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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>Mergus80</b></div><div>One other note I forgot to add in the description -
Jost or Nieto are the obvious candidates to come out of the lineup if/when everyone is healthy. Nieto is a pending UFA and I don’t see the Avs bringing him back, given the young player like Kaut and Bowers who should be on the team full time next year. Jost at 21 years old has more long-term value of course, whether it’s as a trade chip this summer or a player they continue to try to develop. Sitting in the press box won’t do much to help his development or his trade value. Personally I think Nieto is a better addition to this lineup, given his PK ability and the chemistry he has with Bellemare and Calvert. I’ll be interested to see whether Bednar &amp; Sakic take the win-now approach with Nieto or the development approach with Jost, especially considering you’re talking about a 4th line player.
There’s also a chance Kaut could stick around and slot in on that fourth line with Calvert &amp; Bellemare if he continues to play well, although I think that’s less likely.</div></div>

That's the big thing. Nieto has accepted his role and a 4th line guy and pk guy for us, i don't see us slotting jost in that spot over him in playoffs. Even scoring wise nieto is out pacing jost, i think we're going to move him over the offseason, especially with the rise of Kaut thats just another spot taken away from Jost. I could see nieto being brought back for that exact reason that he fills that role and we don't really ask him to score, but his 20 points this season is just icing on the cake.