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Early morning fog lolVancouver CanucksOttawa SenatorsTampa Bay Lightning2020-2193/94 (99%)Nighthawk
Just an Idea probably wouldnt be 1 for 1Toronto Maple LeafsSt. Louis Blues2020-2193/94 (99%)jebster2000
Whole team for 1 manToronto Maple LeafsEdmonton Oilers2020-2193/94 (99%)BenjaminWalder
Just a thoughtDetroit Red WingsTampa Bay LightningColorado Avalanche2020-2193/94 (99%)Spicoli
Three way Laine deal updatedWinnipeg JetsBuffalo SabresCarolina Hurricanes2020-2193/94 (99%)christianyog
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Swapping ACGM most often traded playersSan Jose SharksMontreal Canadiens2020-2194/94 (100%)sensibleguy
Expectations EditDetroit Red WingsVancouver CanucksBuffalo Sabres2020-2193/94 (99%)reelkena
what do you thinkChicago BlackhawksVegas Golden Knights2020-2193/94 (99%)quadboy25
Win Win Playoffs and Finish rebuildBuffalo SabresVancouver Canucks2020-2193/94 (99%)Insane_Sean
Expectations 4St. Louis BluesNashville Predators2020-2193/94 (99%)reelkena
Expectations 3Vancouver CanucksFlorida Panthers2020-2193/94 (99%)reelkena
Expectations 2Arizona CoyotesNew Jersey Devils2020-2193/94 (99%)reelkena
Expectations 1Los Angeles KingsTampa Bay Lightning2020-2193/94 (99%)reelkena
Is this close with 2m retained on LEVancouver CanucksDetroit Red WingsTampa Bay Lightning2020-2194/94 (100%)Nighthawk
AnyoneBuffalo SabresAnaheim Ducks2020-2193/94 (99%)TMoneywellspent
Saw on armchair-gmCalgary FlamesNashville PredatorsTampa Bay Lightning2020-2193/94 (99%)Gmonwy
Cap DumpSecondary ScoringRebuildingTampa Bay LightningNashville PredatorsDetroit Red Wings2020-2193/94 (99%)NTB
bruins make move to replace marchandBoston BruinsNew Jersey Devils2020-2141/94 (44%)Brandenk
Three way Laine dealWinnipeg JetsBuffalo SabresCarolina Hurricanes2020-2193/94 (99%)christianyog
I mean you guys get Tavares back lolToronto Maple LeafsNew York Islanders2020-2141/94 (44%)Jakeytheleafsfan005
Freddy Anderson for carter hartToronto Maple LeafsPhiladelphia Flyers2020-2141/94 (44%)Jakeytheleafsfan005
Johnny hockey for nico hischierCalgary FlamesNew Jersey Devils2020-2141/94 (44%)Jakeytheleafsfan005
Idek Im kinda just messing aroundVegas Golden KnightsColumbus Blue Jackets2020-2141/94 (44%)Jakeytheleafsfan005
Johnny hockey for Patrik lianeWinnipeg JetsCalgary Flames2020-2194/94 (100%)Jakeytheleafsfan005
Cap dump for Tampa Anaheim gets a roster player and decent prospectAnaheim DucksTampa Bay Lightning2020-2193/94 (99%)boombadoomba
Sharks fans whatchu thinkVancouver CanucksSan Jose Sharks2020-2193/94 (99%)YoungJefe
Would be nice reelkena dont attack meVancouver CanucksDetroit Red Wings2020-2193/94 (99%)YoungJefe
This could happen Tampa puts Kesler in IRAnaheim DucksTampa Bay Lightning2020-2193/94 (99%)boombadoomba
Fresh StartsColorado AvalancheFlorida Panthers2020-2193/94 (99%)Anus_McLeod
Sabres add familiar face and flip ristoBuffalo SabresMinnesota Wild2020-2193/94 (99%)Frenchy71597
A rumor that I heardChicago BlackhawksBuffalo Sabres2020-2193/94 (99%)oilers123455678
Jgjdjddjdidjdjffjapstbuaodqqqlf8533700ghldkdth v470123784938rgbapgqvfruhxajlvxWinnipeg JetsToronto Maple Leafs2020-2193/94 (99%)Brad21
Flames - SenatorsCalgary FlamesOttawa Senators2020-2194/94 (100%)slomo
what you thinkDetroit Red WingsToronto Maple Leafs2020-2193/94 (99%)quadboy25
NylanderCalgary FlamesToronto Maple Leafs2020-2193/94 (99%)FlamesFan19
what do you thinkPhiladelphia FlyersCarolina Hurricanes2020-2141/94 (44%)quadboy25
what do you thinkNew York RangersDetroit Red Wings2020-2193/94 (99%)quadboy25
what do you thinkDetroit Red WingsArizona Coyotes2020-2193/94 (99%)quadboy25
large beansNew York RangersPittsburgh Penguins2020-2193/94 (99%)HabsFan9
small beansToronto Maple LeafsColorado Avalanche2020-2193/94 (99%)HabsFan9
LaineNew York IslandersTampa Bay LightningWinnipeg Jets2020-2193/94 (99%)Yesyesyes2020
Chicklets Deal see descripNew Jersey DevilsOttawa Senators2020-2193/94 (99%)reelkena
Matthews 4 McDavid trade and moreEdmonton OilersToronto Maple LeafsLos Angeles Kings2020-2193/94 (99%)mapleleafs_queen9434
Simple tradeNJ needs playersmentorsVancouver CanucksNew Jersey Devils2020-2193/94 (99%)T_Hip