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Aug 6, 2020
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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>SmugTkachuk</b></div><div>Oh boy that’s a piss poor take. Gaudreau has more room, Monahan is way more open, Leivo is a shooter and teams can’t just blanket Monahan now. He’s also provided much better defence for that line despite losing Lindholm on that line.</div></div>
More open than when Lindholm was on their line? I certainly don't see that. He also might be doing okay defensively, but it's still a downgrade from Lindholm. I'm obviously not expecting him to be Lindholm, we all know he's not that good, but to say he's making that line significantly better is just false, I would give most of the credit for that line looking good so far this year to Gaudreau personally, I think he's looked fantastic individually (great vision, slick passes, good zone entries, particularly last night). For a supposed shooter, 2 shots in 3 games playing on a line with our best playmaker/offensive playdriver just isn't doing it for me. He's got plenty of time to get it going, and it's nice that that's the most concerning thing right now, but I still think it's a valid point to expect a little more.

<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>Ledge_And_Dairy</b></div><div>He had an assist in the last game on the Gaudreau goal. Considering we've scored over 50% of our goals so far this season on the man advantage and Leivo doesn't play on special teams we can probably give him a bit of a break production wise</div></div>
Yeah I suppose. I would personally have him on the second unit though, we don't have a right shot there and I really hate Lucic on the PP. If he's really got a rocket of a shot, set him up in the Ovechkin spot as a one-timer option, get Bennett in front of the net, and then support that with Backlund and either Dube or Mangiapane (unless you prefer one of them in front I guess). Right now Bennett/Dube are splitting time on PP2 and Lucic is full time, I would much rather Bennett be full time as the net front battle guy and Dube/Mangiapane/Leivo being the two remaining spots. I'm more concerned with the lack of shots, I would like him to be around 2-3 shots per game at least, not 2 shots in 3 games, including 2 games without any shots at all (first two). If they do keep playing him less than 12 minutes per night on average (14, 12.5, and under 9 respectively, which came on a night when Dube got hurt early) I don't know if we can expect that to change. I personally think around 14-15 would be good, but still, it's what you do when you're out there, and while I can forgive the lack of production early on a new team in a weird year and all that, shooting should come naturally for a shooter I think. It's kind of nitpicking when we have 5 of 6 points in the standings so far, but depth production will be very important this year, and now that all the big guns are going (big 4, Backlund, Gio, and Andersson all have goals already), I would like the depth, like Leivo, Bennett, and Simon, to start chipping in. We can't rely on our PP to stay at 37.5%.