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Thread: No Knies
<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>TrueCanuck</b></div><div>I wouldn’t lock up Liljegren long term - he hasn’t had much time in the NHL and he’s been up and down a lot. Sandip has looked incredible and has the underlying numbers that show he produces offence so it’s smart to lock him up. I’m of the belief that Kerfoot is likely moved this summer which opens up the cap space for that. Sandin for 5-6 years shouldn’t cost more than $4-$5m so he’d fit.

Chris Johnston reported that he believes one of the Leafs core 4 are moved this summer regardless to address other areas of needs - Nylander is really the only likely guy to be moved. Matthews is going anywhere. Tavares has a NMC and is more valuable to the team than Nylander is, and Marner is a long shot to be moved. I doubt Lyubushkin is coming back to Toronto so there’s gonna be a spot open and Nylander is the piece that can bring back the type of defenceman that they need (thinking like a Pesce, Marino, etc. type if they’re available). Nylander’s defensive game and efforts have been well criticized in Toronto and to the point that Keefe moved him the the 3rd line because of it and Nylander’s just not most effective on a 3rd line. Tavares has shown that he can play with lower tier wingers and elevate their game so it may be time to move on from Nylander and establish a d-core that can defend a bit better consistently. It just seems inevitable at this point.</div></div>

Reach much?

Johnston was on the Leafs report and said he wished he didn't "report" that.

Do the Leafs value solid transition play more than most teams? Who's among the best on the team at transition?

Nylander and Tavares needed a shake-up at 5v5. The ****storm that would happen if Tavares got "demoted" would still be front page news. Last 7 games Nylnder TOI 18:23, Tavares 17:40, btw.

Kerfoot moving on would free up the $$ needed to re-sign Campbell (or another No.1). Wouldn't necessarily lead to a Sandin long term deal.

Also Sandin has played 20 more games in his career than Liljegren, so saying Liljegren doesn't have enough experience to earn a longer term deal is a bit foolish.

Why wouldn't Lyubushkin be back next year?

You've got a lot of theories going on here, based on very little.
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Thread: No Knies
<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>TrueCanuck</b></div><div>I think Toronto would be smart and are looking at locking up Sandin long term, which in turn comes at a higher cap hit. Might be tougher to swallow now but will be well worth it in the future.

Not so sure Mikheyev comes back. He had he trade request before and as much as that was about ice time and a higher role, he’s gotten that but he’s also proved he’s an option on a second line. Not saying that a deal at $2.9m is outta the question, but at that price point Toronto might have to let him walk or move Kerfoot - they can’t keep both when they both play the same role.

Absolutely cannot go into next season with a tandem of Campbell and a rookie goalie - Campbell has proved to be too inconsistent and injury prone. I think moving Mrazek is likely and while it may not cost them a lot, they’ll need to sweeten a bit but likely bring a goalie back too.

That 4th line is honestly atrocious. Douglas isn’t an NHL option at this point. He’s a call up option maybe, but not an opening day roster - Clifford will be on that line instead.

I like the idea of bringing Gio back but I don’t think it’s likely. I don’t think he fits in the lineup - he’s great for Liljegren’a development on the bottom pair, but that’s likely Muzzin’s spot next year. Nylander is likely moved for a right handed top 4 guy this summer, leaving no spot for Gio in the lineup.</div></div>

Obviously it would be smart to lock up Sandin or Liljegren or both long term, but unless Mrazek or Muzzin or both are dealt this summer it won't be possible.

Why is Nylander traded for a top 4 dman?
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