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Very clearly thought out and researched, so heavy props for that. Especially since it sounds like you've done multiple of these, I'm sure that's a fair bit of time sink.

Right now, I don't wanna go with a crazy long reply like I sometimes do, so I'm not gonna dwell a ton on what I like, since that's generally more self explanatory, but rattling off quickly in bullet points
* Hanifin (extended) is a big target for me if they can get him
* Voronkov in the lineup shows you did your research
* All pending RFA/UFA signings I like
* Like the moves for the most part

Criticisms (gonna more explained more and take up the bulk of the reply, but I do overwhelmingly like this ACGM for the most part)

* CGY return isn't enough quality.
The total value is maybe there (maybe a bit low), but it can sorta be dumbed down to Sillinger + 23rd + scraps. If Calgary is moving both, they're definitely looking for more substance. Imo Lindholm extended is worth about Sillinger +23 + a throw in or 2. Similar situation for Hanifin, but with Ceulemans instead of Sillinger. Basically, I think the offer for both players has to start with Sillinger/Ceulemans/23rd for them to listen, and then you start getting into details about when else they want, be it more picks, Bemstrom, Bean/Boqvist, ect. Dumais is looking sick right now, but size is always gonna be such a big knock on him that he's not gonna be seen as a major piece in a package, at least for a while imo. All that being said, I would have to do a bit of prospecting with the numbers to see where those Lindholm/Hanifin extensions would leave them in 2,3 years with extending their young guys, but I would be open and willing to give up a package ammended with more value for those 2 extended.

* Carlsson/Roslovic
From everything I've seen, Carlsson isn't expected in the NHL this upcoming year (besides maybe the 10 game tryout), so that's a hole in the lineup. I don't know enough about Kunz or Persson to fairly judge the Roslovic return, but based on the explanation it sounds off. Nyquist was on IR when he was traded last year and not expected back until the playoffs, if at all, so they were fortunate to get a 5th for him imo. I think that Roslovic has a good shot at returning a 2nd at this year's TDL with retention, so given the hole in the lineup without Carlsson and that, I'd rather just keep Roslovic and shoot for a TDL deal with him.

Overall, it looks pretty good minus the tweaks I mentioned. On the CGY trade end, I can't speak to their outlook on it obviously, but I think I was more in the ballpark of a realistic package adding Ceulemans in with the 2 other big pieces you originally had.
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