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Forum: Armchair-GMFeb. 16 at 1:12 p.m.
<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>NMAvsFan</b></div><div>Honestly, I think Avs fans need to give up trying to trade this team to SC contention; it almost never works and is typically extremely wasteful; they have very few assets and need to commit more to drafting and developing well. Is Morgan Frost going to put this team over the top? Adding Mitts by trading Byram? Those options are unlikely to work the way people want them to and it just puts them further behind.

The core still has a lot of years of strong play left but they need to remake the team a bit more organically. Gotta see what's going to happen with Landy, going to have to figure out the G position after next season, probably going to have to shed at least one D (Manson is the most likely to go and he <em>should</em> be the one traded). Ultimately, they're going to have to be patient and work their way back to top contender. I can see it being a situation like Pittsburgh: win a Cup the have to wait several more years to get back to the final but win a few in a row or within a couple years of each other.</div></div>

I know what you mean but i think with the current core group we've basically past the point of drafting and developing. Unless we move byram for draft capital we won't be drafting anywhere near the beginning of the draft so odds are the earliest we would see any new prospects nhl ready is 3 years. We're gonna be a completely different team in 3 years from right now. We missed on a few of the higher picks which could have helped out right now (newhook, jost, kaut).

You're right on the money with the point about landy though and with that being said i think you basically have to trade for a temp 2C or else you're basically throwing in the towel on this year and after last years disappointment i think burning 2 years of the cores prime years would be a mistake.
I agree we could be like pits since the guys are still prime right now but we'd need the 2C. Crosby malkin could have average wingers and they'd produce because of the center skill. While Mack can do that we don't have anyone on 2C that can carry that load and give us another top scorer against 2nd line D.
Forum: Armchair-GMFeb. 14 at 3:18 p.m.
Thread: round it out
Forum: Armchair-GMFeb. 14 at 3:14 p.m.
Thread: round it out