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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>aadoyle</b></div><div>There is a spot lul but his stubbornness seems to be preventing him from seeing it

That said its not on the left side

This resistance shows he doesnt want to take his game to the next level

Learning to play your offside has huge advantages

Look at Theodore, Girard, Brodie, Sergechev, Heiskanen, Chycrun

Honestly I dont see why he cant do it

But if he doesnt want to learn and just wants to play the left then we got problems</div></div>
This is a pretty terrible take. There’s a reason guys typically don’t play their off side, and that’s because they’re usually much better on their strong side. There’s a reason there’s only like 5 guys in the league that regularly play their off side in top 4 minutes effectively. And demanding that a talented rookie figure it out and play a position he’s never played before (and is more difficult than his usual position) is not the right way to develop players. It doesn’t show that he doesn’t want to take his game to the next level, it just shows that he doesn’t want to be thrust into a role destined for failure. It would make a lot more sense to move a guy like Rielly or Muzzin to their off side to get the rookie set up for success, but they’re not gonna do that because even though they are established top 4 guys, they are not good on their off side either. If you have problems with a guy who was drafted and developed to play a position wanting to play that position, you should trade him before you ruin his career. His belief is totally justified, and you literally just confirmed it with this comment.

“it’s not set up for him to have a fair shot on his strong side” - Sandin’s concern

“there is a spot, just not on his strong side” - you

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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>aadoyle</b></div><div>I argue this is probs the weakest goalie class seen in a while. Some potential good candidates to be late surprises but nothing really standouts as man last year there were some good options to take

Now one guy to watch is Havelid as if he can grow a tad more and if he can adapt to adult SHL hockey we could be in for something special

And then there is the 7th round safe pick in Malik but thats really it

2023 will probs be when we see a goalie get drafted in the first round again</div></div>
Yeah, all the late round candidates are pretty much in the Dustin Wolf/Devon Levi tier of maybe there's some skill there but they're so tiny. I do like Havelid a lot. And while Hockey Canada is a terrible organization, there's definitely a reason they keep going back to Brochu for international tournaments, so I'd take a risk on him even though he's an overager now. I don't know about the 2023 goalie crop (I barely know this one lol, it's hardly worth learning about), but there doesn't have to be a goalie drafted in the 1st every year. We had four in the last three 1st rounds, but 2011, 2013-14, 2016, and 2018 had none, and no other year in recent memory except last year had more than one. Goalies in the 1st aren't that common. There might be a high end young goalie for next year, but most of the guys I've heard about for next year's class are centres.
<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>MatthewsFan</b></div><div>Can’t beat this, well said.

It is a very weak class for goalies, especially going from years past. You touched on a lot of good goalies. Two I like are:

Maxim Mayorov - June birthday so a bit on the young side (6’6 190), has strong numbers (.931 sv% in 32 games) despite not being on one the better programs in the MHL.

Austin McNicholas - (6’1 173) finished the season with a 1.78 GAA and a .926 Save % with Salisbury.</div></div>
Thanks! I haven't heard of Mayorov, but that frame is intriguing. Big enough to have dominant upside, but not overly heavy (that's a concern with Leinonen, who is 6'5" but already like 230 lbs, which is heavier than all but like 3 goalies that played in the NHL last year, and he projects to gain more weight given that he's only 18, so he'll have to work with a nutritionist to bring that down). Mayorov can afford to add 20 lbs of lean muscle and hopefully maintain quickness if that's a strength of his (the only site I could find that is clearly poorly translated said he had good movement and "his body makes it easy to close the gate with himself" lmfao), and obviously that frame is worth taking a chance on. He might be worth a 7th, although the Russia factor might mean he slides to next year when there's more clarity on the real life situation (I wouldn't be surprised if Sergei Ivanov is the only Russian goalie drafted tbh).

I haven't heard of McNicholas, but looking at his EP page, he's a weird one. He's not that big, he played in high school this year, and he's committed to the BCHL next year from what I've found. That's not a path that generally leads to the NHL, guys that play in the BCHL in their draft year barely ever get drafted and rarely goalies, because most in Canada are playing in the CHL, and most in the USA are at LEAST in the NAHL if not the USHL/NCAA. But then again playing in the Belarusian 2nd league in your draft year isn't exactly a typical route to the NHL and Klimovich was the 40th guy off the board last year, plus goalies develop weird, so who knows lmao.
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Goalies are weird this draft, not many good ones, no clear top guy, and the order isn’t as established as past years. Imo there’s three tiers:

Best available: Topias Leinonen, Tyler Brennan

For the record: Wheeler views these as the likely top two goalies taken but personally likes Havelid more and wouldn’t take any goalie in the top 100. These two are the only goalies mentioned in THN’s top 100, Pronman’s top 118 (he had 4 more in the 119-127 range), and Bob McKenzie’s top 90 + HMs (so basically top 100).

“Bigger” guys with some upside, except all are only 6’2”-6’3” except the 6’5” Beaupit and the 6’4” Kochendorfer (who is probably not a lock to get selected, he’s mentioned in the THN Draft Preview but Ryan Kennedy seems to love the best draft-eligible NAHL goalie, probably because of Bishop/Hellebuyck, but they don’t get taken that often, see: him liking Bartoszkiewicz a lot last year, and neither Kochendorfer nor Bartoszkiewicz had close to the DY season in the NAHL that Bishop and especially Hellebuyck did) so not even THAT big, and I’d say this is typically minimum size for an NHL goalie: Mason Beaupit, Niklas Kokko, Andrew Oke, Ty Young, Axel Mangbo, Ivan Zhigalov, Ian Blomquist, Nick Malik, Tyler Muszelik, Chase Coward, Reid Dyck, Owen Millward, Croix Kochendorfer, Simon Wolf

Smaller guys (I think one or two of these guys is 6’1”, the rest are shorter) with skill and arguably more upside in some cases, but emphasis on small, which doesn’t usually translate to the NHL: Hugo Havelid, Brett Brochu, Dylan Silverstein, Sergei Ivanov, Thomas Milic, Luca Di Pasquo, Simon Latkoczy, Cameron Whitehead, Vincent Filion, Michael Schnattinger, Lukas Swedin, Maxim Arefyev, Braden Holt

This is just a sorting of every guy I’ve heard about from various sources, but the main thing is that there isn’t really tiers this year. Like last year you had Cossa/Wallstedt as 1sts, then Gaudreau/Lennox around the 3rd, then Boyko as like a 4th, then whoever you like imo. In 2020 you had Askarov as a 1st, then Blomqvist/Clang/Daws/Commesso as 2nd-3rds, then Bednar/Garand as the next best probably going in the 4th, before the field opened up. And I’m talking pre-draft, obviously a couple other guys snuck in because a certain team really liked them, but this was the pre-draft consensus expectation. This year you have just Leinonen/Brennan in that Gaudreau/Lennox tier of guys you’d like to take in the 3rd, then maybe Beaupit in the Boyko tier (basically just comes down to biggest goalie of the rest, and 6’7”&gt;6’5”) as more of a 4th rounder, and then more small goalies than usual as the next best (at least subjectively). For the record I only really like the first two goalies I listed in each tier plus Milic/Silverstein, but only those 8 goalies would be guys I use a non-7th round pick on, and only the top 2 + Beaupit and <em>maybe</em> Havelid would I take before the 5th honestly. Weak class overall imo, anyone else have any thoughts?
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