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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>justaBoss</b></div><div>They aren't acquiring older players, in fact they're getting younger here. Seguin is younger than Vlasic. Marchment is younger than Simek. Lundkvist is younger than Zetterlund.

Also I disagree. Seguin is so much better than anyone you're losing here that if anything their chances of making the playoffs in 2-3 years only get higher. Only thing that would change is that Seguin's contract runs one year longer, but that shouldn't be a problem since SJ doesn't have many big contracts that need to be renewed in a short while.

I said in the description that for this post NTCs and NMCs shouldn't be taken account for, because Seguin is unlikely to waive his NMC for Sharks either. As for Vlasic, he has M-NTC with 3 team trade list...I wonder if he agreed to a trade if he was promised that he'll get bought out by the team that acquired him, and then would simply re-sign with the Sharks again with a cheaper contract. Could be a win-win for Vlasic, and the Sharks.</div></div>

Vlasic has a better contract than Seguin. its nearly 3 mil less, a year less, and you can actually buy it out if needed. Seguin wasn't good this year, what makes you think he'll be remotely worth it at 9.8 in 3 years?
Yes the guys you proposed are technically like a year younger than the comparison, but the point of getting rid of older guys isn't to get slightly less old guys. It's to dump them completely. Seguin has 4 years left vs Vlasics 3. Marchment has 3 years left vs Simeks 1. I don't think you're super far off but the term is biggest killer here for the Sharks.