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Forum: Armchair-GM11 hours ago
Forum: Armchair-GM11 hours ago
<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>Sagecoll</b></div><div>Yeah I mean the numbers look great, but I have a tough time seeing GM's throwing a ton at Dunn. Personally I like him and think he's great, but at the cost you're paying for him you'd like someone who can play tough matchups and the PK. Obviously the Blues coaching staff didn't really feel comfortable enough with Dunn in his own zone to put him in those tougher situations consistently and I think that definitely raises a red flag for a lot of folks in front offices.

I think if he was able to replicate a similar performance while playing 20 mins a night and on the PK against the other team's top 6 for a full season then yeah throw the bag at him. But that hasn't been the case thus far and more-so than other players, Dunn's usage is definitely a concern for the high cost it would probably take to acquire.

Also just as an aside, Robertson's a really good prospect that I don't think the team wants to deal.</div></div>

That's a valid opinion - he has been really sheltered, but I don't like to totally blame the players for coaching decisions. On a different team with a different coach he probably blossoms into a more meaningful player at this point in his career, when you look at his skating and skill on the puck. The Blues have been really conservative with him so I see it as a lot of upside to grow into versus any hindrance in his game that is holding him back. Doesn't really matter what I think though, I could see other teams worried about the easy usage.

I've been reading up on Robertson a little and I probably underrated his offense. I thought when they drafted him he was more of the big bully type of junior guys that don't always project so well.
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