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Thread: Next year
<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>McRanteskog</b></div><div>Im 100% on board with Newhook not being ready for full time 2C role.

Im okay with Kadri signing, but i think 5yr x 6mil is my absolute ceiling, if he doesnt take it, you immediately call Trocheck and if that doesnt work, call Strome. If COL misses on all 3 of those guys, id be willing to revisit the idea of Newhook as 2C and spend the 5mil on a RW like Rust, Perron, Rackell, Reilly Smith etc.

No thanks on the ARI trade, at this point its clear Timmins cant catch a break staying healthy and a player like Ranta would be of more value moving forward.

No thanks on the Stastny signing he'll be 37yo mid season and the decline is unavoidable.

Im also not ready to give up on Kaut until i see him play 20 more NHL games.</div></div>

I'm pretty confident that Kaut isn't in the team's plan. If they can get a different cost-controlled player with upside in exchange for him, I'm all for it.

I had Ranta penciled in before the team traded for Lehkonen and signed Meyers. Now I don't see where he fits. I'm okay with keeping him, but I think he's a lot more expendable now than he was a month ago.

For Stastny, it's a one-year deal that uses up the remaining cap space. Not much to dislike there imo. He is still playing well enough to justify that one-year contract. Better than going after a tdl acquisition, especially considering the lack of picks and prospects.

I do hear you on Kadri. Every year it looks like there will be plenty of ufas, and every year they dry up pretty quickly, as they re-sign before even hitting the market. I think the team should sign Naz, even at a number they don't love. 2C is too important to eff around with. Obviously there is a ceiling, but mine is higher than yours.
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