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Discuss SigningMikael Diotte21RDLogo of the New Jersey DevilsNJDMar. 2, 2024ELC2-way3$2,850,000$950,000
Discuss SigningSandis Vilmanis20LWLogo of the Florida PanthersFLAMar. 2, 2024ELC2-way3$2,565,000$855,000
Discuss SigningGabriel Szturc20CLogo of the Tampa Bay LightningTBLMar. 2, 2024ELC2-way3$2,850,000$870,000
Discuss SigningElias Pettersson25C, LWLogo of the Vancouver CanucksVANMar. 2, 2024Stnd (RFA)1-way8$92,800,000$11,600,000
Discuss SigningAustin Roest20RWLogo of the Nashville PredatorsNSHMar. 1, 2024ELC2-way3$2,535,000$845,000
Discuss SigningMilo Roelens21CLogo of the Tampa Bay LightningTBLMar. 1, 2024ELC2-way3$2,850,000$870,000
Discuss SigningMax McCue21CLogo of the Columbus Blue JacketsCBJMar. 1, 2024ELC2-way3$2,575,000$858,333
Discuss SigningZac Funk20LW, RWLogo of the Washington CapitalsWSHMar. 1, 2024ELC2-way3$3,100,000$905,000
Discuss SigningConnor Mackey27LDLogo of the New York RangersNYRMar. 1, 2024Stnd (UFA)2-way2$1,550,000$775,000
Discuss SigningMarat Khusnutdinov20CLogo of the Minnesota WildMINFeb. 28, 2024ELC2-way2$2,700,000$925,000
Discuss SigningJonny Brodzinski31CLogo of the New York RangersNYRFeb. 21, 2024Stnd (UFA)1-way2$1,575,000$787,500
Discuss SigningMichael Rasmussen25LW, CLogo of the Detroit Red WingsDETFeb. 20, 2024Stnd (RFA)1-way4$12,800,000$3,200,000
Discuss SigningJustin Brazeau25RWLogo of the Boston BruinsBOSFeb. 18, 2024Stnd (UFA)2-way2$1,550,000$775,000
Discuss SigningMichael McCarron29RW, CLogo of the Nashville PredatorsNSHFeb. 16, 2024Stnd (UFA)1-way2$1,800,000$900,000
Discuss SigningIsaac Poulter21GLogo of the New Jersey DevilsNJDFeb. 15, 2024ELC2-way2$1,625,000$812,500
Discuss SigningMason Shaw24LW, CLogo of the Minnesota WildMINFeb. 15, 2024Stnd (UFA)2-way1$775,000$775,000
Discuss SigningBrandon Scanlin25LDLogo of the New York RangersNYRFeb. 15, 2024Stnd (RFA)2-way2$1,550,000$775,000
Discuss SigningMartin Pospisil24RWLogo of the Calgary FlamesCGYFeb. 7, 2024Stnd (RFA)1-way2$2,000,000$1,000,000
Discuss SigningJesse Puljujärvi25RWLogo of the Pittsburgh PenguinsPITFeb. 4, 2024Stnd (UFA)1-way2$1,600,000$800,000
Discuss SigningBrandon Gignac25CLogo of the Montreal CanadiensMTLFeb. 4, 2024Stnd (UFA)2-way2$1,550,000$775,000
Discuss SigningOwen Tippett25RWLogo of the Philadelphia FlyersPHIJan. 26, 2024Stnd (RFA)1-way8$49,600,000$6,200,000
Discuss SigningRyan Poehling25C, LWLogo of the Philadelphia FlyersPHIJan. 26, 2024Stnd (RFA)1-way2$3,800,000$1,900,000
Discuss SigningZach Parise38LWLogo of the Colorado AvalancheCOLJan. 26, 202435+ (UFA)1-way1$825,000$825,000
Discuss SigningKevin Gravel32LDLogo of the Nashville PredatorsNSHJan. 26, 2024Stnd (UFA)2-way2$1,550,000$775,000
Discuss SigningCole Smith28RW, LWLogo of the Nashville PredatorsNSHJan. 24, 2024Stnd (UFA)1-way2$2,000,000$1,000,000
Discuss SigningPetr Mrázek32GLogo of the Chicago BlackhawksCHIJan. 24, 2024Stnd (UFA)1-way2$8,500,000$4,250,000
Discuss SigningCorey Perry38RWLogo of the Edmonton OilersEDMJan. 22, 202435+ (UFA)1-way1$1,100,000$775,000
Discuss SigningShane Pinto22CLogo of the Ottawa SenatorsOTTJan. 19, 2024Stnd (RFA)1-way1$775,000$775,000
Discuss SigningAliaksei Protas23RW, LW, CLogo of the Washington CapitalsWSHJan. 19, 2024Stnd (RFA)1-way5$16,875,000$3,375,000
Discuss SigningJason Dickinson28C, LWLogo of the Chicago BlackhawksCHIJan. 16, 2024Stnd (UFA)1-way2$8,500,000$4,250,000
Discuss SigningNick Foligno36LW, C, RWLogo of the Chicago BlackhawksCHIJan. 12, 202435+ (UFA)1-way2$9,000,000$4,500,000
Discuss SigningNathan Walker30LWLogo of the St. Louis BluesSTLJan. 9, 2024Stnd (UFA)1-way2$1,550,000$775,000
Discuss SigningWilliam Nylander28RWLogo of the Toronto Maple LeafsTORJan. 8, 2024Stnd (UFA)1-way8$92,000,000$11,500,000
Discuss SigningUvis Balinskis27LDLogo of the Florida PanthersFLAJan. 3, 2024Stnd (UFA)1-way2$1,700,000$850,000
Discuss SigningMathieu Cataford18C, RWLogo of the Vegas Golden KnightsVGKDec. 31, 2023ELC2-way3$2,565,000$855,000
Discuss SigningAngus Booth19LDLogo of the Los Angeles KingsLAKDec. 29, 2023ELC2-way3$2,557,500$852,500
Discuss SigningEthan Bear26RDLogo of the Washington CapitalsWSHDec. 28, 2023Stnd (UFA)1-way2$4,125,000$2,062,500
Discuss SigningNoah Chadwick18LDLogo of the Toronto Maple LeafsTORDec. 22, 2023ELC2-way3$2,555,000$851,667
Discuss SigningBen Hutton31LDLogo of the Vegas Golden KnightsVGKDec. 22, 2023Stnd (UFA)1-way2$1,950,000$975,000
Discuss SigningMichael Hutchinson33GLogo of the Detroit Red WingsDETDec. 19, 2023Stnd (UFA)2-way1$775,000$775,000
Discuss SigningEthan Gauthier18RWLogo of the Tampa Bay LightningTBLDec. 14, 2023ELC2-way3$2,850,000$896,667
Discuss SigningClay Stevenson25GLogo of the Washington CapitalsWSHDec. 12, 2023Stnd (RFA)2-way3$2,325,000$775,000
Discuss SigningJoshua Davies19LWLogo of the Florida PanthersFLADec. 7, 2023ELC2-way3$2,565,000$855,000
Discuss SigningNino Niederreiter31LW, RWLogo of the Winnipeg JetsWPGDec. 4, 2023Stnd (UFA)1-way3$12,000,000$4,000,000
Discuss SigningMark Pysyk31RDLogo of the Calgary FlamesCGYDec. 2, 2023Stnd (UFA)2-way1$775,000$775,000
Discuss SigningSamuel Montembeault27GLogo of the Montreal CanadiensMTLDec. 1, 2023Stnd (UFA)1-way3$9,450,000$3,150,000
Discuss SigningJordan Gustafson19CLogo of the Vegas Golden KnightsVGKNov. 29, 2023ELC2-way3$2,572,500$857,500
Discuss SigningPatrick Kane34RWLogo of the Detroit Red WingsDETNov. 28, 2023Stnd (UFA)1-way1$2,750,000$2,750,000
Discuss SigningJustin Bailey27RWLogo of the San Jose SharksSJSNov. 27, 2023Stnd (UFA)2-way1$775,000$775,000
Discuss SigningBen Hemmerling19RWLogo of the Vegas Golden KnightsVGKNov. 26, 2023ELC2-way3$2,532,500$844,167
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