW, LW65NHL
Walker, SeanLos Angeles Kings LAKRD70NHL
Brodin, JonasMinnesota Wild MINLD69NHL
Donato, RyanMinnesota Wild MINLW, C62NHL
Dubnyk, DevanMinnesota Wild MING30NHL
Dumba, MattMinnesota Wild MINRD69NHL
Eriksson Ek, JoelMinnesota Wild MINC62NHL
Fiala, KevinMinnesota Wild MINLW, RW64NHL
Foligno, MarcusMinnesota Wild MINLW, RW59NHL
Galchenyuk, AlexMinnesota Wild MINLW, C, RW59NHL
Greenway, JordanMinnesota Wild MINLW, RW67NHL
Hartman, RyanMinnesota Wild MINC, RW69NHL
Hunt, BradMinnesota Wild MINLD59NHL
Koivu, MikkoMinnesota Wild MINC55NHL
Kunin, LukeMinnesota Wild MINRW, C63NHL
Parise, ZachMinnesota Wild MINLW69NHL
Pateryn, GregMinnesota Wild MINRD20NHL
Rask, VictorMinnesota Wild MINC43NHL
Soucy, CarsonMinnesota Wild MINLD55Injured Reserve
Spurgeon, JaredMinnesota Wild MINRD62NHL
Staal, EricMinnesota Wild MINC66NHL
Stalock, AlexMinnesota Wild MING38NHL
Suter, RyanMinnesota Wild MINLD69NHL
Zuccarello, MatsMinnesota Wild MINRW, LW65NHL
Alzner, KarlMontreal Canadiens MTLLD4NHL
Armia, JoelMontreal Canadiens MTLRW, LW58NHL
Byron, PaulMontreal Canadiens MTLLW, RW, C29NHL
Chiarot, BenMontreal Canadiens MTLLD/RD69NHL
Danault, PhillipMontreal Canadiens MTLC71NHL
Domi, MaxMontreal Canadiens MTLC, LW71NHL
Drouin, JonathanMontreal Canadiens MTLLW27NHL
Folin, ChristianMontreal Canadiens MTLRD16NHL
Gallagher, BrendanMontreal Canadiens MTLRW59NHL
Hudon, CharlesMontreal Canadiens MTLLW, RW15Emergency Loan
Kulak, BrettMontreal Canadiens MTLLD/RD56NHL
Lehkonen, ArtturiMontreal Canadiens MTLLW, RW70NHL
Lindgren, CharlieMontreal Canadiens MTLG6NHL
Mete, VictorMontreal Canadiens MTLLD/RD51Injured Reserve
Ouellet, XavierMontreal Canadiens MTLLD/RD12NHL
Petry, JeffMontreal Canadiens MTLRD71NHL
Price, CareyMontreal Canadiens MTLG58NHL
Suzuki, NickMontreal Canadiens MTLC, RW71NHL
Tatar, TomasMontreal Canadiens MTLLW, RW68NHL
Weal, JordanMontreal Canadiens MTLC, RW, LW49NHL
Weber, SheaMontreal Canadiens MTLRD65NHL
Weise, DaleMontreal Canadiens MTLRW, LW23NHL
Arvidsson, ViktorNashville Predators NSHRW, LW57NHL
Blackwell, ColinNashville Predators NSHC, RW27NHL
Bonino, NickNashville Predators NSHC67NHL
Duchene, MattNashville Predators NSHC, LW, RW66NHL
Ekholm, MattiasNashville Predators NSHLD68NHL
Ellis, RyanNashville Predators NSHRD49NHL
Fabbro, DanteNashville Predators NSHRD64NHL
Forsberg, FilipNashville Predators NSHLW63NHL
Granlund, MikaelNashville Predators NSHC, RW63NHL
Grimaldi, RoccoNashville Predators NSHLW, RW66NHL
Hamhuis, DanNashville Predators NSHLD60NHL
Holzer, KorbinianNashville Predators NSHRD49NHL
Järnkrok, CalleNashville Predators NSHLW, C, RW64NHL
Johansen, RyanNashville Predators NSHC, RW68NHL
Josi, RomanNashville Predators NSHLD69NHL
Rinne, PekkaNashville Predators NSHG36NHL
Saros, JuuseNashville Predators NSHG40NHL
Sissons, ColtonNashville Predators NSHRW, C57NHL
Smith, CraigNashville Predators NSHRW, C69NHL
Tinordi, JarredNashville Predators NSHLD28NHL
Turris, KyleNashville Predators NSHC, RW62NHL
Watson, AustinNashville Predators NSHRW, LW53NHL
Weber, YannickNashville Predators NSHRD41NHL
Anderson, JoeyNew Jersey Devils NJDRW18NHL
Blackwood, MackenzieNew Jersey Devils NJDG47NHL
Bratt, JesperNew Jersey Devils NJDLW, RW60NHL
Butcher, WillNew Jersey Devils NJDLD56NHL
Carrick, ConnorNew Jersey Devils NJDRD29NHL
Claesson, FredrikNew Jersey Devils NJDLD5NHL
Gusev, NikitaNew Jersey Devils NJDRW, LW66NHL
Hayden, JohnNew Jersey Devils NJDC, RW43NHL
Hischier, NicoNew Jersey Devils NJDC58NHL
Hughes, JackNew Jersey Devils NJDC61NHL
Mcleod, MichaelNew Jersey Devils NJDC12NHL
Mermis, DakotaNew Jersey Devils NJDRD10NHL
Mueller, MircoNew Jersey Devils NJDLD50NHL
Palmieri, KyleNew Jersey Devils NJDRW, LW65NHL
Rooney, KevinNew Jersey Devils NJDLW, C, RW49NHL
Schneider, CoryNew Jersey Devils NJDG13NHL
Severson, DamonNew Jersey Devils NJDRD69NHL
Subban, P.K.New Jersey Devils NJDRD68NHL
Wood, MilesNew Jersey Devils NJDLW68NHL
Zacha, PavelNew Jersey Devils NJDLW, C65NHL
Zajac, TravisNew Jersey Devils NJDC69NHL
Bailey, JoshNew York Islanders NYIRW, LW68NHL
Barzal, MathewNew York Islanders NYIC68NHL
Beauvillier, AnthonyNew York Islanders NYILW68NHL
Boychuk, JohnnyNew York Islanders NYIRD64NHL
Brassard, DerickNew York Islanders NYILW, C66NHL
Cizikas, CaseyNew York Islanders NYIC48Injured Reserve
Clutterbuck, CalNew York Islanders NYIRW37NHL
Dal Colle, MichaelNew York Islanders NYILW53NHL
Dobson, NoahNew York Islanders NYIRD34NHL
Eberle, JordanNew York Islanders NYIRW58NHL
Greene, AndyNew York Islanders NYILD/RD63NHL
Greiss, ThomasNew York Islanders NYIG31NHL
Johnston, RossNew York Islanders NYILW32NHL
Koivula, OttoNew York Islanders NYILW, RW, C12NHL
Komarov, LeoNew York Islanders NYIRW, LW, C48NHL
Kühnhackl, TomNew York Islanders NYIRW28NHL
Ladd, AndrewNew York Islanders NYILW4NHL
Leddy, NickNew York Islanders NYILD60NHL
Lee, AndersNew York Islanders NYILW, C68NHL
Martin, MattNew York Islanders NYILW, RW55NHL
Mayfield, ScottNew York Islanders NYIRD67NHL
Nelson, BrockNew York Islanders NYIC, LW68NHL
Pageau, Jean-GabrielNew York Islanders NYIC67NHL
Pelech, AdamNew York Islanders NYILD38Injured Reserve
Pulock, RyanNew York Islanders NYIRD68NHL
Toews, DevonNew York Islanders NYILD68NHL
Varlamov, SemyonNew York Islanders NYIG45NHL
Buchnevich, PavelNew York Rangers NYRRW, LW68NHL
Chytil, FilipNew York Rangers NYRC, LW60NHL
Deangelo, AnthonyNew York Rangers NYRRD68NHL
Di Giuseppe, PhillipNew York Rangers NYRLW20NHL
Fast, JesperNew York Rangers NYRRW69NHL
Fox, AdamNew York Rangers NYRRD70NHL
Gauthier, JulienNew York Rangers NYRRW17NHL
Georgiev, AlexandarNew York Rangers NYRG34NHL
Haley, MichealNew York Rangers NYRC22Injured Reserve
Howden, BrettNew York Rangers NYRC70NHL
Kakko, KaapoNew York Rangers NYRRW66NHL
Kreider, ChrisNew York Rangers NYRLW63NHL
Lemieux, BrendanNew York Rangers NYRLW, RW59NHL
Lindgren, RyanNew York Rangers NYRLD60NHL
Lundqvist, HenrikNew York Rangers NYRG30NHL
McKegg, GregNew York Rangers NYRC, LW53NHL
Panarin, ArtemiNew York Rangers NYRLW69NHL
Shesterkin, IgorNew York Rangers NYRG12NHL
Smith, BrendanNew York Rangers NYRLD/RD, LW62NHL
Staal, MarcNew York Rangers NYRLD52NHL
Strome, RyanNew York Rangers NYRC, RW70NHL
Trouba, JacobNew York Rangers NYRRD70NHL
Zibanejad, MikaNew York Rangers NYRC57NHL
Anderson, CraigOttawa Senators OTTG34NHL
Anisimov, ArtemOttawa Senators OTTC, LW49NHL
Balcers, RūdolfsOttawa Senators OTTRW, LW15NHL
Boedker, MikkelOttawa Senators OTTLW, RW20NHL
Borowiecki, MarkOttawa Senators OTTLD53Injured Reserve
Brown, ConnorOttawa Senators OTTLW, RW71NHL
Chabot, ThomasOttawa Senators OTTLD71NHL
Duclair, AnthonyOttawa Senators OTTLW, RW66NHL
Englund, AndreasOttawa Senators OTTLD24NHL
Hainsey, RonOttawa Senators OTTRD64NHL
Hawryluk, JayceOttawa Senators OTTRW, LW26NHL
Högberg, MarcusOttawa Senators OTTG24NHL
Nilsson, AndersOttawa Senators OTTG20Injured Reserve
Paul, NicholasOttawa Senators OTTC, LW56NHL
Peca, MatthewOttawa Senators OTTLW, C14NHL
Reilly, MikeOttawa Senators OTTLD44NHL
Ryan, BobbyOttawa Senators OTTRW, LW24NHL
Sabourin, ScottOttawa Senators OTTRW35NHL
Tierney, ChrisOttawa Senators OTTC71NHL
Tkachuk, BradyOttawa Senators OTTLW, C71NHL
White, ColinOttawa Senators OTTRW, C61NHL
Wolanin, ChristianOttawa Senators OTTLD3NHL
Zaitsev, NikitaOttawa Senators OTTRD58NHL
Aubé-Kubel, NicolasPhiladelphia Flyers PHIRW36NHL
Braun, JustinPhiladelphia Flyers PHIRD62NHL
Couturier, SeanPhiladelphia Flyers PHIC69NHL
Elliott, BrianPhiladelphia Flyers PHIG31NHL
Farabee, JoelPhiladelphia Flyers PHILW, RW52Emergency Loan
Giroux, ClaudePhiladelphia Flyers PHILW, C, RW69NHL
Gostisbehere, ShaynePhiladelphia Flyers PHILD42NHL
Grant, DerekPhiladelphia Flyers PHIC, RW56NHL
Hägg, RobertPhiladelphia Flyers PHILD49NHL
Hart, CarterPhiladelphia Flyers PHIG43NHL
Hayes, KevinPhiladelphia Flyers PHIC69NHL
Konecny, TravisPhiladelphia Flyers PHIRW, LW66NHL
Laughton, ScottPhiladelphia Flyers PHIC, LW49NHL
Lindblom, OskarPhiladelphia Flyers PHILW30Long-Term Injured Reserve
Morin, SamuelPhiladelphia Flyers PHILD, LW1Long-Term Injured Reserve
Myers, PhilippePhiladelphia Flyers PHIRD50NHL
Niskanen, MattPhiladelphia Flyers PHIRD68NHL
Pitlick, TylerPhiladelphia Flyers PHIRW63NHL
Provorov, IvanPhiladelphia Flyers PHILD69NHL
Raffl, MichaelPhiladelphia Flyers PHILW, RW58NHL
Sanheim, TravisPhiladelphia Flyers PHILD69NHL
Thompson, NatePhiladelphia Flyers PHIC70NHL
van Riemsdyk, JamesPhiladelphia Flyers PHILW, RW66Injured Reserve
Voracek, JakubPhiladelphia Flyers PHIRW, LW69NHL
Angello, AnthonyPittsburgh Penguins PITC, RW8Emergency Loan
Aston-Reese, ZachPittsburgh Penguins PITLW, RW57NHL
Bjugstad, NickPittsburgh Penguins PITC, RW13NHL
Blueger, TeddyPittsburgh Penguins PITC, LW69NHL
Crosby, SidneyPittsburgh Penguins PITC41NHL
Dumoulin, BrianPittsburgh Penguins PITLD28NHL
Guentzel, JakePittsburgh Penguins PITLW, RW39Long-Term Injured Reserve
Hörnqvist, PatricPittsburgh Penguins PITRW52NHL
Jarry, TristanPittsburgh Penguins PITG33NHL
Johnson, JackPittsburgh Penguins PITLD67NHL
Lafferty, SamPittsburgh Penguins PITC, LW50Emergency Loan
Letang, KrisPittsburgh Penguins PITRD61NHL
Malkin, EvgeniPittsburgh Penguins PITC55NHL
Marino, JohnPittsburgh Penguins PITRD56NHL
Marleau, PatrickPittsburgh Penguins PITLW, C66NHL
McCann, JaredPittsburgh Penguins PITLW, C66NHL
Murray, MattPittsburgh Penguins PITG38NHL
Pettersson, MarcusPittsburgh Penguins PITLD69NHL
Riikola, JuusoPittsburgh Penguins PITLD36NHL
Rodrigues, EvanPittsburgh Penguins PITRW, C45NHL
Ruhwedel, ChadPittsburgh Penguins PITRD41NHL
Rust, BryanPittsburgh Penguins PITRW, LW55NHL
Schultz, JustinPittsburgh Penguins PITRD46NHL
Sheary, ConorPittsburgh Penguins PITLW, RW63NHL
Simon, DominikPittsburgh Penguins PITRW, LW64NHL
Tanev, BrandonPittsburgh Penguins PITRW, LW68NHL
Zucker, JasonPittsburgh Penguins PITLW, RW60NHL
Bergmann, LeanSan Jose Sharks SJSLW, RW12NHL
Burns, BrentSan Jose Sharks SJSRD70NHL
Couture, LoganSan Jose Sharks SJSC, LW52NHL
Davidson, BrandonSan Jose Sharks SJSLD12NHL
Dell, AaronSan Jose Sharks SJSG33NHL
Ferraro, MarioSan Jose Sharks SJSLD61NHL
Gambrell, DylanSan Jose Sharks SJSC50NHL
Gregor, NoahSan Jose Sharks SJSLW, RW28NHL
Heed, TimSan Jose Sharks SJSRD38NHL
Hertl, TomasSan Jose Sharks SJSC, RW48Long-Term Injured Reserve
Jones, MartinSan Jose Sharks SJSG41NHL
Kane, EvanderSan Jose Sharks SJSLW, RW64NHL
Karlsson, ErikSan Jose Sharks SJSRD56Injured Reserve
Karlsson, MelkerSan Jose Sharks SJSRW, C61NHL
Kellman, JoelSan Jose Sharks SJSC31NHL
Labanc, KevinSan Jose Sharks SJSRW, LW70NHL
Meier, TimoSan Jose Sharks SJSLW, RW70NHL
Middleton, JacobSan Jose Sharks SJSLD10NHL
Noesen, StefanSan Jose Sharks SJSRW, LW40NHL
Prout, DaltonSan Jose Sharks SJSRD2Injured Reserve
Simek, RadimSan Jose Sharks SJSLD48NHL
Sörensen, MarcusSan Jose Sharks SJSLW, RW66NHL
Suomela, AnttiSan Jose Sharks SJSC20NHL
Thornton, JoeSan Jose Sharks SJSC, LW70NHL
True, AlexSan Jose Sharks SJSC, RW12NHL
Vlasic, Marc-ÉdouardSan Jose Sharks SJSLD/RD70NHL
Allen, JakeSt. Louis Blues STLG24NHL
Barbashev, IvanSt. Louis Blues STLC, LW69NHL
Binnington, JordanSt. Louis Blues STLG50NHL
Blais, SamuelSt. Louis Blues STLRW40NHL
Bortuzzo, RobertSt. Louis Blues STLRD42NHL
Bouwmeester, JaySt. Louis Blues STLLD56Long-Term Injured Reserve
Bozak, TylerSt. Louis Blues STLC, RW67NHL
Brouwer, TroySt. Louis Blues STLLW, RW13NHL
De La Rose, JacobSt. Louis Blues STLC, LW50NHL
Dunn, VinceSt. Louis Blues STLLD/RD71NHL
Faulk, JustinSt. Louis Blues STLRD69NHL
Gunnarsson, CarlSt. Louis Blues STLLD36NHL
Kyrou, JordanSt. Louis Blues STLRW28NHL
MacEachern, MackenzieSt. Louis Blues STLLW, RW51NHL
O'Reilly, RyanSt. Louis Blues STLC71NHL
Parayko, ColtonSt. Louis Blues STLRD64NHL
Perron, DavidSt. Louis Blues STLLW, RW71NHL
Pietrangelo, AlexSt. Louis Blues STLRD70NHL
Sanford, ZacharySt. Louis Blues STLLW, RW58NHL
Scandella, MarcoSt. Louis Blues STLLD62NHL
Schenn, BraydenSt. Louis Blues STLC, LW71NHL
Schwartz, JadenSt. Louis Blues STLLW71NHL
Steen, AlexanderSt. Louis Blues STLLW, RW, C55NHL
Sundqvist, OskarSt. Louis Blues STLC, RW57NHL
Tarasenko, VladimirSt. Louis Blues STLRW10Long-Term Injured Reserve
Thomas, RobertSt. Louis Blues STLC, RW66NHL
Bogosian, ZachTampa Bay Lightning TBLRD27NHL
Cernak, ErikTampa Bay Lightning TBLRD67NHL
Cirelli, AnthonyTampa Bay Lightning TBLC68NHL
Coburn, BraydonTampa Bay Lightning TBLLD40NHL
Coleman, BlakeTampa Bay Lightning TBLLW, RW66NHL
Goodrow, BarclayTampa Bay Lightning TBLLW, C, RW70NHL
Gourde, YanniTampa Bay Lightning TBLC, LW, RW70NHL
Hedman, VictorTampa Bay Lightning TBLLD66NHL
Johnson, TylerTampa Bay Lightning TBLRW, C65NHL
Killorn, AlexTampa Bay Lightning TBLLW68NHL
Kucherov, NikitaTampa Bay Lightning TBLRW68NHL
Maroon, PatrickTampa Bay Lightning TBLLW, RW64NHL
McDonagh, RyanTampa Bay Lightning TBLLD50NHL
McElhinney, CurtisTampa Bay Lightning TBLG18NHL
Palat, OndrejTampa Bay Lightning TBLLW, RW69NHL
Paquette, CédricTampa Bay Lightning TBLRW, C, LW61NHL
Point, BraydenTampa Bay Lightning TBLC, RW66NHL
Rutta, JanTampa Bay Lightning TBLRD33Injured Reserve
Schenn, LukeTampa Bay Lightning TBLRD25NHL
Sergachev, MikhailTampa Bay Lightning TBLLD/RD70NHL
Shattenkirk, KevinTampa Bay Lightning TBLRD70NHL
Stamkos, StevenTampa Bay Lightning TBLRW, C, LW57NHL
Stephens, MitchellTampa Bay Lightning TBLC38NHL
Vasilevskiy, AndreiTampa Bay Lightning TBLG52NHL
Verhaeghe, CarterTampa Bay Lightning TBLLW, C52NHL
Andersen, FrederikToronto Maple Leafs TORG52NHL
Barrie, TysonToronto Maple Leafs TORRD70NHL
Campbell, JackToronto Maple Leafs TORG26NHL
Ceci, CodyToronto Maple Leafs TORRD56NHL
Clifford, KyleToronto Maple Leafs TORLW69NHL
Dermott, TravisToronto Maple Leafs TORLD/RD56NHL
Engvall, PierreToronto Maple Leafs TORLW, C48NHL
Gauthier, FrédérikToronto Maple Leafs TORC61NHL
Holl, JustinToronto Maple Leafs TORRD68NHL
Hyman, ZachToronto Maple Leafs TORLW, RW51NHL
Johnsson, AndreasToronto Maple Leafs TORLW, RW43Long-Term Injured Reserve
Kapanen, KasperiToronto Maple Leafs TORRW69NHL
Kerfoot, AlexanderToronto Maple Leafs TORC, LW65NHL
Malgin, DenisToronto Maple Leafs TORRW, C44NHL
Marincin, MartinToronto Maple Leafs TORLD26NHL
Marner, MitchellToronto Maple Leafs TORRW59NHL
Matthews, AustonToronto Maple Leafs TORC70NHL
Mikheyev, IlyaToronto Maple Leafs TORLW, RW39Long-Term Injured Reserve
Muzzin, JakeToronto Maple Leafs TORLD53NHL
Nylander, WilliamToronto Maple Leafs TORRW, LW68NHL
Rielly, MorganToronto Maple Leafs TORLD47NHL
Rosén, CalleToronto Maple Leafs TORLD12NHL
Sandin, RasmusToronto Maple Leafs TORLD28NHL
Spezza, JasonToronto Maple Leafs TORC, RW58NHL
Tavares, JohnToronto Maple Leafs TORC63NHL
Beagle, JayVancouver Canucks VANC55NHL
Benn, JordieVancouver Canucks VANLD/RD44NHL
Boeser, BrockVancouver Canucks VANRW57NHL
Demko, ThatcherVancouver Canucks VANG27NHL
Domingue, LouisVancouver Canucks VANG17NHL
Edler, AlexanderVancouver Canucks VANLD59NHL
Eriksson, LouiVancouver Canucks VANLW, RW49NHL
Fantenberg, OscarVancouver Canucks VANLD36NHL
Ferland, MichealVancouver Canucks VANLW, RW14Long-Term Injured Reserve
Gaudette, AdamVancouver Canucks VANC59NHL
Horvat, BoVancouver Canucks VANC69NHL
Hughes, QuinnVancouver Canucks VANLD68NHL
Leivo, JoshVancouver Canucks VANRW, LW36Long-Term Injured Reserve
MacEwen, ZackVancouver Canucks VANC, RW17NHL
Markström, JacobVancouver Canucks VANG43Long-Term Injured Reserve
Miller, J.T.Vancouver Canucks VANLW, C69NHL
Motte, TylerVancouver Canucks VANLW, RW34NHL
Myers, TylerVancouver Canucks VANRD68NHL
Pearson, TannerVancouver Canucks VANLW69NHL
Pettersson, EliasVancouver Canucks VANC68NHL
Roussel, AntoineVancouver Canucks VANLW41NHL
Stecher, TroyVancouver Canucks VANRD69NHL
Sutter, BrandonVancouver Canucks VANRW, C44NHL
Tanev, ChristopherVancouver Canucks VANRD69NHL
Toffoli, TylerVancouver Canucks VANLW, RW68NHL
Virtanen, JakeVancouver Canucks VANRW, LW69NHL
Carrier, WilliamVegas Golden Knights VGKLW71NHL
Cousins, NickVegas Golden Knights VGKLW, C65NHL
Engelland, DerykVegas Golden Knights VGKRD49NHL
Fleury, Marc-AndréVegas Golden Knights VGKG49NHL
Holden, NickVegas Golden Knights VGKLD61NHL
Karlsson, WilliamVegas Golden Knights VGKC63NHL
Lehner, RobinVegas Golden Knights VGKG36NHL
Marchessault, JonathanVegas Golden Knights VGKLW, RW66NHL
Martinez, AlecVegas Golden Knights VGKLD51NHL
McNabb, BraydenVegas Golden Knights VGKLD71NHL
Merrill, JonVegas Golden Knights VGKLD49NHL
Nosek, TomasVegas Golden Knights VGKC, LW67NHL
Pacioretty, MaxVegas Golden Knights VGKLW71NHL
Reaves, RyanVegas Golden Knights VGKRW71NHL
Roy, NicolasVegas Golden Knights VGKC, RW28NHL
Schmidt, NateVegas Golden Knights VGKLD/RD59NHL
Smith, ReillyVegas Golden Knights VGKRW, LW71NHL
Stastny, PaulVegas Golden Knights VGKLW, C71NHL
Stephenson, ChandlerVegas Golden Knights VGKC, LW65NHL
Stone, MarkVegas Golden Knights VGKRW65NHL
Theodore, SheaVegas Golden Knights VGKLD/RD71NHL
Tuch, AlexVegas Golden Knights VGKRW, LW42Long-Term Injured Reserve
Whitecloud, ZachVegas Golden Knights VGKRD16NHL
Bäckström, NicklasWashington Capitals WSHC61NHL
Boyd, TravisWashington Capitals WSHC, RW24NHL
Carlson, JohnWashington Capitals WSHRD69NHL
Dillon, BrendenWashington Capitals WSHLD69NHL
Dowd, NicWashington Capitals WSHC56NHL
Eller, LarsWashington Capitals WSHC69NHL
Gudas, RadkoWashington Capitals WSHRD63NHL
Hagelin, CarlWashington Capitals WSHLW58NHL
Hathaway, GarnetWashington Capitals WSHRW, LW66NHL
Holtby, BradenWashington Capitals WSHG48NHL
Jensen, NickWashington Capitals WSHRD68NHL
Kempný, MichalWashington Capitals WSHLD58NHL
Kovalchuk, IlyaWashington Capitals WSHLW, RW46NHL
Kuznetsov, EvgenyWashington Capitals WSHC63NHL
Leipsic, BrendanWashington Capitals WSHLW61NHL
Orlov, DmitryWashington Capitals WSHLD/RD69NHL
Oshie, T.J.Washington Capitals WSHRW69NHL
Ovechkin, AlexWashington Capitals WSHLW, RW68NHL
Pánik, RichardWashington Capitals WSHLW, RW59NHL
Samsonov, IlyaWashington Capitals WSHG26NHL
Siegenthaler, JonasWashington Capitals WSHLD64NHL
Vrána, JakubWashington Capitals WSHLW69NHL
Wilson, TomWashington Capitals WSHRW68NHL
Appleton, MasonWinnipeg Jets WPGRW, C46NHL
Beaulieu, NathanWinnipeg Jets WPGLD/RD38NHL
Bitetto, AnthonyWinnipeg Jets WPGLD51NHL
Bourque, GabrielWinnipeg Jets WPGLW, RW52NHL
Brossoit, LaurentWinnipeg Jets WPGG19NHL
Connor, KyleWinnipeg Jets WPGLW71NHL
Copp, AndrewWinnipeg Jets WPGLW, C63NHL
Dahlström, CarlWinnipeg Jets WPGLD15NHL
DeMelo, DylanWinnipeg Jets WPGRD59NHL
Eakin, CodyWinnipeg Jets WPGC49NHL
Ehlers, NikolajWinnipeg Jets WPGRW, LW71NHL
Harkins, JansenWinnipeg Jets WPGLW, C29NHL
Hellebuyck, ConnorWinnipeg Jets WPGG58NHL
Kulikov, DmitryWinnipeg Jets WPGLD51NHL
Laine, PatrikWinnipeg Jets WPGLW, RW68NHL
Letestu, MarkWinnipeg Jets WPGC, RW7NHL
Little, BryanWinnipeg Jets WPGC, RW7Injured Reserve
Lowry, AdamWinnipeg Jets WPGC49NHL
Morrissey, JoshuaWinnipeg Jets WPGLD65NHL
Niku, SamiWinnipeg Jets WPGLD/RD17NHL
Perreault, MathieuWinnipeg Jets WPGLW, C49NHL
Pionk, NealWinnipeg Jets WPGRD71NHL
Poolman, TuckerWinnipeg Jets WPGRD57NHL
Roslovic, JackWinnipeg Jets WPGC, RW71NHL
Sbisa, LucaWinnipeg Jets WPGLD44Injured Reserve
Scheifele, MarkWinnipeg Jets WPGC71NHL
Shaw, LoganWinnipeg Jets WPGC, RW35NHL
Shore, NickWinnipeg Jets WPGC63NHL
Wheeler, BlakeWinnipeg Jets WPGRW, C71NHL