Draft Class

Round 1

1Logo of the Quebec Nordiques-Owen NolanCanadaRW-
2Logo of the Vancouver Canucks-Petr NedvedCzech RepublicC-
3Logo of the Detroit Red Wings-Keith PrimeauCanadaC-
4Logo of the Philadelphia Flyers-Mike RicciCanadaC-
5Logo of the Pittsburgh Penguins-Jaromír JágrCzech RepublicRW-
6Logo of the New York Islanders-Scott Scissons-
7Logo of the Los Angeles Kings-Darryl SydorCanadaLD-
8Logo of the Minnesota North Stars-Derian HatcherUnited StatesLD-
9Logo of the Washington Capitals-John Slaney-
10Logo of the Toronto Maple Leafs-Drake Berehowsky-
11Logo of the Calgary FlamesLogo of the new_jersey_devils_82_92Trevor Kidd-
12Logo of the Montreal CanadiensLogo of the st_louise_blues_85_98Turner Stevenson-
13Logo of the New York Rangers-Michael Stewart-
14Logo of the Buffalo SabresLogo of the original_winnipeg_jets_79_90Brad MayCanadaLW-
15Logo of the Hartford Whalers-Mark Greig-
16Logo of the Chicago Blackhawks-Karl Dykhuis-
17Logo of the Edmonton Oilers-Scott Allison-
18Logo of the Vancouver CanucksLogo of the montreal_canadiensShawn Antoski-
19Logo of the Winnipeg JetsLogo of the buffalo_sabres_71_96Keith TkachukUnited StatesLW-
20Logo of the New Jersey DevilsLogo of the calgary_flamesMartin BrodeurCanadaG-
21Logo of the Boston Bruins-Bryan SmolinskiUnited StatesC-

Round 2

22Logo of the Quebec Nordiques-Ryan Hughes-
23Logo of the Vancouver Canucks-Jiri Slegr-
24Logo of the New Jersey DevilsLogo of the detroit_red_wingsDavid Harlock-
25Logo of the Philadelphia Flyers-Chris SimonCanadaLW-
26Logo of the Calgary FlamesLogo of the pittsburgh_penguinsNicolas Perreault-
27Logo of the New York Islanders-Chris Taylor-
28Logo of the Los Angeles Kings-Brandy Semchuk-
29Logo of the New Jersey DevilsLogo of the minnesota_north_starsChris Gotziaman-
30Logo of the Washington Capitals-Rod Pasma-
31Logo of the Toronto Maple Leafs-Felix Potvin-
32Logo of the Calgary FlamesLogo of the new_jersey_devils_82_92Vesa Viitakoski-
33Logo of the St. Louis Blues-Craig JohnsonUnited StatesLW-
34Logo of the New York Rangers-Doug WeightUnited StatesD-
35Logo of the Winnipeg Jets-Mike Muller-
36Logo of the Hartford Whalers-Geoff SandersonCanadaLW-
37Logo of the Chicago Blackhawks-Ivan Droppa-
38Logo of the Edmonton Oilers-Alexander Legault-
39Logo of the Montreal Canadiens-Ryan Kuwabara-
40Logo of the Philadelphia FlyersLogo of the buffalo_sabres_71_96Mikael Renberg-
41Logo of the Calgary Flames-Etienne Belzile-
42Logo of the Philadelphia FlyersLogo of the boston_bruins_50_95Terran Sandwith-

Round 3

43Logo of the Quebec Nordiques-Brad Zavisha-
44Logo of the Philadelphia FlyersLogo of the vancouver_canucks_79_97Kimbi Daniels-
45Logo of the Detroit Red Wings-Vyacheslav Kozlov-
46Logo of the Philadelphia Flyers-Bill Armstrong-
47Logo of the Philadelphia FlyersLogo of the pittsburgh_penguinsChris TherienCanadaLD-
48Logo of the New York Islanders-Dan Plante-
49Logo of the Los Angeles Kings-Bob Berg-
50Logo of the Minnesota North Stars-Laurie Billeck-
51Logo of the Washington Capitals-Chris Longo-
52Logo of the Philadelphia FlyersLogo of the toronto_maple_leafs_88_16Al Kinisky-
53Logo of the New Jersey Devils-Mike Dunham-
54Logo of the St. Louis Blues-Patrice TardifCanadaC-
55Logo of the New York Rangers-John Vary-
56Logo of the New Jersey DevilsLogo of the original_winnipeg_jets_79_90Brad BombardirCanadaLD-
57Logo of the Hartford Whalers-Mike Lenarduzzi-
58Logo of the Montreal CanadiensLogo of the chicago_blackhawksCharles Poulin-
59Logo of the Edmonton Oilers-Joe Crowley-
60Logo of the Montreal Canadiens-Robert Guillet-
61Logo of the Pittsburgh PenguinsLogo of the buffalo_sabres_71_96Joe Dziedzic-
62Logo of the Calgary Flames-Glen Mears-
63Logo of the Boston Bruins-Cam Stewart-

Round 4

64Logo of the New Jersey DevilsLogo of the quebec_nordiquesMike Bodnarchuk-
65Logo of the Vancouver Canucks-Darin Bader-
66Logo of the Detroit Red Wings-Stewart Malgunas-
67Logo of the Edmonton OilersLogo of the philadelphia_flyersJoel Blain-
68Logo of the Pittsburgh Penguins-Chris Tamer-
69Logo of the New York RangersLogo of the new_york_islandersJeff Nielsen-
70Logo of the Minnesota North StarsLogo of the los_angeles_kings_89_98Cal McGowan-
71Logo of the Minnesota North Stars-Frank Kovacs-
72Logo of the Washington Capitals-Randy Pearce-
73Logo of the Toronto Maple Leafs-Darby Hendrickson-
74Logo of the Winnipeg JetsLogo of the new_jersey_devils_82_92Roman Meluzin-
75Logo of the Winnipeg JetsLogo of the st_louise_blues_85_98Scott Levins-
76Logo of the New York Rangers-Rick Willis-
77Logo of the Winnipeg Jets-Alexei ZhamnovRussiaC-
78Logo of the Hartford Whalers-Chris Bright-
79Logo of the Chicago Blackhawks-Chris Tucker-
80Logo of the Toronto Maple LeafsLogo of the edmonton_oilersGreg Walters-
81Logo of the Montreal Canadiens-Gilbert Dionne-
82Logo of the Buffalo Sabres-Brian McCarthy-
83Logo of the Calgary Flames-Paul Kruse-
84Logo of the Boston Bruins-Jerry Buckley-

Round 5

85Logo of the New York RangersLogo of the quebec_nordiquesSergei ZubovRussiaRD-
86Logo of the Vancouver Canucks-Gino Odjick-
87Logo of the Detroit Red Wings-Tony Burns-
88Logo of the Philadelphia Flyers-Dan Kordic-
89Logo of the Pittsburgh Penguins-Brian Farrell-
90Logo of the New York Islanders-Chris Marinucci-
91Logo of the Los Angeles Kings-David Goverde-
92Logo of the Minnesota North Stars-Enrico Ciccone-
93Logo of the Washington Capitals-Brian Sakic-
94Logo of the Washington CapitalsLogo of the toronto_maple_leafs_88_16Mark Ouimet-
95Logo of the New Jersey Devils-Dean Malkoc-
96Logo of the St. Louis Blues-Jason Ruff-
97Logo of the Buffalo SabresLogo of the new_york_rangersRichard Smehlik-
98Logo of the Winnipeg Jets-Craig Martin-
99Logo of the New York RangersLogo of the hartford_whalers_79_92Lubos Rob-
100Logo of the Buffalo SabresLogo of the chicago_blackhawksTodd Bojcun-
101Logo of the Edmonton Oilers-Greg Louder-
102Logo of the Montreal Canadiens-Paul DiPietro-
103Logo of the Buffalo Sabres-Brad Pascall-
104Logo of the New Jersey DevilsLogo of the calgary_flamesPetr Kuchyna-
105Logo of the Boston Bruins-Mike Bales-

Round 6

106Logo of the Quebec Nordiques-Jeff Parrott-
107Logo of the Pittsburgh PenguinsLogo of the vancouver_canucks_79_97Ian Moran-
108Logo of the Detroit Red Wings-Claude Barthe-
109Logo of the Philadelphia Flyers-Vyacheslav Butsayev-
110Logo of the Pittsburgh Penguins-Denis Casey-
111Logo of the New York Islanders-Joni Lehto-
112Logo of the Los Angeles Kings-Erik Andersson-
113Logo of the Minnesota North Stars-Roman Turek-
114Logo of the Washington Capitals-Andrei Kovalev-
115Logo of the Toronto Maple Leafs-Alexander GodynyukRussiaD-
116Logo of the New Jersey Devils-Lubomir Kolnik-
117Logo of the St. Louis Blues-Kurt Miller-
118Logo of the New York Rangers-Jason Weinrich-
119Logo of the Winnipeg Jets-Daniel Jardemyr-
120Logo of the Hartford Whalers-Cory Keenan-
121Logo of the Chicago Blackhawks-Brent Stickney-
122Logo of the Edmonton Oilers-Keijo Sailynoja-
123Logo of the Montreal Canadiens-Craig ConroyUnited StatesC-
124Logo of the Chicago BlackhawksLogo of the buffalo_sabres_71_96Derek Edgerly-
125Logo of the Calgary Flames-Chris Tschupp-
126Logo of the Boston Bruins-Mark Woolf-

Round 7

127Logo of the Quebec Nordiques-Dwayne Norris-
128Logo of the Vancouver Canucks-Daryl Filipek-
129Logo of the Detroit Red Wings-Jason York-
130Logo of the Pittsburgh PenguinsLogo of the philadelphia_flyersMika Valila-
131Logo of the Pittsburgh Penguins-Ken Plaquin-
132Logo of the New York Islanders-Mike Guilbert-
133Logo of the Los Angeles Kings-Robert LangCzech RepublicC-
134Logo of the Minnesota North Stars-Jeff Levy-
135Logo of the Washington Capitals-Roman Kontsek-
136Logo of the Toronto Maple Leafs-Eric Lacroix-
137Logo of the New Jersey Devils-Chris McAlpine-
138Logo of the St. Louis Blues-Wayne Conlan-
139Logo of the New York Rangers-Bryan Lonsinger-
140Logo of the Winnipeg Jets-John Lilley-
141Logo of the Hartford Whalers-Jergus Baca-
142Logo of the Buffalo SabresLogo of the chicago_blackhawksViktor Gordiouk-
143Logo of the Edmonton Oilers-Mike Power-
144Logo of the Montreal Canadiens-Stephen Rohr-
145Logo of the Pittsburgh PenguinsLogo of the buffalo_sabres_71_96Patrick Neaton-
146Logo of the Calgary Flames-Dmitri Frolov-
147Logo of the Boston Bruins-James Mackey-

Round 8

148Logo of the Quebec Nordiques-Andrei KovalenkoRussiaRW-
149Logo of the Vancouver Canucks-Paul O'Hagan-
150Logo of the Detroit Red Wings-Wes McCauley-
151Logo of the Philadelphia Flyers-Patrik Englund-
152Logo of the Pittsburgh Penguins-Petteri Koskimaki-
153Logo of the New York Islanders-Sylvain Fleury-
154Logo of the Los Angeles Kings-Dean Hulett-
155Logo of the Minnesota North Stars-Doug Barrault-
156Logo of the Washington Capitals-Peter BondraSlovakiaLW, RW-
157Logo of the Toronto Maple Leafs-Dan Stiver-
158Logo of the Quebec NordiquesLogo of the new_jersey_devils_82_92Alexander KarpovtsevRussiaRD-
159Logo of the Washington CapitalsLogo of the st_louise_blues_85_98Steve Martell-
160Logo of the New York Rangers-Todd Hedlund-
161Logo of the Winnipeg Jets-Henrik Andersson-
162Logo of the Hartford Whalers-Martin D'Orsonnens-
163Logo of the Chicago Blackhawks-Hugo Belanger-
164Logo of the Edmonton Oilers-Roman Mejzlik-
165Logo of the Montreal Canadiens-Brent Fleetwood-
166Logo of the Buffalo Sabres-Milan Nedoma-
167Logo of the Calgary Flames-Shawn Murray-
168Logo of the Boston Bruins-John Gruden-

Round 9

169Logo of the Quebec Nordiques-Pat Mazzoli-
170Logo of the Vancouver Canucks-Mark Cipriano-
171Logo of the Detroit Red Wings-Tony Gruba-
172Logo of the Philadelphia Flyers-Toni Porkka-
173Logo of the Pittsburgh Penguins-Ladislav Karabin-
174Logo of the New York Islanders-John Joyce-
175Logo of the Los Angeles Kings-Dennis LeBlanc-
176Logo of the Minnesota North Stars-Joe Biondi-
177Logo of the Washington Capitals-Ken KleeUnited StatesRD-
178Logo of the Toronto Maple Leafs-Robert Horyna-
179Logo of the New Jersey Devils-Jaroslav ModryCzech RepublicLD-
180Logo of the St. Louis Blues-Parris Duffus-
181Logo of the New York Rangers-Andy Silverman-
182Logo of the Winnipeg Jets-Rauli Raitanen-
183Logo of the Hartford Whalers-Corey Osmak-
184Logo of the Chicago Blackhawks-Owen Lessard-
185Logo of the Edmonton Oilers-Richard Zemlicka-
186Logo of the Montreal Canadiens-Derek Maguire-
187Logo of the Buffalo Sabres-Jason Winch-
188Logo of the Calgary Flames-Michael Murray-
189Logo of the Boston Bruins-Darren Wetherill-

Round 10

190Logo of the Quebec Nordiques-Scott Davis-
191Logo of the Vancouver Canucks-Troy Neumeier-
192Logo of the Detroit Red Wings-Travis Tucker-
193Logo of the Philadelphia Flyers-Greg Hanson-
194Logo of the Pittsburgh Penguins-Tim Fingerhut-
195Logo of the New York Islanders-R.J. Enga-
196Logo of the Los Angeles Kings-Patric Ross-
197Logo of the Minnesota North Stars-Troy Binnie-
198Logo of the Washington Capitals-Mike Boback-
199Logo of the Toronto Maple Leafs-Bob Chebator-
200Logo of the New Jersey Devils-Corey Schwab-
201Logo of the St. Louis Blues-Steve Widmeyer-
202Logo of the New York Rangers-Jon Hillebrandt-
203Logo of the Winnipeg Jets-Mika Alatalo-
204Logo of the Hartford Whalers-Espen Knutsen-
205Logo of the Chicago Blackhawks-Erik Peterson-
206Logo of the Edmonton Oilers-Petr Korinek-
207Logo of the Montreal Canadiens-Mark Kettelhut-
208Logo of the Buffalo Sabres-Sylvain Naud-
209Logo of the Calgary Flames-Rob Sumner-
210Logo of the Boston Bruins-Dean Capuano-

Round 11

211Logo of the Quebec Nordiques-Mika StrömbergFinlandLD-
212Logo of the Vancouver Canucks-Tyler Ertel-
213Logo of the Detroit Red Wings-Brett Larson-
214Logo of the Philadelphia Flyers-Tommy Soderstrom-
215Logo of the Pittsburgh Penguins-Michael Thompson-
216Logo of the New York Islanders-Martin Lacroix-
217Logo of the Los Angeles Kings-Kevin White-
218Logo of the Minnesota North Stars-Ole Dahlstrom-
219Logo of the Washington Capitals-Alan Brown-
220Logo of the Toronto Maple Leafs-Scott Malone-
221Logo of the New Jersey Devils-Valeri Zelepukin-
222Logo of the St. Louis Blues-Joe Hawley-
223Logo of the New York Rangers-Brett Lievers-
224Logo of the Winnipeg Jets-Sergei Selyanin-
225Logo of the Hartford Whalers-Tommie Eriksen-
226Logo of the Chicago Blackhawks-Steve Dubinsky-
227Logo of the Edmonton Oilers-Invalid Draft Pick-
228Logo of the Montreal Canadiens-John Uniac-
229Logo of the Buffalo Sabres-Ken Martin-
230Logo of the Calgary Flames-Invalid Draft Pick-
231Logo of the Boston Bruins-Andy Bezeau-

Round 12

232Logo of the Quebec Nordiques-Wade Klippenstein-
233Logo of the Vancouver Canucks-Karri Kivi-
234Logo of the Detroit Red Wings-John Hendry-
235Logo of the Philadelphia Flyers-Billy Lund-
236Logo of the Pittsburgh Penguins-Brian Bruininks-
237Logo of the New York Islanders-Andrew Shier-
238Logo of the Los Angeles Kings-Troy Mohns-
239Logo of the Minnesota North Stars-J.P. McKersie-
240Logo of the Washington Capitals-Todd Hlushko-
241Logo of the Toronto Maple Leafs-Nicholas Vachon-
242Logo of the New Jersey Devils-Todd Reirden-
243Logo of the St. Louis Blues-Joe Fleming-
244Logo of the New York Rangers-Sergei Nemchinov-
245Logo of the Winnipeg Jets-Keith Morris-
246Logo of the Hartford Whalers-Denis Chalifoux-
247Logo of the Chicago Blackhawks-Dino Grossi-
248Logo of the Edmonton Oilers-Sami Nuutinen-
249Logo of the Montreal Canadiens-Sergei Martinyuk-
250Logo of the Buffalo Sabres-Brad Rubachuk-
251Logo of the Calgary Flames-Leo Gudas-
252Logo of the Boston Bruins-Ted Miskolczi-