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Forum: Armchair-GMJul. 16 at 11:09 p.m.
<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>Hullsy09</b></div><div>https://twitter.com/byronmbader/status/1548451481501634564?s=21&amp;t=GFVj5Y275hwgfMpJ4pns5Q

Before last year smith had a 98% chance at becoming a solid NHLer and a 91% chance at becoming a star with player comps which included Niedermayer and Coffey.

Yes he had a poor year last year but he was also playing on a bad, poorly coached team on a pairing with the corpse of PK Subban. In the right situation he could flourish.

As for poehling he was also a high pick and Corey Pronman said he is looking like a bottom 6 player with a dwindling chance at becoming more which I agree with. Not a bad toss in for a trade</div></div>

Watch Smith play. He is horrible in his own end. Can't defend the slot or the point to save his life. He is an offense first guy whose transition game is lousy because he hesitates and ends up coughing the puck up. He is also undersized and doesn't keep his blade on the ice, often looking lost in his own zone. He should be in WBS. There are too many glaring holes he needs to fix if he has any hope of turning it around. Projecting as a star is a joke. This kid developed bad habits and sloppy play because he was not properly developed.
Poehling is just plain bad. Turnover machine who can't transition and loses the puck by trying to do to much. Not a strong puck carrier at all. He's too stiff and can only carry the puck directly in front of him.
Smith may be able to improve, but I'm not optimistic if he stays in the NHL. Poehling will be lucky to make the roster. Both need to play in WBS