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Forum: Armchair-GMJul. 19, 2022 at 6:08 a.m.
<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>Kjell_Forsman</b></div><div>You need to try to look at these changes with soft eyes.

Firstly, all the players signed are on short-term deals. And this is important. Sturm-3 yrs, Kunin- 2 yrs, Lindblom- 2 yrs. Overpaid? Sure. But that doesn't really matter as this is not a playoff team for at least one more year. These signings allow the organization to be patient with the young guns like Coe, Wiesblatt, Eklund, Bords, Robins, Weatherby, Gushchin etc. Let them develop proper.
These players each have a similar play-style. They're all two-way players that thrive on intensity, tenacity and #grit if you will which is good because over the next year or two when our prospects begin to trickle into the lineup there will already be a bar set as to "how to play" i.e culture change which is really the point of all this anyway. This isn't going to be a skill team anymore that is pretending to want to be a playoff team. This is going to be a suffocating defensive team that is going to score just enough goals to win games. Gone are the years of 57 shots and 6-5 wins.

Benning's contract is maybe 2 years too long but lets be honest here, Laroque and Havelid are 2-3 years away from even touching the Sharks lineup. Benning's AAV is pretty standard for a bottom pairing defenseman which is exactly what he is. He is a very useful depth defenseman. He is better than Simek, Vlasic and who the hell knows what Knyzhov is going to be after missing a full year and isn't a guarantee to be back this year. I don't mind this signing.

Donato was acquired with a 3rd not a 2nd BTW. And it was a late 3rd as it was the pick we got from Pitt for Patty. (the pick Luca Munzenberger is hardly worth complainging about and not many guys after him are significant)

Nutivaara is massively overpaid indeed but it's a one-year deal for a season where expectations are incredibly low. He is a stop-gap that everyone including you will forget about in 2 years.

I frankly loved this draft. Cameron Lund alone was worth making the trade but getting Havelid and Bystedt in the process was simply excellent work from Mike. You will see just how good Lund and Bystedt are as Havelid will take some time to develop but Lund is the real deal.

Wilson left Mike Grier a bunch of giant turds to flush and Mike is just starting that process. Wilson had this team going NOWHERE fast. This is only the beginning and nothing about this mess was going to clean up quietly or easily. Give the swift judgement a rest and see where it lands.</div></div>

You still can’t excuse the Balcers buyout though. He’s better than Lindblom and cheaper.
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