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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>Quaider11</b></div><div>Florida is e

Florida has elite team defense and goaltending but they aren’t only strong in that area they have an elite two-way center that controls possession very effectively. Their roster is extremely balanced from top to bottom and they can win at the highest level even with scoring wings that aren’t great defensively.
I’m not advocating for Sweeney to go out and turn them into a run and gun rush offense based team but if they can get a scoring wing that will help control possession in the o zone they should do it even if the player has defensive flaws.

Necas isn’t a perfect example of this but he would certainly improve the team. My point about Sweeney and ownership is the Jacobs family prioritizes ticket sales and playoff revenues over winning cups. They would rather spend 9mil on Heinen and other mid tier depth pieces instead of spending that money on Guentzel who’s a proven cup winner and goalscorer. I believe Sweeney has done a good job all factors considered and he certainly did his best to put out the best roster he could last offseason. Now that he has plenty of cap space I would hope that he takes a swing at some high impact players instead of just signing middling depth guys that don’t make a difference. The problem with the Jacobs family is that winning is not their top priority. Ray Bourque had to be traded to an expansion franchise to win his cup and it’s easily one of the biggest embarrassments in Bruins history. The Jacobs family are able to fly under the radar because of the salary cap but they are the same as they were back then and it shows in their roster construction philosophy. If they don’t make a serious improvement to the forward core then we’re continuing to waste Pastrnaks prime and he could end up the same way Bourque did.

Heinen is a fine player, underrated even but if extending him means we can’t get an impact top 6 forward then he can get his money elsewhere.

My overall point is that you shouldn’t take the bait about how endless mid tier depth signings are better overall for the team than going out and signing real offensive talent</div></div>

we're talking necas, not guentzel. Danton Heinen does more to help the Boston Bruins win than Necas would. It's just a bad concept.

Also, the Jacobs family was basically why the cap was put in place. the argument of them not caring about winning is intensely stupid.
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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>Quaider11</b></div><div>Can’t have a roster full of Danton Heinens as well rounded of a player he is the guy doesn’t score enough
Marchand is in the twilight of his career and Pastrnak can’t do it all by himself the team needs more scoring help
I agree with you that Sweeneys philosophy isn’t going to involve Necas Guentzel or Reinhart but if the plan is to sign Lindholm as the only top 6 forward this team is not winning a cup anytime soon
I’d argue that winning cups isn’t a priority for the Jacobs family anyway and Sweeney intentionally or not is complicit in this

The Bruins “style” of strong defense and goaltending is outdated and reactionary
Florida is about to win a cup and they’ve got excellent scoring wings who are below average defensively (Verhaeghe, Tarasenko, Tkachuk)
The Bruins should be a dominant possession team and in order to do that getting two-way centers that can win faceoffs is the top priority but they can’t ignore additional scoring in favor of defensively responsible 40 point players
Also look how many cups their current “philosophy” has gotten them sure they’ve had a ton of regular season success but the team doesn’t have the finishers to win in the playoffs they can only get so far playing islanders style hockey against the leagues most talented teams</div></div>

well, the first thing i would argue is that i don't know what hockey team you've been watching, but it isn't the florida panthers. game 4 aside, they are smothering defensively. it's their identity. so no, that concept isn't outdated. time and time again it's proven to be the ONLY thing that consistently works in this league. every single team that has sustained success has that philosophy. the ones that try to run a track meet? failures. all of them. sometimes cliches are cliches for a reason, and "defense wins championships," is one that rings true. go through the cup winners. every single one.

You're arguing that Sweeney is complicit in not trying to put together a winner when last season he put together the most successful regular season team in league history? ya, it didn't work out. both the bruins top six centers got hurt, their goalie couldn't move, they got absurd amounts of bad puck luck, and they ran into a team that got hot as a pistol at the right time...its hockey, that happens. but complicit? wow. that is genuinely one of the dumbest takes i've ever heard.

now, lets dig into your example. heinen vs necas. Care to venture a guess at how many more goals Necas scored at 5 on 5 than Heinen? Must be loads right? double digits? nope. one. one more goal. Points? grand total of five. With significantly more ice time mind you. one goal every 72:46 for Necas, one every 62:20 for heinen. Powerplay that important to you? go sign Kane for a 1x5. He'll be better than Necas, with none of the risk, and a lower cap hit. But no, there's a shiny new toy out there, and you want to ignore the fit, and jump in after it. it's a stupid idea.