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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>Alfie11</b></div><div>Oh I don't think Dorion meant that the guy drafted at 3 HAD to play immediately, more that prior to the draft his top 3 were Laf, Byfield, and Stutzle and he viewed them all as NHL ready. If Stutzle flops in camp they'll probably send him to the AHL or DEL but their scouts say he's NHL ready (and I agree tbh) so as long as they don't throw him to the wolves by making him play 1C or something stupid I think they'll be fine. He'll be with at least one of Tierney or C. Brown so they can handle the defensive game and he can get NHL minutes with quality linemates, starting on the wing and hopefully moving to centre if it looks like he can handle it.

As for the D, I think that's pretty close, right side is what I anticipate it being, but I'd swap Wolanin and Reilly on the left. I think Wolanin is fine to step into the 2LD spot, him and Brannstrom will be battling for that role but he'll probably start there and Brannstrom will be on the 3rd pair imo. Reilly I don't see being a Senator for long tbh, I think Zub is the scratch and Reilly is probably either traded or put on waivers because Balcers and Chlapik would have to clear waivers to go down and we don't want to risk losing them. The other alternative is Brannstrom starts in the AHL and Reilly is on the 3rd pair, but I'm pretty confident Brannstrom will have a good camp and earn a spot.</div></div>

As a Leafs fan I can say I miss brown. Always loved the guy since we drafted him.

People usually talk about heart and soul players being big bruisers but to me he was one as he just works so damn hard.

Frankly he isn't all that talented but he seems to work so hard in his game to make himself good enough.

He doesn't skip shifts or miss assignments.

He's not the fasted nor the flashiest but he's so damn dependable. Aaaand he disproved people at every step of the way. Miss the guy
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