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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>justaBoss</b></div><div>It's time for my monthly key player award winner predictions.

Last month, I predicted the awards to go as such:

Honestly, not much has changed to this month, but let's go through them in detail.

April award predictions

Art Ross: Connor McDavid, EDM
- that ain't gonna change if he remains healthy. He's winning that award with no clear challengers.

Maurice Richard: Auston Matthews, TOR
- same as McDavid. Basically the difference between first and second (currently Rantanen at 26 goals) is just too big to get caught. It's amazing that he can score at this rate in 5v5 hockey, considering that TOR PP is absolutely cancerous right now.

Ted Lindsay: Connor McDavid, EDM
- players will rate this performance to a new high. McDavid deserves this award, no question.

Hart: Connor McDavid, EDM
- this is the award that conflicts me the most. There's many, many options for this award, like Kane, Barkov, Matthews, MacKinnon and Scheifele. I decided to give this award to the guy who has played this year constantly in the level no one has been able to match, also based on the help they get. I'd like to note that if Chicago makes the playoffs, I think I would've given this award to Patrick Kane, because he plays probably the best hockey of his career, and his teammates aren't exactly the top notch guys like for instance McDavid and Matthews get to play with. But at the end of the day, it seems that CHI is going to miss the playoffs, and so my vote goes for McDavid. Edmonton as a team has 134 goals, and McDavid has scored 69 points, meaning that he's been a key part of over a half of the goals the whole Oilers team has scored. That thing proves his value for his team more than anything imo.

Norris: Victor Hedman, TB.
- Hedman's the best D in the league. His play has zero weaknesses. Imo there's no true competition for the first place with this award, especially now after Ekblad's season-ending injury. Other noteworthy D-men I'd like to give huge credit for are Dougie Hamilton, Adam Fox and <strong>Devon Toews</strong>. All 3 of them have had absolutely amazing seasons.

Calder: Jason Robertson, DAL
- I'm taking one towards home with this award. Huge props for Kaprizov for having an amazing debut year, but he has the experience of playing a top level league in KHL for several years to the point of dominating there. Robertson is playing only his second year against adults, and he's absolutely killing it. He's been a point per game player for the last month. Probably a bit biased pick coming from a Stars fan, but I don't really mind. I'm predicting that JRob will get every vote he deserves here to steal the award at the end of the day.

Selke: Aleksander Barkov, FLA
- this guy has played a top level year. I'd say he's right now the 3rd best center in the league, and the best one defensively. No weaknesses on his game, the guy is developing, he's played absolutely amazing year while playing most of the season with linemates such as Carter Verhaeghe and Mason Marchment...not exactly the guys you expect him to score on over a point per game rate. The guy makes everyone around him better. And I gotta say as well that Verhaeghe has been a super acquisition from Zito. He's also been superlative asset for the Cats.

Vezina: Andrei Vasilevskiy
- it's gotta be Vasy. He keeps winning and winning. I just don't see anyone challenging the guy this year. Only Fleury come close, and the difference between the two has increased from last month. As a Finn though, I gotta give a shoutout for Juuse Saros. If only he had played the whole year like he has played the last month. Tonight against Canes he had a bit weaker game, but before this he played 12 games, only letting 16 goals by him and having SV% of .0958. Keep that up long-term and there's a Vezina winner for you - no question.

I'm interested to hear your opinions on my picks, if you have some.</div></div>

Still absolutely bamboozled that we let this champ go for two late second rounders