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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>DragonRaptorHybrid</b></div><div>a rather interesting point that Shannon (The Hockey Guy) pointed out in a video: this is all of the fallout with regards to the higher-ups, but <em>what about the players that were involved?</em> without being unnecessarily detailed about graphic content, there were players that taunted the victim for having been victimized. when do those names come out, and <em>which names come out?</em> will the John Doe that brought the lawsuit choose to identify himself and name names if all of the other players choose to deny and deflect?</div></div>
This is something I’ve been wondering as well, but I’m not sure it’ll happen. After all, the executives were responsible for protecting their player, reporting to the police, investigating/firing, etc. none of which happened. The players were “just” being assholes, not technically doing anything illegal, just morally wrong afaik. Unless it’s like, defamation? If toxic masculinity in hockey culture is gonna rear its nasty head and protect people who don’t deserve it, I think this is the point where it’ll start. It’ll get brushed off as regular insults/motivation or some bs. This objectively stupid culture may protect the likes of Chevy and Q as well but I really hope not, and I think following this report the league can’t afford to allow them to stay to protect their image, but in classic NHL fashion will then consider their work done. No I’m not cynical, you’re cynical 😤😤😤
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