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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>Saskleaf</b></div><div>Ok because I’m annoyed the leafs lost, I’m gonna rank all 8 names trademarked for the Utah NHL team

8. Utah HC
Do I really need to explain myself here lol

7. Utah Fury
It, A, is kind of boring and generic, B, doesn’t scream hockey, and C, probably works best with a fire theme and we already have the flames in the NHL. So pretty easy no for me

6. Utah Ice
It’s boring and generic, but at least it screams hockey

5. Utah Venom
Really cool idea, but doesn’t really fit either of hockey or Utah. Maybe it’s just me though

4. Utah Outlaws
Starting to get to the ones I really like, this is a strong name and rolls off the tongue really well, I just think there’s other names that fit a hockey team better. Maybe I’m putting too much emphasis on “hockey names” (aka names that have to do with cold lol), who knows. But even though this is a good choice I just think there are 3 better ones.

3. Utah Blizzard
There’s talk they want a mountain theme, this would fit really well with that. Plus it’s a “cold” name, plus it has 2 zs to fit the theme of Utah sports teams lol. Honestly it’s probably a toss up between this and Outlaws, but I gave the edge to Blizzard because it’s a better hockey name

2. Utah Mammoth
I think Mammoth is a really strong name, and it could make a really sick logo, kind of the NLL (lacrosse) Colorado Mammoth (which begs the question: is the NLL a relevant enough league that we have to worry about that? I’m guessing no but it’s not nothing either). I think Mammoths would have been better though which honestly is probably the biggest reason it isn’t number one.

And of course, 1. Yetis
As mentioned with Mammoth, I’m glad this is Yetis and not Yeti. But overall I think Utah Yetis should be what this team is called. Yetis are big and fierce (but have a lovable side too so good mascot potential), they’re from the mountains, they’re associated with snow, they’re white which can leave the jersey colour to be up in the air, and Utah Yetis sounds good and rolls off the tongue well. Hopefully this wins the contest</div></div>

This is my ranking too basically except I like Mammoth and Blizzard more than Yetis
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