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Thread: Whats better
I would like a top 10 draft pick this year. I don't see us winning the cup. It sucks hearing myself say that as I always want to win but the reality is even with Kane and Toews producing, our defence is still a work in progress. Boqvist keeps getting better defensively which is what I think the focus was on this year. His offence comes naturally and just needs time to adapt to the NHL, Dach is much the same and I know you are not the biggest fan but this year for both of them is a development one whether they should be in Juniors or AHL is an entirely different question and debate.

Personally I don't think Crow is coming back, I think we should look to get a prospect or pick in this years draft. He still has a lot to give a contender who needs reliable goaltending and experience of winning a cup. I do think Lehner can be signed, if we make the playoffs I suggest his cap would be higher than initially thought which was approx 7-7.5M and particularly if he carries us through say a 1st round or deep into a 1st round playoff series. We have to assume that they will all come back from a cap perspective and can't live in the fantasy world where we write them off. With Seabs coming back that doesn't hurt Boqvist, Mitchell or Beaudin. Mitchell and Boqvist will be in the NHL next year and ahead of seabs in the depth, Beaudin should have another year in AHL at least I think with maybe a couple of opportunities depending on injuries and trades but I don't think he will be ready full time for NHL next year. More likely 21-22 season.

There are varying arguments for Stan and I think that will ultimately be answered by what happens this season. I don't know if the expectations truly are playoffs but if they are and we don't make it then we could have a new GM. I personally think he will stay this draft and if we start poorly next year he could end up like Coach Q.
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